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Chapter 3 (Really Inventive, huh?)

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Gerard is beginning to make Frank want to kill him. Amongst other things.

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Sorry, this took a little longer than the others to post - I re-wrote this chapter twice (it was originally about 1,900 words) and then ended up at 3,525 words. So it took a little longer. Rate for the shy, reveiw for the brave(r)? Please? :D
The rest of Frank’s morning lessons blur past in sullen blur. All the teachers so far had given him a hard time; the result being that he looked stupid, and all the other kids in the class laughed. His last lesson had been Latin. Freaking Latin. Who the fuck learnt that shit anymore? It turned out that rich kids who went to private schools did, as he was the only one in his class who had literally no clue what the hell was going on. Needless to say, none of this was helping Frank particularly warm to the school. But he’d never expected to like it here so that wasn’t much of a surprise.

Lunch rolled around and the students made aware of it as the gong sounded. Frank decided to not to bother going back to the Room Where They Ate as he was probably going to get more food dumped on his head, and so decided to stay outside in the courtyard with his iPod for an hour. He left the classroom in a hurry and stepped out in the bright air, beginning to look around for a secluded place to sit. There was a copse of trees a little way away, bright banners bearing the schools coat of arms hanging between some of the branches. A little sunshine streamed through the leafy canopy and illuminated the soft ground below. Frank walked over to it and leant up against the widest tree, unraveled his headphones and put them in his ears, before blasting Black Flag. He closed his eyes and the best part was that he was alone. He knew that the lack of name calling, jeering, shoving and giggling would make him reluctant to leave at the end of lunch. Nothing, he thought, was going to change his mind. He was staying right here.

Suddenly, his music stopped abruptly, the sudden silence seeming deafening and leaving his ears ringing. He sat up properly and found himself staring at a pair of brand new looking pair of black converse, that were currently stepping on the play/pause button of his iPod. He let his gaze slide upward – even though he had a nasty feeling he knew who it was – taking in the neat black skinny jeans and the immaculate band t-shirt before looking into the smirking face of his roommate. Frank rolled his eyes, cursing whoever put him in a room with the irritating teenager still smirking at him.

“Sorry Midget, didn’t see you there” Gerard drawled, sounding anything but sorry, especially as Frank knew he’d done it on purpose. Despite the irritation Frank was feeling, he was still a little caught in the other’s shimmering green eyes. This is a really bad time to be thinking of this Frank thought to himself, a really bad fucking time.

“What do you want Gerard?” Frank asked, sighing, even though he knew that his arrogant roommate would likely just give him a grin Frank could only describe as evil and slope away. Sure enough, he wasn’t disappointed by his predictions as Gerard walked away, still with that cruel little smirk twisting his beautiful features. Wait. Beautiful? Where the fuck had that come from? Frank needed to get Gerard out of his head – which was going to be difficult seeing as he shared a room with him. And the fact Gerard seemed to have it out for him for some unknown reason. His peace ruined again by the pale skinned boy he seemed unexplainably attracted to, Frank ripped his headphones out of his ears, and shoved them and his iPod into his bag before heading to his last lesson. Only Gerard Fucking Way could make him change his mind about not moving.

The Art classroom was eluding Frank. How the hell does a school hide a fucking doorway to Room 110? Room 109 was just down the hall, followed by a blank space, then Room 111. Frustration welled up in Frank and he kicked a wall. Hard. And, as usual when he got angry, voices started to yell in his head. The teacher was calling the register – just behind this wall. How did that work? And… someone else was sniggering and picturing him like he was at this moment – it sounded like… Gerard! Frank didn’t know what power Gerard had, but he should’ve known he’d pull some stunt like this. He slumped against the opposite wall, and stared at the blank wall where a door should be. He wanted to kill Gerard right now; he could so easily picture it, is hands wrapped around that pale skinny throat and squeezing the life out of those intriguing, glinting green eyes.

Frank’s own eyes slid closed as the pictured it, the panic on his pale face, the gasps that would escape Gerard’s mouth as he tried to stay alive, the way he’d writhe – and shit. Frank’s eyes flew open. That was not supposed to turn into a sex scene in his head. Something crashed behind him; he spun round and found a filing cabinet had flown into the wall next to it. That was going to fun to explain: Sorry Sir, but I got turned on by the thought of killing my pain-in-the-ass roommate and consequently my powers went momentarily haywire and I sent a filing cabinet into the wall. He groaned and quickly shifted everything back into his place using his telekinesis, just in time for him to hear a teacher’s quiet gasp. Swiveling round revealed a young female teacher standing in a DOORWAY THAT HADN’T BEEN THERE MOMENTS AGO with her mouth hanging open.

“Frank Iero?” she asked quietly

“Yeah, that’s me.” The teacher looked like she wanted to say something else, but quickly shook her head and beckoned him inside the classroom.

“We’re just drawing today; I’d like to see everyone’s skills, so I know how to plan the lessons according to ability range. Sit wherever you like, and pick up a sketchbook from the front of the class. My name’s Miss Kelly, by the way.”

“Okay, thanks” Frank muttered, quickly scooping up a sketchbook, and scanning the class for somewhere to sit. The only empty table was right behind Gerard, and sighing, Frank made his way to the seat. He tried his new policy of thinking about the what’s good about situations, but the only one he came up with was that the seat was right next to a huge bay window overlooking the gardens at the back of the school. Gerard spun in his seat to face Frank with that ever present smirk that Frank wanted to punch – or kiss! his hormones reminded him – off Gerard’s face.

“What took you so long Midget?” he said, clearly trying – and failing - not to laugh in Frank’s face.

“I don’t know what you did to the door, but it wasn’t fucking there when I first got here” Frank hissed. Gerard laughed properly then, revealing his small, but immaculate white teeth. The laugh was still tainted with malice towards Frank and a flash of hostility rushed through his head. The emotion pulsing through his head reminded Frank of what had happened this morning after breakfast; the emotion he’d felt then – he still wasn’t sure what it was – was definitely different to the hostile feeling that had just be sent into his head.

“It was always there, Midget, only you couldn’t see it” And with a final snigger, Gerard faced the front again, leaving Frank fuming.

The rest of the day passed by quickly; after an hour of aimlessly drawing in Art, Frank had fled the room immediately and run back to the copse of trees. There, he examined all the trees and found one he could climb with some ease before scaling up the branches and sitting half way. From up there, he could see most of the students milling around the main courtyard and he keeps an eye out for Gerard, half hoping to see him and half dreading it. However, after twenty minutes of scanning the crowd, Frank gave up and leant back against the strong trunk of the tree, his legs dangling from the branch. He couldn’t be bothered to get his iPod out of his bag because it meant shifting himself around on the branch he’d perched on and he’s comfortable. He was grateful he was too lazy to move because that when he heard the singing – it was a song he recognized too; the sound of ‘Dig Up Her Bones’ floated up to him – and it sounded like the person was singing at full volume, but the copse was a little way away from the main courtyard and he knew that sound traveled differently in tree enclosed areas anyway.

“Walk me to the graveyard,
Dig up her bones!” the voice carried high up into the tree where Frank was sitting, but he couldn’t see who was singing from where he was sitting nor did he recognize the voice. He wondered who it was though; it’d be nice to have a friend in this place. The quiet falls again as the singing stops, and Frank closed his eyes and let his mind drift. He doesn’t see Gerard stand up from where he was sitting at base of the tree and walk away – just as Gerard is unaware Frank ever heard him singing.

When Frank opened his eyes again (he hadn’t been asleep, he just had the tendency to let his mind freely wonder and therefore became a little unobservant of what was happening around him) the sky was beginning to mingle into the mixed shades of orange, red, pink followed by a dusky blue that told him the sun was beginning to dip in the sky and would soon be invisible from view. The air had become calm too; the warmth was gone, replaced with unmoving peaceful air that hinted at a chill should anyone stay still. Frank knew trying to climb down a tree in the dark would be a bad idea, but at the same time was reluctant to move knowing on the ground he was more vulnerable. And once he was down, he was going to be cold and that meant he had to go inside and either face Gerard or face the jocks in the Room Where They Ate. Neither appealed to him, but he slowly began to retrace his movements to climb down the tree in order to savour his last few moments alone.

Once on the ground, he felt the mild chill sink through his hoodie and felt it – New Jersey was warmer than this! And this was supposed to be one of the fucking sun states of America! Fucking joke. Still, he had to get indoors now, the sun was sinking faster and faster and stripping the sky of some of the colours he’d seen earlier. Only the last traces of pink and the dusky blue remained; the deep rich blue sprinkled with stars had claimed the rest of the sky. Frank trudged back up into the main courtyard and tried to keep his clear head so Gerard couldn’t piss him off. Although, being pissed off meant he could have an insight to the smirking boy’s head…

Frank skirted the common room, ignoring the jeers and names that were hurled his way, as well the glass ashtray someone had thought funny to throw at his head. He simply sent it off course a little with his telekinesis, and carried on walking through the hall with all the dorms. A couple was making out furiously, almost eating each other, outside of Dorm 5, and it made him want to puke. PDA was one thing; practically fucking her outside of the dorm was just gross. That and the fact the only person he wanted to that with was upstairs. They were also a guy, annoying as hell, and most probably straight. He could really pick them. He sighed and climbed the steps to Dorm 13 and pushed the door open.

Gerard was in the shower again, if the hissing noise of the shower was anything to go by, and Frank had the room to himself – a little at least. He knew Gerard coming out of the shower was a serious turn on; the way he had water sliding down his lightly toned pale chest, how his ebony hair became midnight as it stuck to his scalp; how fluid and relaxed he seemed after spending time under the jets of hot water. He needed a distraction. Glancing around the room, his eyes fell on his beloved guitar Pansy and he realized he hadn’t played since he got here. He quickly took the guitar out of its case and lovingly began to strum, his fingers dancing over the frets as he played the familiar chords. He was so caught up in playing that even Gerard walking past in just a towel again couldn’t distract him with any inconvenient thoughts. He also didn’t notice Gerard mouthing all the words to nearly all the songs he played.

Soon, the lack of sunlight meant Frank broke out of his musical bubble and realized how hungry he was. He carefully put Pansy on her stand, but when turning for the door remembered Gerard’s prank with the door earlier and decided to put her back in her case and lock it. The annoying boy himself wasn’t in the dorm – probably in the common room – but Frank couldn’t shake the feeling that Gerard was planning on making his life hell and wanted to make sure his most prized possession was safe from Gerard. He slipped down the stairs and wished (and not for the first time) that if he had to be cursed with a power that it wasn’t as utterly shit and temperamental as his. No one in the common room said anything, but they all followed his tracks through the room with their eyes and that was enough to make Frank feel nervous. Were they planning something? Or was he getting paranoid? The day’s events – Gerard’s little door joke and having food dumped on his head had made him a bit jittery. He kept going and after a few moments came to the Room Where They Ate, and found it empty of people.

At least, he thought it was deserted until he spotted Gerard in the corner; headphones in, food pushed aside slightly and bent over a book whilst delicately tracing a pencil over the books surface. Frank was surprised that Gerard was in here, he would of thought someone like Gerard – so used to luxury as well as his patronizing manner – would fit into the jeering group that spent all their time in the common room. But seeing him now, completely wrapped up in his own little world made Frank realize what he thought was different about Gerard first time he met him – Gerard was like him. Strip away the money difference and Gerard’s confidence and all you were left with was a pair of misfits that occupied their own bubble when they needed to escape. And whilst it didn’t totally endear Gerard to him – he still got mad when he thought of that door not being there – it made him realize that Gerard might not have the perfect life after all. His stomach growling reminded him why he was in here, and he quickly hurried to the serving hatch and scooped up the remnants of the vegetable lasagna before sitting in the opposite corner of the room with his back to Gerard and began to pick at the lukewarm food, forcing some down to satisfy his stomach. After eating half, he quickly walked over to the bin and scraped the left overs off, the screech of his cutlery scraping against the plate echoing around the hall and making Gerard look up and scowl. It was quickly replaced with his usual smirk as he lazily opened his mouth to call across the room:

“Am I that irresistible, Iero?” Frank rolled his eyes at the comment but felt himself go red. He didn’t turn to face Gerard right away – he knew it would make him look weak, but it was a better alternative to retorting with a red glow to his cheeks. Once he felt he was under control Frank slowly turned and faced Gerard who was still sitting there with that infuriating smirk on his face.

“Of course you are Gerard. I only came in here to stare at you, not to eat or anything”, Frank snapped, before walking briskly out of the room, Gerard’s low chuckle ringing in his ears. He stormed back through the common room; ignoring all the eyes that fell on him, and took the steps to his dorm two at a time before flopping on his bed and contemplating his stupid crush on, undoubtedly, one of the cockiest, patronizing, egotistical and gorgeous assholes he’d met in his life.

His alarm ringing through his ears woke Frank and he jolted off the bed in shock. He’s slept in his clothes and felt disorientated of his whereabouts, half expecting for a moment for his dark blue poster covered bedroom back home to be the sight in front of his tried eyes, but instead saw an off white dormitory that he happened to share with the smug boy in the bed next to his. Gerard was also awake and looking pretty pissy as well. Frank desperately wanted coffee, but had to go downstairs for it, something he didn’t have the energy to do right at this moment. A shower would have to do for the time being. As if Gerard had the same thoughts exactly, they both started for the bathroom at the same time before stopping to glare at each other, conveying a message of instant death and torture if the other tried to get to the bathroom first. Frank scowled at Gerard for a minute and then pounced on the door handle of the bathroom and quickly locked himself inside. The shower was short but still warm and it woke him up a little bit. A towel around his waist, he stepped out of the en suite, being careful of the fact Gerard might try throwing something at him for getting the shower first. The aforementioned was sitting on his bed, head in hands fighting to keep himself awake.

“Bathroom’s free” Frank said off handedly, wanting a little privacy to get changed in. Gerard glanced up at Frank, not that Frank saw having his back to Gerard, and gulped before vanishing into the bathroom.

Once Frank heard the door lock, he dropped the towel and quickly pulled on black ripped jeans and a Misfits t-shirt. He sat down heavily on his bed and that’s when he felt a familiar sensation creep through his head – lust. He realized it was too similar to the emotion he’d gotten a glimpse of yesterday morning and wondered whose emotion it was. It was probably one of the guys downstairs with their girlfriend in the dorms. But, thinking about it, they were a little too far away for him to catch, especially as this was just an emotion and not thoughts as well. That left… Gerard. A quiet, almost tiny moan from the bathroom (Frank knew if he’d been doing anything else than thinking he wouldn’t of heard it) backed up his theory as he realized that Gerard was jacking off in the bathroom right next to him and it took all of Franks willpower to pick up his iPod and drown out those breathy little moans still emitting from the bathroom. Of course, this is a problem he should of visualized – a dorm full of boys obviously meant that jacking off would be a common occurrence – but then, he hadn’t exactly thought about finding his roommate hot.

Another glance at the clock told Frank breakfast was ready to be served and he left the room abruptly, glad he wouldn’t have to explain to Gerard why he had his headphones in first thing in the morning. The Room Where They Ate was fairly empty at this time in the morning, most students coming in about half an hour later, so Frank didn’t have to deal with the threat of bullies dumping more food on his head. The thought of what Gerard would do – because he’d do something today, Frank didn’t doubt it – made him panic momentarily, but the thought of Gerard made him think back to those moans as well as the feeling of someone else’s lust crawling through his head and Frank’s thoughts briefly flickered towards what he’d do to Gerard. Dammit! It was going to be difficult to ignore the memory of those noises. But more to the point, what had sent Gerard over that edge? Jerking off was one thing – there was no emotion attached to the action that was strong enough to normally penetrate his head – but he felt pure and complete lust. The guy must be restraining himself or something, Frank thought, mentally shrugging as he went to fetch his breakfast.
Ooh! Why do you think Gerard seems to hate Frank so much? Acually, that's fairly obvious. But mybe that's cause I kinda have a rough idea why this is happening... Who knows what's going to hapen next? I don't actually, and I'm writing this. Not a great idea probably. Any suggestions are totally welcome and as if I like it, I'll see if it'll fit in with my over all plan...
Thanks to whoever rated the last couple of chapters, and a massive thank you to Heymimusic for leaving a longish reveiw on both chapters - they really keep me going! - as well as thanks to Elenora and patdfan01 for reveiwing :D
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