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It was one of those typically geeky nights, flannel pyjamas, cookie dough ice cream and Mario... ( frikey oneshot) now with pod fic by xXLaylaxX

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4Ambiance -dudes check this out, it's awesome
Thank you so much Layla!

It was one of those typically geeky nights; flannel pyjamas, cookie dough ice cream and Mario.

One boy, the taller of the two, curled up neatly under a navy blue blanket glasses hanging just onto the end of his nose, has just saved Peach in record time. He grins over at the shorter boy who is sprawled lazily on the floor top off and discarded somewhere in the small stuffy living room. He has long since given up on the game claiming it’s stupid and therefor not worth his time; he wants to do something else but he wont ask until his friend is done.

He stirs the now melted and cookie dough free cookie dough ice cream and lets out a melodramatic sigh.

His friend looks over one eyebrow cocked slightly though it’s hidden by his precariously straitened mousy brown hair. “What Frank?”

“Nothing” Frank; the smaller boy, says with a pout letting his miniature Mohawk flop over his left eye.

“Are you honestly board again?” The mousy haired boy asks with a sigh.

His tone would seem harsh except Frank has gotten board of everything they had tried to entertain themselves with tonight. Frank does some sort of flip that lands him upside down feet shamelessly in the air and head against the rough carpet

“Mikeeeeeyyy” He moans.

And Mikey lets out another defeated sigh, “What do you want to do Frank?”

Frank thinks for a second before shrugging, having forgotten that being upside down makes shrugging impossible, and so his feet flop over his head leaving him in a most uncomfortable position. There’s a silence between the two for a few moments filled only by the sound of the Mario menu music but it’s soon shattered by Mikey leaping through the air somewhat gracefully and landing with a thump on top of his short red-eye-liner-wearing friend of five years.

They both breathe heavily staring each other down until Frank realises what Mikey’s about to do.

With a sharp and rather high yelp from Frank the two boys begin rolling around the floor as Mikey’s fingers tickle mercilessly at Frank’s neck, his armpits and his stomach. Frank screams and kicks but it’s no use he’s always had the upper body strength of a hamster on dope and Mikey, well even though his arms may look like they belong to a stick insect, he’s tougher than even some of the meanest jocks at school.

Mikey continues to tickle the pleading and squirming Frank below him laughing manically at his friend’s feeble attempts to escape.

“Had enough Frankie?” He asks with a smirk.

Fingers digging in slightly to Frank’s ribs. Frank narrows his eyes and attempts to set his face in steel but a small noise escapes from his lips as Mikey finds his most dangerous tickle spot

“AHHH MIKEY GEDDOFF OF ME Help! Help! Someone! Anyone!” Frank screeches kicking and flailing about with his little arms and legs.

He swears he will have a growth spurt soon but at the age of 17 it looks highly unlikely.

An agonising minute later Mikey begins to draw back fire, wicked grin still etched onto his face.

“I hate you.” Frank grumbles and there’s a moment of quiet filled only by the sounds of Mikey’s sniggers and the upbeat sounds of Mario in the background.

The two stair at each other intensely; Frank still frowning, Mikey with a slight smile on his lips. They stay like this for what would be considered an uncomfortable amount of time only breaking when an unwanted guest makes an appearance in the doorway.

Stunning in black and porcelain stands Mikey’s older brother, Gerard. He leans easily against the frame, hair falling lazily over his smug face in raven locks of silk. He smiles an infuriating smile, similar to the one Mikey was wearing mere seconds ago.

“I knew it!” He says and Mikey scrambles to get off of the topless Frank “I told you it would only be a matter of time!”

Gerard directs his preppy words towards his bewildered little brother who now looks as red as a tomato.

“It’s not what you think” Mikey tries to explain but his midnight haired lunatic of a Goth brother wont have any of it.

“I told him Frank, I knew it! And now you feel the same way”

Gerard makes a sound of pure bliss and wonders away dizzily to find someone else’s life to ruin. Leaving Mikey and Frank to sit in what must be the most awkward silence to plague the planet yet.

After a few minutes Frank raises his head from his hands, a confused and questioning look on his face, he’s about to speak but he doesn’t have to since Mikey already knows.

“Yes, that did just happen” He says only now looking towards his startled best friend.

“And he thinks..”


“And what do you think?”

“I don’t know” Mikey finishes the half worded conversation with a sigh and the tipping back of his head and Frank hunches his shoulders further so that he’s folded completely into himself.

“I’m bi you know” He says after a moment looking back over to his dorky friend who seems to have found great interest on the ceiling.

“I know,” Mikey replies seemingly unfazed as Frank turns towards him.

“We could try” He says and his voice is but a whisper so Mikey turns too, you know so he can hear his tanned, topless, hazel-eyed, miniature friend.

“We could” He agrees and Frank reaches out carefully to cup the side of Mikey’s face.

It’s all becoming a little intense.

“Shall we then?” Frank asks heavy eyes held steadily on Mikey’s glass shielded ones

“Go on then” Mikey’s voice is impassive but Frank doesn’t need telling twice.

He leans in to catch Mikey’s chapped lips against his own closing his eyes as he makes contact. Mikey puckers and pushes against Frank’s full, bowed lips and thinks of how it’s more like kissing a girl. Frank is more patient and his lips aren’t soggy from spit or boos. However even with both boys going slowly the kiss doesn’t last long and they pull away from each other tenderly.

“That was weird”

Frank notes and Mikey can’t help but agree, that was most defiantly weird.

“Just friends?” Mikey asks and Frank nods before curling up in Mikey’s earlier discarded blanket.

Mikey pulls down a space clad sleeping bag from somewhere and climbs inside, the two fall asleep to the sound of Mario each thinking similar thoughts of what’s for breakfast tomorrow? We should probably turn the TV off and finally; most defiantly not just friends.

Because Gerard was right.

Wow. I wrote this like a year ago when i still shipped Frikey. I sort of hate 14 year old me.
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