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Tipping The Scales

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Eiri wishes he could use the bathroom in peace. Dialogue fic.

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[Title]: Tipping the Scales
[Pairing]: Eiri/Shuichi
[Rated]: PG
[Disclaimer]: All characters belong to Maki Murakami and co. Le sigh.
[Warnings]: Shounen ai, fluff (kinda sorta...), profanity
[Author's Notes]: Thought I'd try my hand at a dialogue fic. Thank you to Sara-chan for beta-ing.

"What are you doing?"

"Huh? Oh, Yuki, it's just you. You startled me..."

"Why are you standing in front of the mirror naked?"

"I was just looking at my body."

"Your body?"


"Well, if you had planned on jerking off, could you do it somewhere else? I have to use the toilet..."

"Oh, sorry. Okay, I'll move..."

"What's wrong with you?"


"You sound depressed again. What's eating you?"

"...Yuki, do you think I'm fat?"



"Why would I think you're fat? If you got any thinner, you would disappear."

"...I don't know."

"Why do you think you're fat?"

"...I don't know."

"Then what is the point of this conversation? Shuichi, come on already. I have to go bad..."

"...K-san is hiring me a personal trainer at work. He says I need to get more toned..."

"Hm. Must be all that Pocky."

"/Yuki/! Be serious!"

"That doesn't mean that you're fat, moron. That means you just have girl muscles, and need to bulk up, as well as shape your physique."

"Wha?! Do I really, Yuki? I thought I looked okay!"

"Shuichi, can this /wait/? I'm about to fucking wet my pants..."


"Oh, god. Stop crying. It's pointless."

"I c-can't... Nnnnnm, I th-thought I looked o-okay..."

"You do look okay. Now move."

"Do you really think that, Yuki? Or are you just trying to make me happy so I can get out of the bathroom?"

"Goddammit, Shu..."


"Yes, I really feel that way. I wouldn't fuck you if you didn't look good, now would I?"


"What now?"

"...That's cold..."

"What are you talking about? And move already!"

"You don't have sex with me because you love me? Only because I look good? Y-Yuki... I... B-but..."

"...Oh, fucking hell. Shuichi, please stop crying. I really can't think when I'm holding my legs together like this..."

"/Yuki doesn't love me/! And I'm /fat/!"

"Shuichi! Get a hold of yourself! Dammit..."

"H-how c-could... I... I did-Mmm! Nnnngh... Aah... Yuki..."

"Are we all better now?"

"Nnnnnm... Y-Yuki... That was low..."

"It was. Now move aside. Unless you're going to help me wipe my piss off the floor later."


"We'll continue this conversation at another time."

"I love you, Yuki... I'm sorry for bothering you..."

"Just go and I'll forget it ever happened, okay?"


"Good. Now where the hell was I-OW! Fuck!"

"Yuki...? What's going on in there? Are you okay?"

"I just tripped over your damn bathroom scale! You are dead, Shuichi..."

"Uh... I promised Hiro I would bring something over to his place this afternoon. I'll catch ya later, Yuki!"

"/Damn you/!"


Thank you for reading! Comments? Critiques? Suggestions, please? But don't forget to have a nice day! ^__^

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