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Back to the future

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Phil goes over to Keely's house to tell her something but ends up doing another thing.

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AN: This is my first Phil of the Future fic... I've started watching the show and wanted to write some on it J AN: This was my first Phil of the Future Fic I saw that there weren't any here. This story is also in as well as others. I do not own any of the Phil of the future characters.

"Do you guys hear what I said? We fixed the time machine!" Lloyd Diffy announced for the second time to his seventeen year old son Phil and fifteen year old daughter Pim. Expecting more of a reaction from the two their father looked over at Barbara, his wife and nodded towards their children. Barbara forced an excited smile and looked at her two kids.
"Hey guys! The time machine, we fixed it! We can go home!" Barbara said with zest, but there was still no response.
"Don't you two have anything to say?" Lloyd asked, setting down his fork after only taking one bite of the casserole Barbara had made especially for the occasion.
"This is a joke right?" Phil blurted out, looking green.
"Of course it's a joke, Phil. Tell him it's a joke guys, go on tell him." Pim looked from her father to her mother and when she realized that they weren't going to hear that this was a joke, she began to hyperventilate.
"You couldn't wait until I didn't have a boyfriend to fix the time machine?!" Pim exclaimed, throwing her own fork down onto her plate.
"Pim..." Barbara said in a warning tone.
"Phil, say something!" Pim shoved her older brother, but Phil couldn't do anything but stare at his parents.
"I thought we talked about this a few weeks ago," Phil finally said, playing with his casserole, "We talked about staying here." Phil looked up at his parents and they both looked pained.
"We thought that you would be happy," Lloyd admitted to his only son.
"Well I'm not." Phil was getting angrier by the second and he pushed out his seat.
"Did we say that you could leave the dinner table?" Barbara asked Phil sternly.
"All these years you two have never enforced this and now all of the sudden I have to ask to leave the table? No, I'm going over to Keely's." Phil left the dining room and put on his jacket. He could hear his mother call to him as he slammed the door, cutting her voice off. Pulling out the keys to his BMW, he unlocked the doors and got into the driver's seat. Fastening his seatbelt and turning up the stereo, he pulled out of the driveway and made his way to Keely Teslow's house which was only a few blocks away but the ride felt like hours. Her parents were out of town on a business trip, so Keely was home by herself for the week end. Phil parked in Keely's driveway and took in a deep breath, before getting out of the car. What was he supposed to say? Why did he even come to Keely's so quickly? As he was contemplating what to say, he jumped as he heard a soft knock on his car window. It was Keely, Phil rolled down his window.
"I heard your car pull up, the party is tomorrow Phil, remember?" Keely tugged his hair affectionately and smiled, but her smile seemed to leave her when she read Phil's eyes, "What's going on?"
"Keel, can I come in?" Phil knew he didn't have to ask, but he didn't know what to say. Keely nodded, looking worried, but hid her face as Phil followed her into her house. The house smelled of Vanilla and Phil could see that Keely had been doing Homework in the living room by candlelight.
"Come on into the living room, I was just having a romantic night to myself." Keely sighed, taking a seat on her new leather sofa that her parents had brought back from Italy.
"Where's Michael?" Phil asked, trying not to sound too moody while bringing up the boy that Keely was currently seeing.
"Michael is at Deborah Wilson's house tutoring her." Keely gave a sarcastic laugh, and then looked at Phil with sadness, "He's such a bad liar." She sighed. Phil narrowed his eyes, imagining all the things he'd love to do to Michael Ericson at that moment, but he put his feelings aside to take a seat next to Keely. Before he knew what was happening, she wrapped her arms around his neck and cried softly.
"It's ok Keel, he's a jerk and he doesn't deserve you." Phil told her honestly, he felt Keely nod into his shoulder but he could still hear her crying. Phil ran his left hand down Keely's back and closed his eyes as he held her.
"What is wrong with me, Phil? Why can't I get a decent boyfriend?" Keely asked softly.
"There is nothing wrong with you Keely, you know that. You just can't find a guy that deserves you." Phil said, looking into her glistening eyes.
"And the only truly decent guy I know is you." Keely said, her eyes widening after realizing what she had just said, "Uh, I meant that you're a decent guy and I'm lucky to have you as my best friend." She said, pulling slightly away from Phil after noticing how close they had been to each other.
"Yeah." Was all Phil could say to this statement.
"Too bad you're already my best friend, otherwise you might be-" Keely looked like she was having trouble functioning, "Don't listen to me right now Phil, I'm emotional and I just can't really think straight, ya know?" Keely looked at Phil and he nodded in understanding, "So why did you come here anyway?"
"Um, I don't remember?" Phil tried, but Keely gave him a 'whatever' look.
"Nice try."
"Alright Keel, there's no easy way to say this so I'm just going to come out and say it." Phil said, looking Keely dead straight in the eye. Keely nodded, but did not hide her look of apprehension, "Ok uh, Keely before I say this I need you to know that I have never cared about anyone as much as I have cared about you. You are more then a best friend to me, more then a sister, you're... everything." Phil found himself saying things he had never meant to say out loud. He could see Keely's eyes starting to tear up with emotion, "I don't ever want to see you hurt or sad or in any kind of pain," Phil went on, resting a hand on Keely's face. As he did this she closed her eyes as if letting her sense of feeling do all the work.
"Phil." Keely said, opening her eyes.
"What are you saying to me?"
"I'm saying that I... uh..." Phil felt himself start to sweat. It had to be the candles that were making him hot, he told himself.
"Phil, you're blushing." Keely pointed out in a shy voice.
"Yeah uh, it's hot in here." Phil removed his jacket and laid it down, he sat back up and could see that Keely was a lot closer to him then she had been before. Not knowing what to do, Phil stayed still. Keely was so close that he could feel her breathe on his neck and his eyes automatically started to close.
"Phil I think the only things that are hot in here are us." Keely said, before she pressed her lips tenderly to Phil's.
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