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Fire and Ice: In 10 Scenes

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Silly scrpit about the love story of Ginny and Draco.

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Fire and Ice: In 10 Scenes

Scene 1
In the girl¡¦s dormitory
(Ginny is having a dream)

Maggie: WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You¡¦re talking in your sleep, and by the sound of it, you were having some dirty thoughts about Malfoy.
Ginny: Yeah, I¡¦m hopelessly in love with the guy.
Maggie: Too bad that he¡¦s a ~BLEEP~ing Slytherin.
Ginny: What¡¦s with the bleep?
Kathleen: Oh, this is a PG fic.
Maggie: Oh, so I can cuss and no one will stop me!!
Julianna: Well, keep on thinking those dirty thoughts, Ginny, ¡¥cause I made a bet with my brother on who you¡¦ll fall in love with.
Kathleen: Julianna, I thought you played the part of the all-powerful author.
Egan: Ginny, just kiss him.
Julianna: Egan, why are you in the girl dormitories?

Matt: What? We¡¦re not allowed up here? Man, ¡¥cause I made out Hermione.

Julianna: Hey, Guess what? There are children in the audience. fº
Ginny: Well I guess I should tell Malfoy.
(Exit Ginny)

Scene 2
In a dark hall way somewhere in Hogwarts
Ginny: Malfoy, I need to talk to you.
Malfoy: What is it?
Ginny: Well, I ~BLEEP~ing love you.
Malfoy: What a coincidence, so do I!
Ginny: Let¡¦s snogg.
Malfoy: Okay.
(Much Snogging) Scene 3
In the Gryffindor Common Room at midnight
Maggie: So, what happened when you told Malfoy you like him?
Ginny: He said he liked me, too.
Cassidy: It¡¦s SO romantic.
Egan: It makes me want to barf.
Julianna: You can¡¦t say anything. You and Cassidy makes ME want to barf.
Maggie: You can¡¦t say anything, either, Julianna. Have you seen yourself with Ron?
Kathleen: You can¡¦t say anything, Maggie. You seen yourself with Matt lately?
Cassidy: You can¡¦t say anything either, Kathleen. You and Harry is just¡K¡K.wrong.

Scene 4
The Yule Ball
(Ginny walks into the Great Hall with her red and green dress robes on, arm and arm with Malfoy)
Kathleen, Cassidy, and the rest of the original characters: WOW!
Ron and Pansy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(The Weird Sisters start playing a slow waltz)
Malfoy: Shall we dance?
Ginny: Of course.
(The music suddenly stops)

Ginny: It¡¦s Voldemort!
Malfoy: Come on Ginny, we¡¦ll be guaranteed safety.
Ginny: Not unless my friends come.
Malfoy: But I can¡¦t. Having you come is a big enough deal as it is.
Ginny: If they don¡¦t come, I don¡¦t come.
Ginny: Those people are Julianna, Maggie, Cassidy, Kathleen, Matt, Egan, Ron, Hermione, and Harry.
Julianna: We¡¦re here. Now where are we going?
Ginny: I know.

Scene 5
The Courtyard at Hogwarts
Julianna: This better be good, Ginny.
Ginny: Oh, It is.
(Ginny opens a trap door)
Harry: Ginny, how do know about the passage.
Kathleen: Harry, do you really want to know?
Harry: Good Point.
Cassidy: Well, let¡¦s go in.

Scene 6
Inside the passage
Malfoy: I see a door!
Ginny: So do I!! Let¡¦s all laugh in joy!!!!!!! fº
Maggie: Why don¡¦t we go in?
(Everyone walks through the door)
Hermione: Well, look! Several seats!
Julianna: Nine, to be exact.
Cassidy: Well, let¡¦s sit down!
Ginny: Oh,yes, let¡¦s.
(Volemort bursts in, wearing a pink tutu.)
Everyone except Voldemort: (Insert Scream Here)
Voldemort: No, no, no. Don¡¦t scream. I¡¦ve given up trying to take over the world and kill muggles to become a ballerina.
(Everyone stares at Voldemort. Voldemort goes ignores the stares, and starts doing ballet.)
Malfoy: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!
Ginny: I don¡¦t know why anyone would want to follow this ~BLEEP~ guy.
Cassidy: Yeah, I know. This guy¡¦s an adult version of Cameron Dennis. Dumb, Blond,
Harry: WAIT A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do know his hair¡¦s blond?
Julianna: Don¡¦t you see the perfect bun on top of his head. What color is it?
Harry: Yellow.
Julianna: And when it comes to hair color, what is yellow called?
Harry: Blond.
Cassidy: Now that Harry understands that, I¡¦ll finish that list I was making. Dumb, blond, and ~BLLEP~.

Scene 7
Harry: Let¡¦s kill Voldemort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julianna: No, you have to wait ¡¥till at LEAST Scene 8 to kill the bad guy.
Kathleen: She¡¦s right you know.
Maggie: Yeah, If you killed him now we¡¦d have to change the name of the story ¡§Fire & Ice: In How Many Scenes it takes to Tell the story¡¨.
Ron: Well, let¡¦s pretend we¡¦re still at the Yule Ball, and Let¡¦s dance!
Ginny: Where¡¦s Voldemort?
Author: Oh, I just made him die a slow and painful death.

Scene 8
The Room Where they happen to be AND the Gryffindor Common Room

Ginny: Look, there¡¦s a magic hole!
Ron: Let¡¦s get into it!
Julianna: Ya¡¦ll know, it DOES actually help to have some common sense.
Hermione: Okay, let¡¦s not get into the hole. Instead, I¡¦ll poof us all back to the common room. Everyone except for Malfoy and Ginny.
Malfoy: Where are we going, Mudblood?
Hermione: Malfoy, get some new insults, please. Anyway, I¡¦m sending you and Ginny to the Astronomy Tower.
(Everyone, with the exceptions of Ginny and Malfoy, burst out laughing.)

(Hermione Poofs everyone back to Gryffindor Common Room Except for You-Know-Whos.)
Maggie: That was¡K¡K¡K.weird.
Author: Hey! We still got 2 more Scenes to do! Get off your bums!

Scene 9
The Author is too tired to write the places this scene takes place in, so you get to be surprised!
Ginny: Well, Draco, what do we do now?
Malfoy: I don¡¦t know.
G/D Fans: We want you to snogg each other!
Ginny: Okay, that works with me.
(Much Snogging)
Malfoy: That was fun, so let¡¦s do it until The author pulls some surprise on us.
Ginny: Works with me.
(The same thing as the last Italics, you idiot!)
The Author: Mwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That¡¦s my cue!
Snape: You idiot Slytherin, you. Snogging a Gryffindor, your father would be ashamed!
Draco: Where¡¦d you come from?
The Author: Only I know that!

Scene 10
Who Knows!
Snape: I¡¦m giving you BOTH detentions!
Ginny & Malfoy: Don¡¦t give it to us, It was the author¡¦s idea!
Snape: Okay. Ms. Author, I¡¦ll need you to come to the dungeons at midnight on Saturday.
Ginny: Ooooo, I smell a sequel.
The author: Crap.

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