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The Alpha Fight

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Zack and Alec have a fight. Max comes to a realization. Set during Some Assembly required. STAND ALONE. AU REVIEW!!

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A/N: This is a Stand alone Fiction ,
I might post a sequel if you guys want it. This fiction is set during "Some
Assembly" required. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I owned DA , do you
actually think it would be off the air?



Alec cracks his knuckles, looking satisfied with
himself. Zack takes him by surprise and grabs him by the throat. Max shoves the
second Steelhead out of the way.

"Zack!" Max yelled.
Holding Alec in midair by the throat with one hand,
Zack pulls a gun on Max with the other

"Zack. It's me. It's Max." Max said , moving closer to
him slowly.

Confusion passed over his good eye. " Who are you?" he

"Zack, it's me. Zack? It's Max." She repeated her voice
almost crossing the line to a whimper.

"You're an X5. Show me your barcode." Zack ordered.
/"Max, show it to him already." Alec choked out./
Max turns around, pulls her hair aside, and shows him
her barcode.

"You're 452. I know you. You're in my unit." Came his
emotionless response.

"That's right. I'm Max." Tears forming in her eyes.
/"Max." Zack said , tasting the name in his moth./
"Come on. Let's get you out of here." Max said.
Zack glanced at the people lying on the ground. " What
about them? He asked.

"They're not in our unit." Max said looking around.
They walk away. Alec stands up, trying to catch his

"I'm fine." Alec to no one in particular. Sarcasm
dripping in every word.

He rubbed his sore throat , sensing finger marks that
were going to appear soon.

"Guess its time for me to buy a turtle neck." He
mumbled under his breath.

/End flash back. /
Alec seated alone at Crash, sipping from his glass of
scotch. The events of the morning repeating in his head. I can't believe that
I let my guard down enough for an 09'er attack me.
Alec snorted and took a
long swing of his glass. He leaved enough money on the counter to cover for his
He grabbed his leather jacket and was about to leave the
bar. He walked past Max and Zack as they entered Crash.
Zack brushed his shoulder causing Alec to look him in the
eye. Blue orbs meet Hazel green orbs. A silent threat between them. -Out side,
two minutes.- Both X5's nodded and walked past each other.
Alec walked out of Crash and waited in the alley. His
heightened sense of smell alerted him as Zack came out of the bar.
Zack stood there, against the opposite wall in the alley.
Arms crossed against his chest. Eyeing Alec carefully.
"494" Zack nodded.
"599" Alec nodded. They both began to circle each other.

"I heard you were the best of the best in Manticore." Zack
began. "Just one small flaw in your file. Something that I wouldn't have allowed
to happen. Let feelings got in the way."
With that he lashed a vicious punch directed to Alec's
temple. But Alec blocked it with his fore arm. The force of the blow incredible.

Alec smirked at 599's shocked face. He quickly grabbed his
arm by the wrist and pulled it behind 599's back, a satisfactory smiled adorned
his face as he felt his shoulder coming out of its socket.
599 groaned in pain but quickly head-butted 494 in the
face sending him flying backwards.
494 groaned as he felt blood oozing from his nose. He saw
as 599 moved and with a grunt of pain pulled his shoulder back to his socket. A
wicked smirk adorned his features.
494 took of his leather jacket and threw it top the side.
Moving his neck side to side, feeling the muscles ease. He took a fighting
stance quickly. Motioning for 599 to bring it on.
Both transgenic blurred in a blast of blows. Trying to
penetrate the other's defenses. To 599's surprise 494 landed more blows in every
set of attacks.
Now it was 494's turn to smirk. He grabbed one of 599's
arms and with his free arm lashed a vicious punch to the other man sternum, a
blow powerful enough to kill an ordinary but soft enough to stun a transgenic.

599 flew from the strength of the punch, surprise clearly
written in his face. Fuck that hurt! He quickly flipped himself up.
And took a fighting stance.
599 growled as he threw 494 a vicious roundhouse kick that
not even the arm that shot out to block the hit could avoid the force. 599 felt
the satisfactory crunch of bone as 494's arm dangled useless on his side.

494 looked down at his now useless arm. A primal glint in
his eyes. "You actually think that this is going to slow me down?"
"It was worth a try." Came 599's reply.
Oblivious to the audience of X5's that they were
attracting. Biggs and Cece among them.
Max opened the door at Crash. Anger written in her eyes.
"Biggs what the hell its going on in here. Mike told me that two male X5's were
having a fight in here!"
Her eyes moved to where Alec and Zack were entangled in a
fury of punches and kicks. She caught sight of a particulary nasty double kick
that Alec threw to Zack's head. She winced as she saw Zack fly away from the
strength of the blow.
"Alec get the hell away from him!" She yelled as she tried
to get to him. But a pair of strong arms stopped her.
"Biggs let me go!" Max yelled at him. But he ignored her.
His eyes watching intently the fight.
Max growled as she threw him a punch that never connected.
A delicate looking hand stopped the blow a mere inch from his destination. She
turned to see Cece grabbing her wrist in a vice like grip.
"Cece..." Max began.
"Shh ! Max, stop it and watch." The blonde female harshly
Max closed her mouth and watched as Alec grabbed Zack by
the collar of his shirt and slammed him head first to the wall. Both
transgenic's were battered. Zack had a black eye, his lower lip was split in the
middle, by the way he braced his chest with one of his arms maybe a couple of
broken ribs, and by the way he favored his right leg, maybe the left one was
Alec was in no better shape. He nose was obviously broken
dry blood in it. His right arm dangled on his side. He had a prominent bruise
forming in his jaw and a nasty cut over his left eyebrow.
A primal howl escaped Zack's as he Tackled Alec to the
Ground a fury of punches erupted. Zack pinned Alec to the ground and tried to
head but him. But Alec tried the same move at the same time. Both blows met with
crushing force.
Both X5's grabbed their foreheads in pain.
"They are going to kill each other! Someone stop them!"
Max yelled. As she tried to get away from Biggs and Cece's grip.
Cece rolled her eyes and backhanded Max across the face.
Max Looked at Cece with a frightened expression.
"Max" Cece began. "You are watching an Alpha fight. But I
guess that someone who was on the outside for most of their life couldn't know
what's going on."
Cece's eyes returned to the fight as both males were
panting. Both again in fighting stances.
"They /might /not kill themselves. They are just
fighting to place each other into their respective places. If 599 is smart
enough he'll know when to stop the fight."
Max glared to the blonde. "What you mean by/ if/ 599
is smart enough. Why don't you say if 494 ?"
Cece looked at Max and shook her head. "Because Alec is
Alpha and he is defending his title."
Max snorted. "Alpha my ass. That screw up cant even take
care of himself."
Cece concentrated on the fight. "You are not giving him
enough credit."
Max snorted again. "As if !"
Her eyes wandered to the fight again. Alec packed a mean
uppercut to Zack's jaw that sent him sprawling backwards. And landed at Max's
feet on his back.
Zack coughed and turned on his stomach. Slowly regaining
his breath. He pulled himself on his knees and looked up at Alec that was
standing in front of him.
Zack lowered his head in respect. Like a wolf to his
alpha. Baring his bar code to Alec.
Alec smirked and with his good arm offered Zack a Hand to
stand up. Zack accepted it without questions. He clamped Alec's shoulder and
whispered something that only he could hear. "You better take care of her. She
deserves an alpha to take care of her."
Alec smirked and helped Zack walk and handed him to Cece.
She walked past Max who had a puzzled look on her face. Biggs eased his hold on
her waist and moved away. He grabbed his arm as Alec walked past her without
acknowledging her.
"What the hell was that all about?" Max growled.
Biggs looked down at the small hand grabbing his arm. He
grabbed her hand, hard causing a little pain but not enough. "Listen Max." he
began. "That was a demonstration of power, so to say, and we are well capable of
doing that and worse so I suggest you to never touch me like that again. I'm not
gonna do anything to you. Cece might do something to you."

With that he walked away. Max looked puzzled. But was
taken away from her state as a hand touched her shoulder. She turned to see Zack
behind her. He gave her silent smile.
She touched his face lightly. Right over his black eye.
"Max" he whispered.
She looked at his eyes and something in her instincts told
her - Not a worthy mate-. She shook her head. Where did that thought
came from? He was her brother she never saw him in that way. -did she?

She looked at a pair of blue orbs. Hope written on them.
She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand in attention. She turned to
see Alec moving out of Crash with a brunette on his good arm. She felt a ping of
jealousy on her chest. -MINE - Her instincts screamed.
She watched as he walked away. Completely ignoring Zack.

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