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Gerard and Frankie are getting closer...

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Gerards POV
"You do know you can talk to me?" I turn to face the young, broken yet beautiful little soul perched beside me.
"Umm Hmm." He says glancing around the room. This and simply acknowledging noises tell me he's lying to me. One of the first things i knew about him was this is how to tell if he was being truthful or not. "Frank." I say turning him to look at me. " You can, okay? You can talk to me about anything. Anything at all. No matter how pathetic you think it is." I say smiling as he flushes a delicate shade of pink.
" I-i do n-need to talk." Frank says stuttering. His best feature to show he's nervous. Another one of his little perks that i've grown accustomed to. " Y-you see Gerard,_" He' s cut off by a sing song voice filling the stagnant vacant air. " Frankie! Where are you honey?" A woman with sunken, red raw eyes enters the room. At the sight of her son, her lips begin to quiver and she leaves the room without a single word. I turn to look at Frank once more. " She hates when i hurt myself." He whispered. I reached out for his hand and strokd my thumb across his rough yet soft palm. " She's not the only one." I reply taking his bandaged up wrist and planting a soft peck on the rough white surface. " Go talk to her Frank. Tell her how you're feeling." I say encouraging him as he shakily makes his way to the kitchen. Voices in soft tones can be heard, followed by blood curdling screams in between sobs. Franks Mother.

After a few more minutes, a silence covers the three of us and the mother and son waltz back into the room hand in hand. " Sorry Gerard. It's nice to meet you by the way. I'm Frank's mother, Linda." The woman says giving me a half smile trying to cover up her true emotions. " Don't be sorry. And it's great to finally meet you." I smile back at her warmly. She was a very pretty woman, which obviously reflected only more so in her offspring. She and Frank had the same olive complexion which contained porcelain white in certain lights and the same curly dark hair. They eyes were mirrors of the others. Both had those beautiful wide pools of hazel and flecks of caramel that were just too entrancing and special for words to sum up.

"I'll get you boys something to eat. We're having Franks Aunt and Uncle over tonight Gerard, but you're more than welcome to stay. It seems you've made quite the impression on him." She beamed, for real this time. Winking at hr son who hid his face behind his outgrown fringe.

Franks POV
"There's this one, i wrote it a while back now." I say with pansy resting gracefully across my thighs. "It's called Disenchanted. Never really been much of a singer though." I confess as Gerard smiles down at my lyrics scrawled out in a biro with barely any ink left inside. " Wow, this is awesome! And shut up, i bet you sing fine." He smiled at me placing the paper in front of me. " Sing for me, i'll be totally honest." He says giving me puppy dog eyes. I can just about stick to my guns. "Nope." I say looking away from him and racking my brains to change the subject. Why do i get myself into such awkward situations?

"Pweaseeeee!" He says smiling at me with sparkling eyes. His hands are on my wrists and he's keeping me there until i agree. I submit. You can't deny that face at all. I sit down opposite him and feel warmth creep upon my features as i begin to strum and sing out the words. I finish after three agonising minutes and look at my worn out red converse. " I know it's shit." I say and Gerard's smile changes into a twisted frown as he advances towards me slowly.
"Frank, that was the most amazing thing i've ever heard." He said as our lips were inches away from eachother. His sweet coffee scented breath brushing lightly and pleasantly across my pale, chapped lips. I wanted this moment to last. And the event that occured next,was just perfection.
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