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The Princess and the Spider.

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This is the last time im posting this story, if the fucker does it again, we WILL get you.

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"Gerard! Wake up!" Mikey screamed into my ear. "Mom cooked bacon...if you don't wake up you don't get any!" Is he calling me a fat ass now? Well I do love bacon.. I got my lazy ass up to get some breakfast, and I look out my old stained window. I see Betsy, and Mary, our cows. Sadly, they were my best friends, because they can't lie about you, they can't judge you, and they give you a very enjoyable drink. Being friends with cows is great right? Haha. I'm just a lonely fag. Haha.

I walk downstairs and wave to Dad, who was painting over the peeling wall. "How are you boy?" He asked me with a smile. "I'm good Daddy! What about you?" I asked with a fake smile. "Perfect." He said as he hugged me. I love my dad. He can always make me happy. "I'm gonna go eat okay? Love you Dad." I said smiling as I walked away and went to the kitchen. I smelled bacon. Bacon. "GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!" I yelled attacking my mom with a hug.

"Good morning my little Gee bear!" I giggle at my nickname. "Mommmmm just gimme my bacon!" She handed me my plate LOADED with bacon. Nom. After breakfast, I went outside to go adventuring in the woods. (Totally not immature) As I walk around the woods, I pretend someone is here walking with me until I see a spider. No big deal. "Run free little spider! People wanna kill you like your Osama Bin Laden. Run!" The spider went up the tree, and made a web at the top. How adorable. As I walk further to the neighbors property, I see that someone must be moving in. I walk back into the woods, looking for more cute spiders, then I heard a shriek coming from the neighbors shack away from their house.

"SPIDERRRRR HELPPP!" I walked over to the shack and opened the door, to discover a boy about 4 years younger than me in there. He was quite adorable, and was curled up in a ball and covering his eyes trying to hide from the spider. "It's okay," I kneel down to him. "I'm here to rescue you." I felt like a price come to rescue a princess. He looked up in fear. "Is my prince here to save me from the big evil monster?" He said pointing towards the spider. That's just too ironic. I was just thinking of me as a prince. I feel so accomplished.

"Yes my fair maiden, I have come to slay the big evil monster and save you." I stood up, and smashed the spider. I didn't want to, because it was just too adorable, but I wanted to make the younger boy smile. "Come help me up." He said, smiling at me. I helped him stand up and he was gripping my tight. "So who is my mysterious monster slaying prince?" "I'm Gerard, I'm 19, and I live next door." I said pointing at my house.

"Who is this mysterious princess getting attacked by an 8-legged monster?" I asked, smirking. "Frank. Just moved in next door, I was quite sad about moving so I found this shack to hang in. I'm 15." I knew he was younger than me. "Well my princess, let's go have an afternoon picnic in the field, okay?" I said. "Of course, my sexy prince." And they live happily ever after. The end. 
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