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He can't say no to that smile.

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It was unthinkable. Impossible.

And yet, it had happened before, and was happening again.

And all Mori could do was lay on his back and quiver - /quiver/! - with the tension of holding himself back. A gutteral groan pushed it's way past his lips as he thrashed his head to the side, fingers clenching in the sheets beneath his hands. The walls had been soundproofed long ago after the school researched the amount of sleep lost to thin walls and premisceous sexual relations, but he couldn't give in and scream out his surrender just yet.

No one who knew him would have thought he could have been brought down so low so easily in the first place.

Then again, no one who knew him - indeed, no one else under Mori's watchful eye - had ever felt the dextarity of Honey's tounge on their most extremely private members.

He was licking it - like a popsicle!

Mori was already flushed and trembling beyond reason, and when the blond-haired third-year sucked it into his mouth the muscles holding Mori's hips back suddenly relaxed at the same time as he pushed upwards into that hot, wet loveliness. Honey had been teasing him ever since supper - it didn't take long. Just because he hadn't said anything about it earlier that day didn't mean he wasn't interested. One just didn't say things like "Stop turning me on you little demon and take your pants off so I can fuck you into the ground" in polite society.

Honey's tiny hands fluttered like butterfly kisses on his hips as he was swollowed nearly completely by the experienced mouth, and he came with a choked back scream that was immidiately followed by the usual wave of guilt. He shouldn't be the one here - he was supposed to serve Honey, not the other way around. He was the servant in this relationship. It was tradition.

By the time Mori gathered his senses Honey was snuggling up to his chest, quite content to sleep where he was unless Mori felt like getting him up and over into his own bed on the other side of the room.

"Mitsukuni," he sighed, aware of how his voice rumbled even lower after the rush of hormones. "You shouldn't keep doing this. I exist to take care of you."

And with that burden off his chest, Honey just looked up at him with that eternal smile that seemed to make everything better, if only for a moment, and clapped his hands to the sides of the larger boy's face.

"Don't be silly, Takashi," he sang softly, bringing their faces closer together in the darkness. "You feel good, right?"

The earnestness in those blue eyes was impossible to ignore, and he coudl only sigh and nod in agreement. Honey brightened up immidiately, practically lighting the room with his pre-bed cheer.

"Then Honey-chan is happy to!" he cheered quietly, and Mori couldn't help but slide a hand into curly blond hair to pull him down for a long kiss that tasted of semen and the sugary cake they had eaten for dessert. Mori had given his portion to Honey, but he could taste it now.

"Go to sleep, we have work to do tomorrow," he sighed upon release, and Mitsukuni obediantly slid his head under Takashi's firm chin and Mori retreaved Usa-chan from the opposite side of the bed to hand to the boy on his chest before he fell asleep.
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