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Jem looked up at the huge school in front of her and gulped. If this school was anything like her last school, she'd hate it. The reason she was going to this one was because she'd been bullied out of her old one. So her parents decided that they'd pack their bags and move to New Jersey.

Jem took her first step through the school gates and walked on through, avoiding eye-contact with everyone she passed. One scary looking jock knocked right into her but she knew better than to say anything. She walked over to the building and through the main entrance, the one linked to the school's office. She approached the receptinist "Excuse me," She said braveley "My name's Jem Blackwood. I'm-"

"The new student, yes I know, I know." The tall, blonde woman replied "My name's Sal."

"It's nice to meet you."

"Yeah, whatever." Sal replied, shoving a piece of chewing gum into her mouth "The principal will be wanting a word with you. One second, I'll get a student to show you where the principal's office is."

Jem went bright red. She hoped in her head that whoever Sel picked wouldn't be popular. Luckily, someone walked into the main office with a stack of papers in his hand. "Here are the register's for next term." The short boy said to Sal "Anything else you need to do?"

"Yeah. Frank, this is Jem. Jem, this is Frank. Jem's new here and the principal will want to see her. Take her there, would you?"

"Of course." Frank smiled and winked at Jem "Come with me."

Jem followed Frank out of the office "Hey, why are you doing chores for the office?" Jem asked curiously.

"Everyday someone from our grade gets to be messengar." Frank told her, making Jem feel rather stupid "So you'll probably have to do it one day this year."

"I don't think I really want to." Jem admitted "Doesn't look like much fun."

"It's better than being stuck in lessons." Frank laughed "So you're new here? Where are you from?"

"No where special." Jem replied "How long have you lived here?"

"My entire life." Frank told her, stopping outside the principal's office "Here, take my number. I'll be let out of the house at break and lunch. If you get lost just phone me. In fact, phone me anyway. Hang round with me and my friends at break, yeah?"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am." Frank typed his number into Jem's mobile "I'll see you later."

Jem smiled at Frank and walked into the office to talk to the principal.

Gerard was hanging out at the backgates with his little brother Mikey and best friend Ray when suddenly an orange cheerleader approached them "Not that you losers will care but there's a new girl in Mikey's grade. Her name's Jem and we're planning on pulling a bunch of pranks on her this morning."

"Why?" Gerard asked, raising one eye-brow.

The orange girl flicked some hair out of her face and rolled her eyes "To make her leave. Obviously. She's a total freak."

"Just leave her alone." Mikey hissed "She hasn't done anything to you yet."

The girl just rolled her eyes again and walked off. Mikey loked worried while Ray and Gerard just looked pissed off. "You look out for this new girl this morning, right Mikey?" Gerard said, putting his hand on his little brothers shoulder. Mikey nodded.

About half-an-hour later, Jem finally came out of the principal's office after a long speech about how he 'hoped she did well' and that 'she had many happy years here'. Jem looked down at the timetable she was holding in her hands. "Science..." She muttered under her breath. Great. Her least favourite lesson "Room 47..."

She was walking round trying to find Science for a long time until the bell rang signalling second lesson. Jem went bright red. She'd missed first lesson. She looked back at her timetable and read 'Math - Room 12.' Luckily for her, when she looked to her right she found Room 12. She walked into the room and took a seat at the back of the room in the corner where she wouldn't be noticed.

Well she hoped she wouldn't be noticed. Unfortunately, she was noticed. The scary looking jock that had barged into her that morning stormed into the room, already in a bad mood about something the teacher had said in the lesson before and saw Jem sitting in his seat. He marched over to her and roared "Get the fuck outta my seat!"

Jem went bright red, grabbed her bag and got up to her feet. She walked away from the seat, trying hard not to cry. Now she didn't know what to do. Where was she supposed to sit? Why did Frank have to be messengar today? She wished he was here.

"Hey..." A small voice said "Come and sit by me."

Jem looked over and saw a boy with brown hair and glasses. Was he talking to her? He was looking right at her. "Were you talking to me?" The boy nodded and Jem went and took a seat next to him. "Thank you. This isn't somebody else's seat is it?"

"No, nobody usually sits next to me." The boy smiled at her "My name's Mikey Way. What's yours?"

"That's a cool name. Mine's Jem Blackwood."

Mikey grinned at her then lowered his voice "Uhh Jem if I were you, I'd watch your back. This cheerleader said everyone's gonna be pulling pranks on you and stuff to kick you out the school."

Jem rolled her eyes. Just as a little voice inside her head started saying 'You knew it'd turn out like this...' she realised that although she hadn't believed it was possible, she'd made a couple of friends.

At break time, Mikey grabbed Jem's arm and pulled her towards the back gates. "Uhh I promised I'd hang round with Frank and his friends..."

"Frank Iero?" Mikey asked "Short, black hair and a hyper attitude?" Jem nodded "Oh he's our friend. He'll be hanging round with us."

Jem giggled and sure enough, when they arrived at the back gates Frank was there. He smiled at Jem and hugged her "Hey! So you survived the morning!"

"I didn't actually make it to first lesson..." Jem admitted "I got lost."

"Oh hey, these are our friends in the higher grade." Frank said, pointing at a tall guy with a brown afro "This is Ray." He pointed at a boy with blonde hair and a beard "This is Bob but avoid him first thing in the morning 'cause he gets angry very easily." Then he pointed at a boy with jaw-length black hair, perfect brown eyes and pale skin "And this is Gerard."

"Uhh hi, I'm Jem." Jem waved shyly at them.

"It's so nice to meet you!" Ray cried, suddenly hugging her close.

Jem laughed and hugged him back. She was so happy that she'd already made some friends.

[A/N] - Was gonna be a one-shot but this took me ages to write because I kept getting distracted :L Hopefully the rest will be up tomorrow...
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