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MoriHani. In the bath, Hunny gives way to a few fears. And what is this mysterious figure in the shadows?!

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Hunny was acting quiet. A quiet Hunny is not a good thing. It had taken many months spent in his company for Mori, who liked silence generally, to catch on. Now, silence made him worried.

They were in the bath, and yet Hunny was only splashing at the water half-heartedly, the mournful floating yellow ducky swirling in the eddies and currents.

It even took about three tries before Hunny would crack more than a weak half-smile at Mori's toes pressed up against his leg. It was then, when he looked up from the waters with a equally-watery look that he spoke.

"Ne, Takashi, am I going to have to get married some day?"

Mori knew that his charge was equally knowlegable about that fact as he was. They had grown up in a society where decided marriages were common and education was only necessary insofar as it made a heir better suited to take over his or her family duties. Of course they would both be married. It was almost surprising that no one had been chosen yet.


Hunny just looked down at the water again, swishing his hands in the bubbles that were collected around his stomach. Mori knew he was pouting without looking at his face.

"Are you going to get married?"

The slightest quaver in Hunny's voice signified an imminent waterfall of tears, and Mori's heart twinged in the way that it did whenever his Hunny-senses went off. Normally, keeping Hunny from crying would simply be a way to save the servants from having to un-flood the bathroom, but this time it was just that little bit more serious.


A sniffle, and Mori was already clearing the numerious toys out of the way in front of him. A pink pig with wings, the little yellow duckie, a watering can and a sponge in the shape of a cloud were all present and in the way.

"Come here, Mitsukuni."

If he could have parted the water to make the passage easier, he would have. Instead a whole bunch slopped over the edge as the little blond launched himself from his side of the long, old-fashioned tub to the other, landing comfortably in his protector's arms.

"Waaaaa~ Takashi, I don't wanna leave you!"

Mori felt like his heart was breaking every time Hunny cried like this. It wasn't a good feeling. He wrapped his arms around the dripping form and pressed his cheek against the top of the damp hair affectionately.

"Don't worry, Mitsukuni," he sighed, tightening his grip as Hunny sniffled and whiped his nose against Mori's shoulder. "I'm not leaving you."

And then Hunny leaned back and gave him a big watery smile before kissing him softly on the lips. Mori would never not return a kiss from Hunny and slid a hand into his hair to brush it away from where it clinged against the damp cheek.

"Love you, Takashi," Hunny sighed, grinning again playfully. Mori's eyes softened for a moment and he brushed a finger against a cheek bare of hair and watched as it blushed behind his fingers.

"I love you too, Mitsukuni," he sighed, very very quietly, just so that one person would hear. It was all that mattered, after all.

"Yey!" Hunny cheered and was on his way, collecting up the toys and the bubbles to his side of the bath and was already setting up a war.

Meanwhile, up in Kyouya's room, a dark and fearful figure leant back in his chair and laughed a evil manipulative magician sort of laugh. On his screen, reflected in his glasses, was the scene as it unfolded a few floors above him, in live time. No one had ever noticed when his security people put in a few extra cameras in the bathrooms.

This one would have to go on file, though - real romance didn't go over well in the selling, for whatever reason. The sex, though, that could go on their next dvd, for sure...
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