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Chapter Thirteen

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Skyla & Shannon... err... "explore" their feelings for one another; Jared realizes he's in love with Skyla, but too late. A/N: Please read & review! I've never written anything like this before.

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"Do you think Shannon got the picture?" Skyla asked Jared.

"Yeah. I know Shannon pretty well; he got it." Jared ran his fingers through her now-dark auburn hair. He loved blondes the most, but for some strange reason, he was oddly attracted to Skyla and her crimson hair. He absentmindedly began putting loose braids in her hair and she pushed his hand away.

"Stop!" Skyla wasn't used to other people touching her hair. She rubbed the goosebumps off of her arms.

"I'm sorry. I just love the color and it's so silky." Jared smiled.

Skyla was tired. But the compliment from Jared was sweet. "Thanks; I love taking care of my hair." She sat down on the floor and fell asleep.

Jared had no choice but to carry her to her bed; Jared noticed she wasn't heavy. He put her on her bed and laid down on his bed; within five minutes he was asleep. A few hours later he woke up to a phone going off. He looked at Skyla and she was still asleep but her phone was lit up, saying a new text from Shannon was in her inbox. He read it to himself: "Nice hair. I like it. :)" Jared scoffed and set her phone back on the bedside table.

"I told her I liked it first," Jared said quietly. He left to go to the bathroom.

While he was in the bathroom, Skyla woke up. Shannon texted her a second time.

"You coming down?" the text said. She giggled.

"Be there soon. :)" she replied. She tossed on some fresh clothes and some shoes.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you going?" Jared asked her when he came out of the bathroom.

"To get a coffee," she replied. She had gotten good at lying.

She headed into the bathroom and did a once-over of her teeth with her toothbrush. She tousled her hair with her fingers, grabbed her purse, and ran out the door with a simple, "Later!" for Jared.

"Dammit!" he said. He thought he had her in his grasp. He knew she was running to see Shannon, wherever he was, but he thought that for once, just once, she'd stay and spend time with him. Jared laid back down on his bed and went to sleep, dreaming of only Skyla.

As Skyla neared the end of the hallway she texted Shannon and asked him which floor he was on. He called her and struck up a five minute conversation.

"I'm on the fourth floor," he told her. "So what, or rather, who, possessed you to dye your hair that color?"

"I'll explain when I get there," she said.

As Skyla said this, she got on the elevators and hit the button for the fourth floor; Shannon left his room to go and meet her. When the doors opened, Shannon opened his arms and Skyla ran to him and leapt in his arms. He was worried sick about her; she was just a scared eighteen-year-old far from home.

"Next time you run like that I'm shipping you back home!" he laughed in her ear, tears running down his face.

"I'm sorry, I don't handle stressful situations well!" she cried.

Shannon walked her back to his room, and they laid on his bed for hours just talking.

"What's Jared doing?" he asked her absentmindedly.

"Sleeping when I left." She was tracing a couple of lines across his arm with her nails; Shannon shuddered.

"It tickles," he whispered, and began doing the same on her thigh.

Skyla pressed herself against him in anticipation. He stopped as suddenly as he began.

He rolled her over onto her back and began rubbing hard circles with his fingers at her hips; Skyla felt him harden under her thighs; he stopped rubbing and took his hands and slipped them under her thighs, trying to get himself up inside her. She gasped; Shannon put his hands on her shoulders and looked Skyla in the eye. Skyla was gasping for her breath; she grabbed his tee and yanked it off. Shannon stripped her of her clothes and began kissing her on her neck. He moved down to her breasts, where he was gently kissing her.

Skyla ran her hands down Shannon's chest and back up to his neck. He trembled at her touch; the cool, breezy air that blew through the open windows was cold on their bare skin.

The few places where Shannon and Skyla's skin didn't meet was covered by the blanket which had been tossed over them so no one else could see them. Shannon ran his fingers up and down Skyla's ribs; she shivered in anticipation. He leaned down close to her ear.

"It might hurt," he warned her.

"I'm ready," she told him.

Shannon laughed darkly. He began kissing her just under her jaw; she giggled at the feeling. Her necklace that he had put together for her was rubbing against his chest and was leaving chain marks on him.

"Care if I take this off?" he asked her.

"Sure, go right ahead." She smiled at him.

He reached around her neck and unfastened her necklace; he laid it on the bedside table. He then ran his fingers through her now-dark auburn hair.

"This hair color is prettier than the black," he whispered in her ear.

"Thanks," she whispered back to him.
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