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Rainy Day Sleeptime

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MoriHani. On rainy days, Mitsukuni got pouty and sulking and it was Takashi's job to deal with it. Fluff.

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It was nice, being able to spend some time with Haninozuka away from the chaos of the Host Club. He hadn't wanted to join at first, and Kyouya had even given him a few lectures when it came to pulling his weight, but his stoic front had deterred even his demonic wranglings.

The girls at school would be surprised and maybe even a little scared were they to see their precious Honey-sempai away from their influence. Mitsukuni was quiet when he was happy and although he had his "flowery" moments too, they were less continual, less blinding.

They would meditate together in the dojo, nothing but silence and breathing and heartbeat. One didn't become a master in martial arts without knowing how to train one's mind, after all. They would cook, sometimes, and Mitsukuni would do puzzles while Takashi read. Morinozuka appreciated these comfortable quiets during breaks from school - it meant Honey could unwind into Mitsukuni and Takashi could stop winding himself up worrying about Honey's state of being.

It was raining out and Mitsukuni was sulking just a little over his tea set and stuffed animals. He was barely touching his cake, which was worrying in itself, and looked like he was going to spill something just so someone would pay attention to him. He always got fidgety when he couldn't relate the sunshine to his cheerfulness.

Dropping a bookmark in the treastice on the history of the Japanese language he had been reading, Takashi stood and arrived at Mitsukuni's elbow just as a plate almost hit the floor.

"Mitsukuni," he said admonishingly, gently setting it back on the table. Those big blue eyes were pouting at him and he had run out of ideas a long time ago of things to do on rainy days.

As usual, they didn't need to speak in order to understand what the other was thinking. Picking up his charge under the arms, he lifted him into a comfortable embrace and collected up Usa-chan for the much shorter boy to hold on to. Comfortable and tenatious arms slipped around Takashi's neck as they mounted the front stairs towards the young master's bedroom wing.

The first thing Takashi did after setting down Mitsukuni on a sofa was to head over to the bookshelf, built for a child's height, and selected a worn, red fabric-bound book. Settling himself on the cushions beside his life's work, he wasn't surprised when a comfortable weight settled on his lap and he arranged his arms to cradle a head.

"Which one?" he asked quietly, breath rustling Haninozuka's hair. A familiar title was said, the book was flipped open to the appropriate page, and Takashi began reading. Mitsukuni had long ago stopped needing someone to read to him, but claimed that Takashi's voice was better for it, even if it did scare most little kids.

By the time they reached the yakuza-stealing-the-cow part of the story Mitsukuni had fallen asleep in Takashi's arms. Rather than continue on with the story that he already knew by heart, the tall, dark-haired teenager stopped and slowly lowered the book to the sofa beside him.

His smooth, trained movements barely caused a flicker of an eyelash in his most beloved person's sleep, and it was only a few long steps into the bedroom. They could just nap untill dinner, whereupon they would be required to dine with the rest of their conjoined families; but a small nap would put the precious Haninozuka heir into a better frame of mind.

Takashi's kiss was gentle and dry against a powder-soft cheek, earning him a sleepy smile and a warm, cuddled body as they lay together in the enormous bed, half occupied by giant pillows and stuffed animals. His eyes drifted shut slowly after that.
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