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Repaired Romance

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This is supposed to be a follow-up to LauraiSlaxl's "Love Lies Bleeding." Hope she doesn't mind it!

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“Let’s go to bed, Saul,” he murmured, and Slash nodded, letting Axl lead him upstairs. He would deal with Perla later. For now, all he needed to know was that tomorrow, for the first time in fifteen years, he’d be waking up right where he belonged.
Axl Rose, holding one hand on Slash's, opened the door to his bedroom with the other. The bed was well-made before the two. Slash only kept on smiling, feeling tired after the two men's emotional, sexual make-up, feeling eager to finally relax. After 15 years of being separated from Axl, he would get to lie on this bed again.
Axl first lifted the covers under the pillows. Still holding Slash's hand, they got on the mattress together. Sharp exhales were released. Feeling their bodies relaxing, Axl pulled the covers over them. Slash had his arm around Axl's shoulder, who was resting his head on his chest.
Both men were silent, breathing softly, eyes closed, nude bodies close to each other (they decided to leave their clothes downstairs), and feeling the sweat on their skin contracting with the air around. They quietly listened to the rain continue to pour outside as they drifted off to sleep.

The morning sun arose. Slash was the first to awaken. He found himself still naked, under the covers, and with Axl Rose.
So, I guess all that happened last night wasn't a dream, he thought. It was quite surprising after all: from the phone call, to seeing him again in-person (the Guns N' Roses reunion), performing, the two of them driving to Starbucks, and finally...the conversation, which turned into an argument, and...
Slash squeezed his eyes shut and blushed a little, remembering what it was like to kiss and caress the singer again. A little grin came about his face, which turned into a big smile. Oh, how happy he was to be back where he once left off. He wrapped both arms around Axl, chuckling. He gave him a warm kiss on the cheek before settling his head down, gazing at him. After a few minutes, Slash decided to shake Axl awake, who slowly opened his eyes, murmuring.
"Oh...," Axl said groggily, a small smile as he saw that it was Slash waking him up. "Hello."
"Hey, there, sweetie," greeted Slash, with a smile, as he brushed the back of his hand on Axl's face. "Did you sleep well?"
"Sure did."
He brought himself a little closer to Slash, as if mimicking the position they were in last night: his hands over Slash's arms, who, in return, brought his hands to the sides of Axl's waist. They turned slightly, letting Axl mount and lay his head by Slash's shoulder. Slash remembered how captive and aroused Axl was beneath him last night, only to smile and blush again. Then Axl opened his eyes, lifted his head up to look at his reconciled lover.
"Yes?" Slash quickly opened his eyes and faced him.
"I have to tell you that...I've just about missed you every day and every night, when you weren't here...with me...on this bed."
"Aww," Slash replied, looking away for a second and lightly squeezed his hands on Axl's waist.
Slash thought for a minute, on what it was like to feel alone and abandoned, with no one to comfort you even while sleeping. The thought that Axl never reportedly had no more significant others in his life after their break-up was too much. This, again, brought the guilt back, and he turned his eyes to Axl's, sadness filled in his expression.
"Like I said before...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I really am."
"I know," Axl Rose simply replied, lifting up one hand to gently run through Slash's hair. The two brought themselves into a kiss, a gentle one. When they parted, he then told the dark-skinned man, " know...I never knew that....something like this would happen."
Slash closed his eyes and exhaled through his nose. He replied, “Me neither.”
"I'm not just talking about the way we made love again, I’m talking about everything that lead up to it."
Axl noticeably blushed, as he himself remembered the most massive pleasures he had in his life.
"Oh, yeah." A chuckle and he patted Axl's body. "All thanks to that concert, huh?"
"Yes," replied he. “Had that reunion never took place, we still would’ve never seen each other again, you wouldn’t have told me things I never knew…” a pause, “…we wouldn’t be here, together.” He laid his head back down, softly crying out, "This is all that I - we - ever wanted!"
"Yeah," Slash murmured as he started running his hand down Axl's red hair. "And, you know, it's like a dream come true: to be with you again."
"Mm-hmm." Then came a whispered, “I still love you," right next to Slash’s ear.
"I love you, too." Slash smiled, and then turned his head to give Axl a kiss. Slash laid his head on the pillow again, looking up at the ceiling. He added, "And everything will be okay from now on. Because I'm right here, where I belong."

The two men eventually got out of bed and headed downstairs, to where their clothes were laying in a pile by a wall. They slipped it all back on – excluding the shoes – when Slash checked his jean pockets. He took out his cellular phone to check if he had any missed calls. It turns out he got several messages from his wife, Perla.
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