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I'll See You When I'm Done With Them *Oneshot*

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The murder of Gerard sent Mikey over the top, he's turned physcho, and so did his revenge. Lots of gore and blood I guess.

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I'm posting this on my phone, so sorry if there's grammar mistakes, stupid autocorrect.
This is in Mikey's POV :{] is that how you make a mustache smiley? ♪(^^)o∀∀o(^^*)♪
EDIT: And obviously Mikey's gonna be OOC in this story cuz he's turned physcho, so don't go ratin' it OOC, i saw someone did, then someone else rated it up, so yeah, thanks alot to the person who rated it up. :D

I'll See You When I'm Done With Them oneshot

It was dark, the moon light blocked the thick grey clouds, thunder ripping through the air, adding light to the cold dark night. The cold wind is blowing, like freezing needles on my skin. I didn't care, I stared down at the stone, a piece of stone stuck above my brother's grave. He didn't deserve to die, they did. 

People know they did it, but did they care?? NO!! They fucking killed my only brother and all they get was a week of suspension!! That's fucking bullshit!! They'll pay, they will all pay. I laid down the piece of black rose unto his grave, "I'll see you when I'm done with them, my love." I whispered before walking out of the graveyard without looking back. 

The alarm clock woke me up on time, I smacked it onto the floor, this will be the last time I needed it. I went into the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my teeth, straightened my hair. I put on my favourite Anthrax shirt along with a pair of black skinny jeans, grabbed my grey beanie and went downstairs. I didn't need breakfast today, the thrill of revenge will keep me going. I rummaged through the drawers till I found a survival knife, it was in it's best state, we never used it. It was a present to us from our parents before they died in that car crash.

Today, I'm going to make full use of it, I placed it carefully into my bag's side pocket, a place which I can reach easily. Then I was off, I drove to school in full happiness at what I was going to do, I was going to take revenge, avenge my brother's death.

I parked into the spot that Gee always parks, hearing the stupid calls of Mack and his stupid friends. I walked off to my homeroom, they wouldn't hit me at the start of the day, no, that would be too easy, I could just run off and I wouldn't get embarrassed. That would defeat the point of them bullying me.

They strike during lunch break, where people gather around, or sometimes in private places. Walking down the hallway, I heard a lot of "Emo incest freak!" "Fucking emo garbage!" "Disgusting freak!" being shouted at me, felt the shoves from the jocks. I didn't care, ignored them, one of them decided to grab my beanie, wrong move. I spun around and kicked him straight where the sun don't shine, "Fuck. Off." Venom dripping in those two words, I could swear my eyes were shooting daggers cause they just flipped me off and walked away, the one who got kicked limping.

I shoved my earphones in, turning it onto the loudest, tuning out the outside world and making my way to homeroom. I kept my earphones on all throughout class, not like the teachers cared anyway. Then lunch break came, the time I've been waiting for.

I walked to a deserted corridor, knowing the murderers were trailing behind me, waiting for me to stop so they could injure me like they did to my brother. I had transferred the knife into my pocket, I placed my hand on my pocket. "Hey fag!" Josh called out. I didn't reply, just kept on walking.

"Hey faggot! He was calling you!" Jim. Let me think, there was 5 of them when they killed him, two confirmed, 3 more. I turned around, good, all 5 was present. I kept my earphones in, took out my knife, and hid it behind my back. "What'd you got there bitch?" Chris. "Is it a present for your faggot brother?" Nick. "Nick, the faggot's dead remember?" Phil. Those shit holes, they don't even feel bad about killing him! 

"Scared little girl? Afraid of what we did to your slut of a brother? Huh,freak?" Josh walked closer, closer to me, closer to his death. The next thing happened in a flash. 

I swiped the knife out, brought it straight onto his right eye, quickly twisting my hand, gorging his eye out along as I pulled the knife back, he collapsed to the ground screaming. The blood was flowing down his face like water, one down, four to go. 

Next was Jim, the others were frozen in place, staring at their one-eyed friend. He lifted a fist to hit me, I lifted the knife into the way of his fist and bam! My beloved knife is now buried deep in his hand, I pushed the handle to the left, the knife going right in his knuckle, like prying open a shell, his bones, skins and tendons split open and blood spurted out like a fountain, "how pretty!" I said as i grinned. He screamed and dropped to the ground too, how boring, couldn't he at least make his last dying moments interesting? I kicked him in the stomach just for extra effect.

Next was Chris, this was getting boring, I need something more gory. He came running to me, I side stepped at the last minute and put a foot out and tripped him, what an idiot. I looked back at the others, they were just staring there, wide-eyed and shocked. I can take my time with Chris. I aimed my knife into his back and threw, the knife went through his back, but probably got stuck on his ribs.

I put my foot onto of the handle and stepped on it. "C'mon, go through!" I lifted my leg that was on the ground and used my whole weight to push the knife down. He was screaming bloody mary, his friends too shocked to move. My face lighted up when i heard a sickening crack and the knife got through. "Finally!"  I got off his back and bent down. 

Flipped his body over and put my fingers on the blade of the knife that was showing. "Hi-" tug on knife, it came out a little, he let out a blood curling scream "Chris." and pull, the knife came out, blood all over it. "Ugh, you're disgusting Chris, you got blood all over my souvenir." I wiped the knife on his shirt. He never stopped screaming as coughed out some blood, some of it getting on my converse. 

"Hey! Those were new!" I told him. I took the knife and ran it straight through his cheeks and pulled, tearing his cheeks, making a huge tear from his cheek to his mouth. He screamed some more, blood flooding his face. 3 down, 2 more to go.

I look up just in time to see them running at me at the same time, smart move, not smart enough. I pushed Chris's body forward as I scooted back against the wall and waited for the other two to fall.

They did, their stupid buff bodies tripped over Chris's and they fell, face first. I quickly jumped on their back before they could get up and stabbed them a couple of times to make sure they couldn't get up. When I was sure they wouldn't get up, I jumped onto Nick's back and balanced myself, when I was sure I wouldn't fall, I jumped. Jumping like a cute little bunny in glasses. I heard a few crack through the screams and jumped higher. When I got tired I jumped onto Phil's back and off onto the floor. 

"What to do, what to do?" I'm running out of ideas. "You sick fuck!" Phil screamed at me, he still had the strength to do that? Nevermind, that'll change soon.

I pulled his left hand out and stepped on it, not hard enough to break the bones, but hard enough to get him to shut up. Then I sat down, his hand infront of me. I knocked the back of the handle of the knife onto his middle finger's nail, it doesn't hurt much, just to be nice and give him a warning. I shoved the knife through his left cheek to the right, sticking out on both sides. He opened his mouth to scream but quickly closed it back, "Smart boy." I gave him a pat on the head.

My finger found the tip of his nails, then I pulled, tugged, did anything to pull it off. It was hard, but I managed to pull one off. Phil couldn't scream, if he did, his cheek would split right off. But that would be fun to see, haha, I stood up, and stepped on the finger that didn't have the nail on it. He screamed, he screamed as the dust and dirt on my shoes mingled with his blood and sink into his flesh, definitely stinging him. His screams weren't loud enough, it sounded like a mute dog trying to bark against my earphones which was on full blast, I pulled my foot away from his finger. I stepped my left foot on his arm, between the wrist and elbow, and used my right foot to push the elbow inwards, and everyone knows elbows can't bend inwards. >:] There was a cracking feeling on my foot, then i jumped off his arm, kicked it a couple of times to see it wiggle around like a worm.  His cheeks and mouth was definitely more bloody than his fingers, which was quite a nice view. 
I stood there admiring the view, all 5 of them lying on the floor, blood surrounding them. I probably wouldn't want them to have kids as mean as them, then an idea popped up in my head. Gross, but that was probably the only way to make sure they didn't have kids. :]
I flipped Phil over, took my knife, and stabbed it again and again into the place where the sun don't shine, I didn't know whether I had cut it off or not, I wasn't going to look, eww. I got pretty satisfied when I heard him scream and thrash around.
I did the same with the rest. I made sure not to kill them, no, killing them would be too kind, I'm gonna leave them like that, let them remember what they did, give them scars. I even took the time to carve in 'I'm a murderer' onto the skin above their heart, adding a cute little knife picture into it.
When I was done, I lined them up, stabbing them again and again just to see the blood spurt out, it was truly a magnificent sight, truly a masterpiece. I then took a picture with my phone and posted it on twitter. Awesome.
"Bye bye." I said and smiled like a Cheshire cat and walked out of the building. It was deserted, no one heard their screams, the blood on my shoes making foot prints on the pavement. I went to my car and drove straight to the graveyard. Just in time the rain started to fall, the pitter patter of the rain sound soothing me.
I would have preferred to die during midnight, but I couldn't wait to see my brother and parents again. How I miss them so. At least the rain will be with me when i go.
"Mom, Dad, Gee, here I come." I smiled as I slide the knife against my windpipe, ending this torturous life, beginning a new one in the afterlife.
was it okay? I didn't really knew how to do really detailed gore, please tell me how it is :)
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