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A Bleeding Stranger

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Nurarihyon No Mago story! They didnt have a category for that. rikuo found a bloody person,he took her back out of kindness.but it seems that she has some secrets that she doesn't want to tell peo...

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Some of her powers are from Bleach, so yeah :)

I was thinking of starting another fanfic cuz I just can't get the story out of my head. Oh well , read and review pls ,I dun mind if it's criticizing or good or bad review , anything will do as long as I get some response . Thanks lotz : )




Disclaimer : I do not own nurarihyon no mago nor any of it's characters , I only own my OC Wolf , some of Wolf's powers are from other anime which I also do not own. Enjoy:)

It was just another normal day for Rikuo , walking home from school . He had actually convinced Tsurara to go back first so he could enjoy his walk home. 'sure is nice for a quiet walk once in a while' he thought while walking. He felt that something was off today , but he had gone through a perfectly normal day this morning, 'maybe it'll be during the night' he let out a sigh.

Something in the corner of his eyes caught his attention , he looked over and furrowed his brow a bit . It was not the body on the floor that troubled him , but the looks the passing humans were giving the body. Rikuo walked over bloody body to get a closer inspection , to his surprise the 'person' he assumed ,was still breathing.

But he wasn't sure whether it was human or not due to the hood-cloak covering it . Being his worryful self , he pulled the person up and half drag half carried the person home. When he entered the gate , Tsurara came running to greet the Third only to stop upon seeing the bloody body.

"Master , what happened ?" she asked while continuing walking towards her master.

"I found this person on the road side while I was walking home , I just didn't have the heart to let it die when I found out it was still alive."

"anyways , get a room ready and call Zen-san , I'll get the bandages and stuff." Rikuo said while dragging the person into the room then leaving to get the equipments.

When he came back he saw that Zen was sitting beside the person looking troubled and pissed at the same time.

"What's wrong , Zen-san?"

"Rikuo , are you sure it's safe to bring in someone not from the Nura clan into the mainhouse?"

"this person's hurt , I doubt it can do much ." Zen furrowed his brow even more , " what's wrong zen-san ?"

"The cloak is sealed with some sort of spell which I have never seen before, so I can't open the cloak to heal , and what's more you don't even what gender it is , you're way too soft Rikuo , picking up an injured person from the roadside."

"Well I just didn't have the heart to let it die."

"well , now we can do nothing with the cloak sealed up , we can only wait until it regains consciousness ." Rikuo took another glance at the person , indeed it's whole body was covered up by the cloak even the face is blocked by the hood.

He reached out to touch the cloak , only to pull back his hand rubbing it to minimize the pain from the zap from the electricity protecting the cloak. He sat down beside Zen and continued to look at the bloody he saw a twich and he looked over to see Zen unfurrow his brow and slump his shoulders slightly .

When the person lift it's body up a little, the hood covering her face fell back . Rikuo looked into the left eye as the other eye was covered by her hair. Her eye was a colour of lifeless grey, " w-where am I..." she said soundlessly , lucky both Rikuo and Zen heard her " don't worry , we won't hurt you , could you remove your cloak so we can heal you ?" Rikuo said softly.

A sudden look of realization flashed across her eyes as she stood up abruptly only to fall back down on to her knees .

" Calm down , we won't hurt you , here water" Rikuo said as he handed her a cup of water .

Surprisingly when she reached for the water her cloak did not open , her hand was wrapped in bandages from below her fingers to her elbow where the rest of her left hand was hidden in the cloak. She gulped down the water wolfishly and relaxed.

"can we get to healing your bloody body now?" Zen said impatiently .

"Zen-" Rikuo was about to ask him to slow down but was cut in by her.

"I appreciate your help , but I shall refuse on your offer to heal me."

"Tch! Who do you think you are , refusing our help, you should instead be thankful." Zen said with a scowl on his face.

She pulled up her hood to cover her face again and said " but I would appreciate you leaving the bandages and equipment and kindly leave the room to let me bandage myself , unless ... " her mouth which wasn't covered by the hood turned up into a evil grin " unless you wanna see me naked" she finished .

Both Zen and Rikuo blushed slightly and stood up and walked out leaving her inside to heal herself. Thinking back , Rikuo noticed how she was talking normally , so he assumed she was better than how she looked.

"Rikuo , you should get someone to guard the room to make sure she doesn't leave ." Zen said. Rikuo sent Kurotabou to guard the room .

By the time Zen and Rikuo went back to talk to her it was already night time . Rikuo was in his night form walking along the corridor with Zen to the room . When they arrived , they saw that she was still cloaked only showing her feet and mouth. She was facing the door sitting with her legs Indian style.

Both Zen and Rikuo sat down in front of her " why are you still wearing your cloak indoors? And why the heck is it actually clean of blood stains?" Zen said with a scowl , suspicious of her secrecy .

Her jaw was set in a firm line as reply to his question meaning she will not answer him. She turned over to Rikuo's side and spoke " who are you , you are not the boy which I met with earlier."

Rikuo smirked "I'm Nura Rikuo , the young head to the Nura Clan." She nodded and looked over to Zen's side .

"Tch! I'm Zen and who the hell are you?" she relaxed her shoulders and replied at last "I'm Wolf"

"Are you human or youkai , what happened back there?" Rikuo asked with one eye closed.

"I'm not human nor am I youkai. I was attacked by those youkai while I was recovering seven days of lost sleep , I won't tell you what I am since I won't be here long anyway."

"wont be here long? Why not stay awhile to recover your lost sleep , I'm sure you won't be attacked here." Rikuo said with full interest of this particular girl named Wolf which looked to be around 15 in human years.

" hmmm...Are there strong people here who aren't afraid of people much stronger than then?" she asked with a slighty sad tone .

" there are plenty of strong people here which aren't afraid of stronger people , " Rikuo said . At this statement she gave a small kind smile and said " guess I can stay awhile"

"Well then , you should join us for dinner , I'll introduce you to some of the people here." Rikuo said.

"mmkay , but are you sure you should be inviting a stranger into your house and on top of that treat her to dinner?" Wolf asked smirking.

"You're injured , what can you do?" Rikuo said smirking back at her.

When they were approaching the dining room , they could already hear the noise inside the dining room. When Rikuo slid open the room door , everyone turned to look .

"Oh welco-"everyone chanted and stopped halfway upon seeing the suspiciously cloaked person walking next to their young master. Almost immediately Aotabou stood up and ran towards the cloaked girl with his fist curled up ready to strike, Wolf flinched a bit while Rikuo raised his hand in front of her to stop Ao from attacking her.

"Master Rikuo , who is this suspicious person?" Kubinashi asked a question in everyone's head.

" I shall introduce her , she is not suspicious , so continue your dinner." The supreme commander opened one eye to look at the girl but stayed quiet letting his grandson continue.

" She is Wolf , she will be staying for awhile , so treat her nicely , alright?" he stated. Rikuo saw Tsurara's hand shot up, he looked to Tsurara as she continued.

"Is she human?"

Wolf lifted her head a little to look at Tsurara then looking towards Rikuo."No she is not , "

" then what is she ?"

"I feel no such need to inform you of what I am."Wolf suddenly spoke up .

Everyone was silent for awhile until Kubinashi asked " Then would you at least pull your hood back to show your face ?"

"i'm afraid I cannot , for ...personal reasons." Wolf said while thinking that she must have looked suspicious with her still hood covering her face , only leaving her mouth visible.

" Well then , would you say that we could trust you ?" The supreme commander finally spoke up .

" Don't worry , I will not harm you or do anything that shall offend you or your ... family." Wolf said reassuringly .

"Well then , since she said that , let's eat!" he said started eating and talking leaving the issue of an unknown person in the mainhouse to discuss later.

Wolf smiled inwardly , it had been such a long time since she remembered the feeling of eating with a 'family' , even though it is not hers.

Suddenly , the door that leads to the garden was yanked open .

"Master Rikuo , we have trouble , those Shikoku yokai are causing chaos in Yakise Street" ( A/N :this is a street name i made up cuz i wasn't in the mood to do research on the street names).

Rikuo stood up and smirked , " let's go " all of the youkais stood up and followed Rikuo out of the dining room. Wolf just stared after them dumbfounded , then she glanced towards zen who was still sitting there sipping his tea.

"What's going on , Zen-sama ?" she asked him curiously.

"You stay here , they're just going to exterminate some troublemake- ,wa- wait , did you just call me Zen-sama ?" he asked , a little bit happy he got called sama by the girl who just refused his help.

"Yes , i feel the need to address those higher than me -sama , if you do not like it , i could just call you zen-san."

"Zen-san is fine " Zen said happily.

"Okay then , but i may sometime call you -sama out of habit" she said while giving a small sad smile at remembering her past.

"Okaa-sama ! Otou-sama ! Coyote-nii-sama! Nooo! d-do-don't leave me... don't..." 'why...why do you reject me ...why are you happy... even you guys used to love and cherish me ... your own daughter...' Wolf stared at her family as she was drugged and exiled into the human world. ' power..' ' hatred..' 'happiness ' 'loneliness' 'death' those were the words that crossed her mind befor she blacked out.

" -ey , HEY! are you listening to me?" Zen's voice voice brought her back to reality , "ye-yeah , you were saying?" she asked stuttering a little .

"Nothing , I was just wondering what you were talking about when you said your old habit " zen said curiously .

"Zen-san , you wanna know bout' my past?" Wolf asked , an evil grin On her face.

" Y-ya , what are you thinking ?" he asked as he saw her evil grin.

"Ya' super sure you wanna know ?"

"Just spit it out ."

" well you see , I killed my parents and brother because they wouldn't let me eat ice-cream." she said while fake pouting.


Wolf burst out into laughter while clutching her stomach." C-Can't be-be-believe you a-actually thought that was real !" she said in between her pauses in laughing.

"H-HEY! you shouldn't lie like that ." Zen said ,his head fuming.

When Wolf settled down , her usual stoic expression came back.(A/N not that you can actually see her face , just letting you know she doesn't like showing emotions.)

" It's 9.00 p.m. already , hey , do you think i can go out for a walk?" Wolf asked , she really needed to go out.

"No , you can't go out , but you can go into the garden if you wish." Zen explained.

" mmkay then , goodnight."


After everyone came back and fell asleep , Wolf crept out of her room and walked towards the garden to watch the sakura tree. A pink petal floated down and onto her hands , she inspected it carefully.

"hmm.. it really is quite similar to his blades , but isn't similar at the same time," she inspected it even more carefully " this is soft and harmless while his is beautiful , but can cause more harm than an army of skillfully trained soldiers." She said while giving another sad smile.

"What can cause more harm than an army of skillfully trained soldiers?" Rikuo's voice suddenly spoke up . He was observing the girl since she walked into the garden.

"Ah .. didn't see you there young master , i was just thinking that a ..." Wolf thought a little bit before continuing "an ex-acquaintance of mine who could use these beautiful sakura petals as blades , and it hurt as hell when you got hit by them." Rikuo raised his eyebrows at the word ex-acquaintance .

"And what happened to that ex-acquaintance of yours?"

"i'm afraid i cannot continue my story of him , i'm afraid i might break down from remembering my old friend."

"as you wish then "

" Instead , would watch the sakura petals fall and have a drink of sake with me , Rikuo-sama."

" No need for the -sama , rikuo will do , i will ask one of the youkais to bring sake then ."

For the rest of the night , they just sat there enjoying the view while exchanging little talks from time to time.

WHOO! so how was it , it took some time for me to write it out , so please read and review =)
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