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Someone Call The Ambulance, There's Gonna Be An Accident.

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We finally meet Frank!

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I hate it when im reading fanfic, and then each chapter is like, 300 words long. so i have made sure that each of my chapters are over 1000 words. sing it for me! oh and olivia, you're in this chapter, but only briefly. whatever. Title from Placebo, i love that song. look up Infra-Red, into youtube, i dig that shit. ill stop rambling now, read on my lovelys! (if anyone is actually reading this. i dont know if you dont reveiw! DO IT.)

After the never ending double maths lesson, I had break time. Single lessons here were 50 minutes long, or there were double lessons that were 100 minutes. I had a twenty minute break next, so I decided to go off and find my brother since I hadn't made any friends. And thinking of me, nor did it seem likely that I was ever going to. I mean, I wasn’t exactly the most talkative person, and everyone here seemed to like shitty music, and that just wasn’t cool with me. Mikey and I, we had style. obviously I found Mikey in the canteen, surrounded by a bunch of people, one whom had a shock of dark blue hair and pale skin, which was kind of mesmerising. They were all laughing and smiling, including Mikey, which was a rare occurrence nowadays, due to me. I didn’t want to impinge on his little bubble he seemed to have built up in the last 110 minutes since I had seen him, so I backed out of the cafeteria, and onto the playing fields, situated outside of the canteen.

I was only gonna spend five minutes out there, I needed some time to find my next lesson, but the emptiness, lack of bodies and the fresh air just made me breathe deeply and smile. As much as I hated to admit it, inside I felt so claustrophobic. I could feel the hands grabbing me, confining me, trapping me. Out here though, things were just… Right.

Inhaling one more time, I turned, albeit unhappily, and made my way back indoors to get to my art class. I loved art, it was a passion of mine, but I hadn't really done it for a while, not since the incident. Still, I wanted to make a good impression and not arrive late. Thankfully, I arrived slightly early, thanking the little map, even if I did feel like a tourist making my way round some city with it. The room was warmer than the maths room, but it was bigger too. I liked that. A female teacher was inside, bustling around and putting paint brushes back where they belonged. Looking up she saw me hanging by the entrance and smiled, beckoning me in with paint spattered arms. I slowly made my way in, taking note of the paintings previous students had done. They were good.

“Hi, I’m…”

“Gerard Way, I know. I was told we were to have a new student. My name is Mrs Williams, and I shall be your teacher this year. Please, do sit down anywhere.”

I liked the teacher, I decided. She was small, plump and made me think of homemade cookies and warm winter nights by the fire. The class was set up in a circle around a still life which made me groan a little inside. I loved art, I really did, but still life wasn’t my favourite. Making my way to a seat as far from the door as possible I sat down and waited for the rest of the students to arrive. Fortunately, I was not kept for long, and bodies started to stream into the room, chatting and sitting haphazardly in seats. I hoped to god no-one would sit next to me, I didn’t really like people looking at my art. I got my wish, and was left alone, thank the lord.

Mrs Williams clapped her hands together. “Okay everybody! Welcome back to this school, I hope you had nice holidays. Since this is only our first lesson back we are just going to-” the teacher was cut off by another figure entering the classroom. He was small, tiny in fact, and he had awesome dress sense. If I was honest, awesome was a good word to describe him. He was oozing so much coolness and arrogance, he was kind of intimidating. He was wearing black skinny jeans and black converse, and a large Misfits hoodie on top that swamped him and made him look even smaller than he actually was. His hair was shaved and dyed white blond at the sides whereas the top of his hair was black and hung down over his face. All in all, the effect should have been a train wreck, but the guy had so much attitude that he could pull it off. I envied him. I wore pretty much the same kind of stuff as him, yet I just had the shit beaten out of me, instead of being treated like the most popular guy in the class.

“Aright missus.” He drawled, searching through the class to seek out his friends, who appeared to be lounging at the back near my own seat. “Sorry I’m late; I was having a little fun. Ya know?” He smirked as the motherly teacher blanched at his obvious dirty joke. I felt a bit sorry for Mrs Williams; she seemed like a nice person.

“J… Just sit down, Mr Iero, and try not to disrupt the class any more than you already have.”

“Oh, poor dear, I’m so sorry for ‘disrupting’ your class, next time ill ask my girlfriend if she can do it quicker, I’m sure she’ll understand. Ha who am I kidding, she fucking loves me.”

The boy smirked again and sauntered past me to his group of friends who immediately started to clap him on the back and chatter to him excitedly about him and a girl called Emily, who I assumed was the girl he had had fun with. I felt uncomfortable thinking about the boy and a girl getting it on somewhere. It made me feel dirty and I didn’t like it. But I couldn’t really blame the girl, he was attractive. I frowned. I couldn’t believe I had just thought that. I leant forward slightly, and began to study his face. It was pale, like mine, but not in a bad way. He made it look sexy. I just looked dead. He had gorgeous hazel eyes, and had piercings in his nose and the side of his lip. As much as I hated to admit it, he really was good looking, despite being about the same height as I was five years ago or something.

Suddenly, I realised that the room had fallen silent, and that I had been staring at the boy, and he had noticed my eyes on him. Shit.

“What you looking at?” he asked getting up to come and sit in front of me. He didn’t seem as attractive now, menacing was more the descriptive word I would use. “Who are you anyway? I don’t want fags like you staring at me.” And with that he reached forward and poked me in the shoulder, causing me to flinch violently, and gasp, dragging in a quick ‘huff’ of air that seemed so loud to my ears, as it showed me to be the scared little freak I was. Come on Gerard, you need to man up for gods sake. I thought to myself.

“N... Nothing, I swear.” I stammered, trying to cover up the fact that I had reacted so much to a simple touch. I didn’t want the class to know how messed up I was. But it was getting harder and harder to ignore the fact as the boy pushed his face more and more into mine, forcing me to lean back and push my chair away, in an attempt to stop him from touching me. I wasn’t even joking; I’d get onto the floor in front of everyone if it meant someone wouldn’t touch me. I couldn’t help it if it brought back those memories.

The boy smiled, but not in a nice way. “Aw, poor little bunny, you scared of me?” the boy leaned forward so his face was right in front of mine. I could smell the cigarettes he had smoked on his breath. His piercing hazel eyes burned into mine, and I could feel my heart thumping in my chest. I hated this feeling, the feeling of being trapped. It brought back memories. “You should be,” he whispered, before he cackled and returned to his friends, who were staring at the two of us and laughing at my frightened reaction. A blush crept its way up into my cheeks and sat there, lighting my face a brilliant red.

I then made a strong mental note to stay the hell away from this person.

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