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The End

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I'm gonna miss you guys.

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Final Chapter


I see shapes floating around, taunting me, pulling at my nerves and emotions. Faces swarm me, some familiar, others less so. Gerard is there, and to my horror, that man who... that monster that... the savage beast that...

I see Frank.

I try to move, to get up, maybe make sense of the nonsense that’s tugging at my senses, that’s eating away my thoughts, consuming my rational thought process whole, as though a large American man thought my thoughts were his dripping, disgusting meat chunk.

I feel around with my fingers, touching the ground, feeling the cold, wet, mushy grass that sticks to my fingers. I realize that I am laying down, and quickly try to regain my equilibrium. I sit up slowly, not trusting my feet just yet, and search for some sort of clue where I am. My eyes land on Frank, and suddenly, forgotten memories of the past resurface: The fight, the gun, the soft pressure of lips on mine as I draw my final breath. Frank. I feel a sudden surge of anger towards this man, who no doubt lured me in, and then... ended my life. Wait, surely I’m still living then, surely I’m alive, I’m just... dizzy from lack of blood thats all. Never the less, I am overwhelmed by an urge to strangle the beautiful sociopath. I jump to my feet, only to crash back down, though I am surprised that I can barely feel the impact. White noise fills my ears, and my face breathes in the scent of Earth. I slowly roll over onto my back, and close my eyes to the world.

“Need help?” Someone asks, looming over me.

Their hand is stretched out, and hesitantly I take it as this person lifts me to my feet. I open my sore eyes to see who my helper is, and revulsion shoots through my veins. I let go of his disgusting hand, only to fall and be caught in the arms of someone who I know well, my only brother, Gerard. Its too much, If this hallucination of my deceased brother feels so real, is he alive? Is he a... An irrational thought grabs hold of my vocal chords, until I fling it out into the empty space.

“Gerard?” I speak quietly, not wanting to believe its true, yet so in love with the idea.

“Yeah Mikes?” My angel responds, sounding hopeful.

“Are you a vampire? Cause your all pale and not-dead.” I ask.

He replies, but I can’t hear nor see anything as black dots attack my eyes, and fuzzy worms crawl inside my ears for a nap.

I feel someone shaking me, prodding me, and finally pick me up as I drift farther and farther from reality.

The furry worms leave for a bit as someone presses their mouth to my ear and whispers to me.

“Welcome to Hell, my love.”


End of Want

Sorry its short and everything, I just wanted to wrap it up so I can start on a new story!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on my story or anything!

Oh and I’m taking suggestions on my next story:

Frerard or Frikey?

High school or present day?

Fictional or otherwise?

Should I have auditions etc!

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