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A story inspired by avenged sevenfold's song 'Nightmare' with My chemical romance characters in. i do not own any of the characters just a quick one shot

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Where am I? I thought to myself, my vision was blurry and I couldn't see properly. I tried to moved but something restrained my wrists, what
the hell?! I looked down at my hands and feet and saw them strapped to a hospital bed, like they do for the insane people. I looked up at the
white ceiling and could've sworn I sawsomething animal-like moving person crawl across the ceiling, thentwo doctors in white unifrom were
looking down at me. Once again I tried to talk but nothing came out, they looked at each other then one turned to get something that was on a
tray next to my bed. The other looked in my eyes and then it hit me, they were MY eyes! The doctor was me!? WHAT THE HELL?! Then the first
doctor came back into view and was holding something shiny and sharp, my eyes widened as I was it was a butchers knife. The doctor looked at
the other then at me and went to press the knife into my shoulder, I've been scared of knives since I was a little girl. I waited with eyes
tight shut for the impact of the sharpened knife but it didn't come, I opened one eye to see it knife gone! WHAT THE HELL? The doctors then
pushed my bed out of the ward I was in, down what looked like an asylum corridor! Mental patience in each ward, by now I was so scared. I had
no idea how I got here, nor what the doctors were going to do to me. My doctors wheeled my bed around a corner when we got to the end of the
corridor, this place looked like an abandoned hospital. Like it was deserted for decades! I looked to my left and saw Frank on the floor, in
a straight jacket desperatly trying to get out. Yeah Frank Iero if you're wondering, we've been mates since we were three as well as Gerard,
Mikey, Ray and Bob. Why was Frankie here? We kept going and I saw a very scary girl step out to stand in her doorway, she was extremly pale
and her eyes looked crazy. We passed and I saw a old preist walk beside the bed, he hung a rossery with Jesus Crist on the cross at the end
over me and chanted a pray from the bible he was holding in his hand. He walked off as we went round another corner, I was scared at what I
might see next in this mad place which seemed like a nightmare. I saw two more patients walking around looking very lost and dazzed, we went
passed a room with a white door and a glass window. However there was a man and he repeatiedly kepts whaking his head off the glass, soft
enough not to break it but hard enough to make his head bleed- I could tell because there was a line of blood running down from his head and
down the window. I stared in horror as the bed being pushed down the hall, we turned another corner and then there was two little girls
playing with a blood-covered ball, they were tossingit back and forth with crazy looks in their eyes like they were going to kill someone.
there was a little girl who looked about six who had a mad and evil grin on her face I guess it wouldn't beas bad but she had blood flowing
out from her mouth which seemed like she had just eaten someone! And she was clapping like I had done something bad, I gazed at her in terror
as the bed kept moving. We kept moving and I saw a little boy by the age of nine playing with a red ball, he was bouncing it against the
floor which was in a pool of dark red blood which looked sickenly fresh. So the ball and his hands were covered in the blood, we passed and
two nurse walked past who had evil sneers on their faces. As I was wheeled down the hall I kept seeing all these crazy people staring at me,
I felt so uncomfortable and scared- I just wanted Frankie by my side, and not the crazy one. I sighed and looked up then almost screamed when
I saw then animal-like moving person! It was watching my every move and following me along the crossed metal panell above that made the
ceiling, then it's lips parted and it's voice was something of a nightmare- deep, scary and unhuman.
"It's your fucking nightmare." It croaked at me, I frowned in confussion and fright. Then I moved my head to the right as we passed another
room, and I proped myself up on my elbows to see more of the weird display. It's was Frankie, out of his straight jacket...and he was dancing
...with a skeleton...We moved on and I watched as he slipped out of sight, then I felt a twinge of fear coming from the pit of my stomach as
I saw millions of bloody hand prints on the wall. We carried on down the hall and I saw an old man with troubled eyes looking at me through a
hole in the window from his door, we turned yet another corner- this place really did seem like a nightmare! I saw the same kids again from
before and they had that red ball, one of the little girls was bouncing the blood-covereball in another fresh pool of blood while the second
girl was riding atrike. She had a lovely red dress on and white tights, it would've been better if the tights didn't have blood splattered on
them. The the one playing with the ball stopped and pushed the ball away and started to smeer her hands in the pool of blood! Then the
second girl gt off her trike and joined the first, putting her hands in the blood and smeering it around. That was so sick beyond words, then
they got upand rushed over to the window and placed their little blood-covered hands leaving more bloody hand prints on the glass. Then I
swear I heard Gee's voice ringing in my ear.
"She'll be fine Frank, promise- the doctor sai she is!" Why can I hear him and not see him? And what was he talking about the doctor said she
would be fine?
"I'm scared Gerard." I heard Frankie's voice, he really did sound scared.
"Don't worry Frank." Yep, that was Mikey's voice. I could tell cos it always sounded happy when he was drinking coffee.
"Yeah, Gee and Mikey are right- she'll be fine." I heard Ray's voice ring loud and clear, but no one was around.
"Yeah whatever." Thanks Bob, nice to know he cares.
"We'll leave you alone." Gee said and then it was just Frankie's voice.
"Listen Skylar, I know you probably can't hear me, you being in a coma and all..." WHAT!? I'M IN A COMA?! BUT BUT HOW!?
"I just wanted to tell you that I'll always be here for you, whenever you need me I'll be here for you." I smiled dispite the place is was in
and terrified but Frankie's voice always calmed me.
"And that's because I love you Sky..." I couldn't believe it! M-My best mate loves me back?!
Yeah I've always loved Frankie, well everyone I know fancies Frankie...I think Gee does to...
"It's hard for me to tell you when you're awake but I'll try my best whenyou wake up." His voice started to faded, I didn't want it too but
it started to grow quieter. Suddenly I was wheeled into a room at the end of a hall, thedoors swung open as the bed was pushed in and
everything went white.

The next thing I knew I opened my eyes to a white ceiling, and the first thing I thought was that I was dead and that's heaven. But then I
heard Frankie's voice and my vision came flooding back, I sat up in the bed and was happy to be able to move my hands and feet.
"YOU'RE AWAKE!" I heard his shout in happiness, I turned to look at him and smiled. He had big bags under his eyes and they were blood-shot
as well, he was pale but smiling. He must've been here for a while, then my nightmare came back and I thought I was never going to see him
again or the others. I felt to scared and lost, that's when I broke down in tears. I felt Frankie's warm arms take me into embrace as he
placed himself on the edge of my bed to keep me close.
"I was so lost Frankie." I admitted to him in tears.
"You're okay now, we found you." He whispered softy, I smiled and hugged him back not wanting to let go- ever.
"Don't let me get lost again." He shook his head and I heard him sniff.
"I won't, I promise." I knew he meant it, he always keeps his promises.
"Frankie, I-I had a terrible nightmare..." He pulled away abit just to looking in my eyes but his arm was still wrapped around my waist in a
protective way.
"What happened Sky?" He asked, he was the onlt one who called me Sky- everyone always called me Skylar.
"I was in a abandoned hospital with mental patients and I was strapped to a bed and I kept seeing these things and I was so scared Frankie, I
just wanted you to come and get me and take me back home." He smiled and brushed my fringe out of my eyes.
"Don't worry, you're here now- I'm here." I smiled and felt my cheeks blush.
"You were in the dream too." I thought I should add that in.
"I was?" He asked abit shocked, I giggled at the excitment in his eyes at him being in a dream of mine.
"Yeah, you were in a straight jacket but then you got out of it then you were dancing with a skeleton..." I tried not to laugh at it now but I
saw the smile start in the corners of his mouth.
"I was in a striaght jacket?" I giggled more and nodded.
"Yeah but then you got out of it somehow." He couldn't help but laugh.
"So then I was dancing with a skeleton?" I nodded and laughed with him, God his laugh was adorable.
"Yeah you were, and I also heard your conversation." I said, I remembered hearing their voices.
"Really? What did we say?" He asked, obviously interested.
"Well I found out I was in a coma, then I heard Gee say goodbye then I heard what you said." He didn't get what I was trying to say, I sighed.
"And what did I say?" Asked Frankie, he's so cute when he's clueless.
"That you will always be there for me whenever I need you and then you said you said all that because you meant it and you love me." His mouth
"Y-You heard me!?" I smiled and nodded.
"Did you really mean what you said about saying you love me?" He went all boyish and shy, blushing and smiling.
"Y-Yeah, listen Sky I've always liked you and I just didn't know how to tell you..." He looked away going red, I giggled and put my hand on his
cheek and gently turned his head to look at me.
"I've always loved you too Frankie." His face lit up like the fourth of july and he grinned.
"Really?!" He was so happy and I nodded.
"Really really." I smiled, and moved in to kiss him. He finally caught on and leaned in closer, our lips touched and that started a whole new
relationship. After three years of dating we decided to get married, we are now happily married and we're expecting a twins soon. Their both
girls and we've already started to think about names, and we like Cherry and Lilly.
So in the end I'm happy I had that fucking nightmare.

-----Inspired by Avenged Sevenfold, Nightmare and also My Chemical Romance hence the characters-----
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