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Desert Song

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Killjoy Frerard one shot. We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith. Swelled up from the rain, clouds move like a wraith

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For once, after many days, months and years, the rain decided to fall, the rainclouds spilling their tears from unseen eyes above, their grey faces looking solemn and grim. As the drops hit the ground, the sandy and dusty scenery became one of mud and grime and it did cast a very crestfallen feeling of all who were observing it, everyone except the man who was sitting beside a window in an old, run-down diner.

His head was leaning against his hand which was pressed on the cold glass, the rain trickling down the pane and he stared at each little drip, fascinated, almost hypnotised by it all. His black hair fell neatly on his shoulders, his fringe hung low across his forehead and his chocolate brown orbs tired and dreary. He had been sitting here in the same position for the past hour, waiting and watching.

Then, out of the darkness that the clouds brought, he noticed black figures come forward from the gloom and the rain. He suddenly sat up; his hand rubbing furiously at the condensation his warm breath had created, and glanced at the approaching people, his hands flat out on the glass, creating small handprints. He squinted, trying to make out who it was and as they came closer, he saw that there were 3 who were coming and they were the 3 he had been waiting for.

He jumped up suddenly, nearly banging his head on a nearby shelf, grabbed his green vest jacket and pulled it on to keep his small body warm, snatched up his green raygun that lay beside the jacket and sprinted for the door. He flung it open and stood silent and still. The 3 figures ahead seemed to notice him and one of them raised a red, sleeved arm and waved. He waved back, a smiled creeping onto his face.

The figures picked up pace and, in about a minute, they were a stones throw away. He didn’t care for the rain anymore; he ran outside into the cold and wet, towards the 3 men and threw his arms around one of them.

“Ghoul, calm down!” Jet Star cried as he was nearly knocked down by him onto the dirty ground. “We’ve only been gone for 2 days!” Ghoul didn’t listen, his joy taking over his body bit by joyful bit. He hugged the red, jacketed man who grasped his shoulder hard. “Good to see you Ghoul” Kobra Kid said, slapping him on the back with a big grin.

Then, the final person turned to Fun Ghoul and spread his arms wide, his hazel-green eyes wide with happiness, his red hair dripping water and his blue jacket drenched.

Fun Ghoul squealed and literally launched himself into his arms, the other man spinning him around like a little child, laughing. “Party!” Ghoul cried, his feet hitting the ground and his now cold arms embracing the man in front of him “I missed you so much!”

Party Poison smiled down at the younger man and said “I missed you too Ghoul”, hugging him tightly to his chest. “Did you do it?” Ghoul asked, his head tilting to the side a little but still smiling. Party looked at Jet, who looked at Kobra and back. “We’ll tell you inside” Party said eventually. Ghoul could see it, in Party’s eyes and in Kobra’s and Jet’s expressions, all was not well.

Once inside, the killjoys all sat around a beaten-down wooden table, most of them shivering from the rain, Ghoul for one was looked around at each face which was, just like the clouds, crestfallen and worried. “So, what’s going on?” Ghoul asked the 3 killjoys. Once again, they looked at each other, as if silently wondering who would tell Fun Ghoul the news. Eventually, Party spoke

“We went to Battery City as we told you. We met up with another band of 5 killjoys called the Neon Squad who were hiding out on the outskirts of the city. So, like we planned, we went into BLI and went full on with rayguns and grenades. All was going to plan, until “he” showed up. Korse came into the fight with a bunch of other Dracs and...”

Party stopped and looked at each face “He killed every single killjoy in Neon Squad. He shot them all dead, Crash Nightmare, Heartless Avenger, Supersonic Mercury, Phantom Slash and their leader, Vengeful Scout. Before she was killed, Scout told us to run and her team would stop them coming after us. As soon as we ran out of those doors...she was shot”

Party looked and put his hands to his head, pulling at his hair in utter stress and
frustration. Ghoul shifted next to him and touched his shoulder. Party looked up at the touch to see Ghoul had sadness in his eyes. Party reached out and took Ghouls hand in his. “If we had of stayed, those 5 may not be dead...” he muttered, cursing himself and gripping his red locks.

Ghoul gently caressed Party’s cheek with his other hand and turned him round to they faced each other. “Don’t say that Party. You did all you could” Ghoul whispered, kissing the top of Party’s forehead. Party closed his eyes as the connection and felt the corners of his mouth twitch.

Kobra and Jet stood up, both of them looking still quite sad looking but smiling all the same. “We’ll leave you two alone if you want” Kobra said quietly before he and Jet left the room, shutting the door, which was half coming off the hinges, tight shut.

More silence fell onto them and they sat inside it, just enjoying each others company, enjoying seeing the face they both loved. Party then grabbed Ghoul’s jaw and pulled him into a kiss, full of passion and love. Ghoul kissed back furiously, feeling the fire spark and the fireworks go off. Then, shockingly, Party really did hear a firework go off. No...Not a firework...

Something worse...

The door blasted against the wall and a white-faced Kobra was standing in the doorway, breathing heavily and his face full of fright. “Party! Ghoul! They are coming!” he screamed, then, raygun clutched in his sweaty hand, disappeared into the hall and out of sight.

Party and Ghoul jumped up, rayguns at the ready and adrenalin pumping through them. Party looked down at Ghoul’s face which was full of determination. “Ghoul, you’re staying in here” he said quickly and, like his brother, he ran to the door into the corridor. Ghoul ran after him, grabbing his sleeve and spinning him around.

“Party, do you really think I am going to let you go out there while I have to sit here and watch you?” Ghoul cried “Do you really think that I want to watch you fight or get hurt without being there to help you?”

Party gritted his teeth, his eyes closing a little “I don’t want you hurt Frank” he said finally, using his real name for the first time in years “I couldn’t stand it if you got injured”

Ghoul shaking his head and hugged his lover gently “I’ll be okay, Gerard” he whispered, snuggling into his shoulder. “Let’s go and get rid of Korse once and for all”

Party nodded and lifted his yellow raygun up to eye-level “Together?” he asked. Ghoul copied with his green gun “Together” he replied and they ran out of the diner.

They ran into a war scene. All around were shouts and cried from killjoy and drac alike, gunshots were echoing around the rain – filled atmosphere and they could see Jet and Kobra fighting through them all, shooting in every direction and yelling battle cries. Over half of the dracs lay dead but there were more, much more.

Party and Ghoul loaded their guns and fired simultaneously, both of their shots hitting 2 dracs straight in the back. They cried out and hit the ground with a sickening thump. They both ran into the battle, hand in hand, fighting each and every BLI slave with no mercy or sympathy. Many of the dracs were dead now, only about 10 remained but something was not right.

Suddenly, Party heard over the din, Kobra’s voice, louder than any of the cries and screams of every drac.

“It’s him!”

Party and Ghoul looked through the bodies of Dracs, still shooting them left, right and centre, and saw indeed that “he” had come to fight. As the final Drac crumpled at Party feet, he saw his walked slowly and tauntingly towards them, smirking evilly.

Kobra held up his gun about to fire when Party held his arm out “Kobra, this is going to be between me and him” he said simply. Kobra stared at his brother with worry and fear in his eyes. “You, Jet and Ghoul go back inside the diner. I’ll be fine” Kobra nodded and Jet and he ran about a couple of paces, before Kobra turned his eyes now full of dark rain.

Party walked over to his brother and hugged him tightly, Kobra sobbing into his shoulder “Don’t worry Mikey, I will be fine” Party whispered before pushing him forward and letting Kobra run along with Jet out of harms way.

Now it was just he and Ghoul who remained, Ghoul unmoving, disobeying Party’s order. But instead of scolding him, Party just nodded, taking Ghoul’s hand and faced Korse. The evil man stood a few yards away, chuckling quietly.

“Party Poison” Korse called mockingly “and dear Fun Ghoul” he indicated Ghoul “How good to see you” Party spat into the wet sand and gave Korse a look full of anger. “Dear, dear” Korse said, smiling “I guess we will have to teach you a lesson” and he drew his raygun in a sharp motion and Party raised his own, Ghoul tensed his body.

Both guns fired.

Silence filled the whole desert; nothing could interrupt the quiet that came. The only sounds were the sounds of the cold rain falling to the damp ground. Party and Korse looked each other in the eyes, before Korse fell forwards, chest and head falling, it seemed, in slow motion and lay still. Party’s breathing was heavy, his heart-rate going mad.

Ghoul stood next to Party, clutching his arm and shivering. Party had done it, killed the man, the BLI leader Korse. Party turned from the body, taking Ghoul’s hand and leading him back to the diner to Kobra and Jet. Then, they heard a sound, a clicking, and they whipped round to see Korse his body weeping blood but gun raised and, before his body slumped forward, he pulled the trigger.




The world froze, everything came to a standstill. Even each heart that could see this scene, even every heart around the world stopped beating; the clocks stopped ticking, the pendulum, cutting the final string of a life halted, Even the coming rain seemed to falter.

Party opened his eyes, which were cold and dead, and looked at Ghoul who stood in front of him. Ghoul breathed in a sharp intake of breath. Then his body fell forwards.

As he fell, he landed in Party’s open arms. “Ghoul” Party cried, looking at his lovers face, his eyes were close, his face peaceful and angelic. Party lifted Ghoul’s body into his lap and felt a substance on his hands and glancing at it, with a surge of horror, saw that it was blood.

Ghoul’s breathing was shallow and weak. “Ge...Gerard” Ghoul whispered, his eyes opening revealing those brown eyes. Party looked at Ghoul; his eyes were filling with tears.

“Fr...Frank” Party sobbed “Why Frank? Why?”

Ghoul smiled weakly at Party. “I couldn’t bear to see you hurt Gee...” he whispered, his eyes flickering. “Frank... please don’t leave me” Party said quietly, his gloved hand holding the side of Ghoul’s face, the blood on his chest splattering a little on his jacket. “You’re my everything Frank, I can’t live without you. Please don’t go!” he cried.

Ghoul looked into Party’s eyes “I’ll be okay Gerard” he whispered “I’ll be with you always, in here” he lifted a weak hand, placing it over Party’s heart.

“Gee...” Ghoul muttered “I want to...I want to kiss you one more time...”

Party’s tears were falling fast now, his heart breaking. He slowly lifted Ghoul’s face up to his, his lips parted slightly. Then, as their lips were an inch apart, Ghoul’s head slumped and his body went limp. Party shook violently, staring at the lifeless body, his sorrow washing over him.

Party was alone, left in the desert with the rain falling around him.
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