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Lost Time

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KakaIta, KakaGai. He was told that every moment in life was precious, but he wasn't sure he believed them. Ideals versus desire.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Gai, Itachi, Kakashi - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-06-22 - Updated: 2006-06-22 - 427 words - Complete

It made the sort of twisted sense that pervaded the ANBU forces when Uchiha Itachi beat Hatake Kakashi's old record of youngest member ever that they get together.

It was a relationship of conveniance, sex before and after missions, tea and dango in between. The conversation wasn't bad, and neither was the sex.

Although it had seemed as though Itachi had not joined the ANBU under the same motivation as Kakashi, upon retroflection it turned out to be the same: hate, or more specifically, hate for the families that had bred them.

Their hate, back then, had been veiled by their lust for each other, and neither of them ever mentioned it. During missions they were not themselves, and whatever happened behind the masks stayed behind the masks. That was when their anger was given vent.

It was Itachi's habit of refusing help that had at first worried Kakashi. He was constantly honing his skills against stronger and stronger opponants, taking genjistu from a support technique to something that could be used exclusively to kill someone. They had spent many an hour arguing over it, when the energy could be spared. Why risk your life to get better when you were already the best?

But no matter how casual a relationship it was supposed to be, Kakashi had still fallen apart when Itachi left.

It had not helped that the day before that bloody evening they had had a discussion.

Itachi had been lying on the sofa, lounging the full of his teenage frame out, when he said in that drawling tone of his: "Why do you even hang out with that lump?"

He was, of course, talking about Maito Gai. It was impossible to explain to Itachi, who only saw the bumbling, enthusiastic ninja. It was impossible to explain to this cold, self-sufficient boy the comfort Gai had been after the death of both his father and Obito. And so he had said something stupid, something that had fallen off his lips and never been remembered.

And then he had gone to bed, and in the morning the entire Uchiha clan was dead except for two, and Itachi gone. Perhaps had he insulted Gai with Itachi, perhaps had he said no to the challenges, Itachi would have taken him along.

But now it was Gai, and only Gai who had stayed. Seeing Itachi again... seeing that face, those eyes, glaring down at him haughtily... It had been more pain than the mangekyou. It was his heart versus his ideals once again, and he had to decide.
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