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A Winter Love

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This is actually the first Slaxl story I wrote over the Summer (before "Always & Forever") as a request to someone on deviantART for an image she made of the same title.

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Slash had the strong urge to tell him something. But what? And just how long had this rivalry lasted between them? The gusts of wind made him shiver with more anxiety. How long was this snowy hiking trip supposed to last?

It was the midst of their tour around the ski resort as a breaktime. But was this breaktime still supposed to have Slash and Axl Rose angry and not speaking to each other? Slash did not think so. That is why he felt that now was the right time to speak up to his ex-best friend, before continuing any further on their little vacation. In fact, why were they all there together, on the same tour guide?

Everything was so white. The snow was heard crunching beneath the peoples' shoes with each step they took, as the tour guide kept on happily explaining the beauty of its nature, such as the snow-covered trees. But, this was when the guide's speaking stopped abruptly, along with everyone following suit.

Apperantly, Axl Rose - whom Slash had been thinking about previously - had stopped the guide instructer in her tracks.
He asked, somewhat hesitantly, "Umm, excuse me, but... do you think we could stop here for a minute?"
"Sure. What for?" the guide asked.
"I just...need to talk to someone."
"Oh, of course, go ahead. I'm guessing it's something so exciting, you can't wait until the end of the tour to tell, huh?"
Slash was stunned. Had they been thinking the same thing? Now feeling colder than ever, Slash decided to have his back turned from him and everyone else, arms crossed. And the people standing in front of him, waiting patiently, he just held his head down, not making any eye contact (despite the fact that he was wearing sunglasses). He heard the footsteps of Axl Rose slowly coming towards him. Every step heard crushing the snow filled him with more anxiety of what was to happen.

The long-haired, redhead man walked up to and faced him. And Slash had no choice, but to lift his eyes to meet his.

"Slash...," Axl started, "I'm sorry."
Slash only stood there in silence, staring back at the green-eyed man through his sunglasses. Axl looked back, gazing in sadness. These were the words he was looking for.
"I'm sorry for what has happened between us over the last couple months. I understand that we've gotten in fights over the most ridiculous things, but..."
"Look, Axl--" Slash started to say, but was cut off by Axl Rose continuing.
"But, I guess you can blame it on me. It's not your fault that I get into such fits."
Slash seemed to be in a moment in thought, parting his lips, as if to say something back.
"Look, we've had a pretty good friendship, and now, it seems to be really stupid to just let it all fall apart like this. I'm really sorry." Axl's voice seemed to be filled with guilt. "I've been acting like an Adolf Hitler, constantly ordering on what you and the others should do, which I understand got on your nerves. I should've known what getting a taste of fame was going to be like... if only someone was there to calm me down once I made it big. Please forgive me. Please forgive me for being such a furious jerk all the time."
And this was the first time Axl had spoken to Slash in a long while.
Slash put one mittened hand on Axl Rose's shoulder, making Axl glance over, then cast his head down, slightly puckering his lips.
"I forgive you," was the reply.
Axl then reached out his arms, took a step closer, and wrapped them around Slash, who hugged back. Axl merely kept looking down as he rested his head on Slash's shoulder.
It was a warm embrace between the two, even if they were wearing jackets for the cold. Slash was, nevertheless, feeling relieved. Relieved that Axl Rose actually had the courage to encounter him like this, before their relationship would sour even more.
"Aww, now, see?" Slash mumbled, "That wasn't so hard for you to say, was it?"
Everybody watched. Some smiled, some nodded, and one was so moved, that he took a photo of the two in their rekindling embrace.
Axl Rose and Slash had finally made up and settled down. The other members of the band were surprised but relieved, as well. What's better, than to talk things out with someone you've had a long-lived rivalry with, in the snow?
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