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14- Giving Up On Everything Because You Messed Me Up

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Hayley finds herself propositioned with an offer for a new life as she's running from her current one.

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She Doesn't Deserve To Be In A Place Like This.


Hayley's feet ached as she stumbled once again, having gotten herself lost. It was late. Kyla had dragged her to a party in an unfamiliar place and upon becoming uncomfortable Hayley had decided to leave... finding herself in another unfamiliar area. She had already called Frank and given him as much as information as she could, now she was desperately hoping he would find her as she looked for more defining features around her. The battery on her cell phone was low though so she had decided to hang up on Frank, instead of staying on the phone with him.

The wind blew a can across the street and Hayley jumped in fright, not liking being outside in a place she didn't know at night, alone. As a car drove past Hayley lifted her eyes, instantly feeling calmer as she realized it was Frank. He pulled over and jumped out, a look of worry across his face. "Parker! What the fuck are you doing out here?" He asked, rushing to her side as he took in her appearance. He wasn't impressed. Not at all. Hayley had just started dating him and he was older, cooler... It made her nervous sometimes. Here she was, younger... dressing up to go to some stupid high school party that her best friend had talked her in to. "And what are you wearing?" Frank asked, wrinkling his nose in disgust as he pulled his sweatshirt off and pulled it over Hayley since she was shivering.

"I-... remember Kyla? She dressed me. It was supposed to be some big fun party and since you were busy with your friends I decided to go with her and it just wasn't my thing... I tried to make my way home. Turns out there aren't any buses out here so I got kind of stuck and very lost." Hayley mumbled, cheeks brightening.

Frank nodded as they got in to his car, "This is a dangerous area of town Parker. I don't ever want to see you out here again." He sighed, "Look, I don't mean to be an asshole... You're just so beautiful and so fucking special to me. I don't want something bad to happen to you and this place? Yeah this is where bad things happen." He informed Hayley.

Hayley nodded, "Thank you for coming to get me." She mumbled, inhaling his scent that lingered on his sweatshirt.

"Anytime babe." Frank replied, smiling at her as he started driving them to his apartment.


It took Hayley an hour to get to the 'bad side' of town that Frank had once upon a time warned her about. It didn't help that she was exhausted and her feet hurt. She hadn't expected a long walk and kept stopping to sit for a few minutes on the side of the road. She saw a sign for a motel and approached it, completely grateful that Alex had brought her a bag with clothes and her wallet in it. She would be set for an entire two days... but it gave her time to think a few things over.

Just as Hayley started walking in to the motel parking lot an older looking lady with tons of make up on approached her, "This territory is taken newbie." She said, glaring at Hayley in disgust.

Hayley approached her apprehensively, "Um, can you just tell me where the office is? I'm just looking to get a motel room for a night or so. I- I don't think I'll be any problem to you." She didn't quite understand what the woman meant by saying it was her territory... Hayley had been fairly sheltered in her life.

"Damn girl, what the hell happened?" The woman asked, stepping closer as she noticed Hayley's battered appearance. Her voice softened, "Honey, did your last man do this to you?"

Hayley numbly nodded, not aware that the woman had mistaken her for a prostitute. Frank had been her 'last man' just not in the way the prostitute assumed. "I just want to get myself a motel room." Hayley whispered, embarrassed by this stranger simply because she had noticed her bruises.

"I'm Star." The woman said, gesturing towards the side of the building. "The office is over there. Beware though, the old man is a creep. He sees a pro alone and he'll try to give you some wacky proposition. It's never worth it. Believe me I found out and he's way rougher than that." She said, gesturing towards Hayley's face.

"Hi Star... I'm Hayley and I-I don't understand. Why would he proposition me? What for?" Hayley was completely confused.

Star was confused as well until her face broke in to a grin and she shook her head, "Shit, you aren't a pro... You're a runaway, aren't you?" Realization dawned on her face. "No wonder you're so nervous out here."

Hayley was slightly annoyed by this, "I'm not really a runaway. I'm over 18. Technically I'm just taking time to myself." Then she took in Star's appearance and her mouth fell open slightly. "Oh god... pro, you mean prostitute!" She said, surprised.

Star laughed, the sound was hard coming from the woman's mouth. Hayley could tell she had been through a lot. "Come on... I'll take you in to meet Jason."

Hayley nodded and followed Star, somewhat insulted that the woman had taken her for a prostitute. The office was noticeably warmer, causing Hayley to long for a warm bed. As she looked behind the counter she noticed that the man wasn't really all that old. He looked as if he could possibly be in his mid-twenties. Star's face lit up, "Jeremy! I didn't know you were working tonight." She instantly turned on the brightest smile Hayley had ever encountered. So, Jason the creepy guy wasn't here... That was good. The look that Jeremy gave them made goosebumps run over Hayley's skin though and she wondered if that was such a good thing. This younger man didn't exactly seem to be lacking creepiness.

"What can I do for you ladies? I didn't know you were back to women again Star." Jeremy said, his eyes twinkling.

Star giggled, "You know I go either way Jeremy... but no, this little one isn't with me. She's getting herself a room."

Hayley shifted uncomfortably as she went through her pocket, pulling out her wallet. "How much?" She asked softly.

Jeremy's stare on her intensified, "Who fucked up your face?" He asked, after a few moments.

Hayley sighed. Did she really have to talk about this with total strangers? "My ex-boyfriend was high."

Star gasped, "That fucking bastard!" Then she proceeded to wrap Hayley in a hug, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry."

Jeremy even looked a little saddened like this. "We're like family here." He mumbled, coming around the counter. Soon enough Hayley was being hugged by both of them, only slightly grateful when they let go and stepped away. Jeremy fished for a key and handed it to Hayley, "Tonight is free."

Hayley was shocked, "Um... thank you so much."

Jeremy just nodded then turned to Star, "Are you showing her the ropes?"

Star looked as if she had been filled with happiness with that question and as she turned back to face Hayley she said, "Girl... tomorrow night I'll show you things you probably knew nothing about. You're so innocent. It's cute." As Hayley watched her face she realized that Star was actually really pretty she just looked quite... worn and the make up didn't help.

"Star, I- I'm not a prostitute... That's not what I came here for." Hayley said, nervously.

Star smiled, "Come on. I'll walk you to your room."

Hayley simply followed her out of the door, becoming even more nervous with each passing second. Star spoke up again, "You love him, don't you?"

Hayley's heart caught in her throat as she nodded. "He didn't mean to hurt me. He was high and drunk and..." Hayley trailed off, realizing that she was sounding like an idiot.

Star nodded, "Let me tell you little girl... I was in an abusive relationship for ten years. He was everywhere I went, like a fucking cloud that continued to rain on me. I thought, you know... He didn't mean it, he would never do it again... even after we broke up it didn't stop, he never stopped. He went to rehab. He said he was better. He wasn't better. The more bruises I got the more I thought he loved me until without the abuse I didn't feel loved anymore. That shit re-wires you. This may not seem like the most preferred lifestyle but... do you want him plaguing the rest of your life?"

Hayley thought over Star's words, horrified until finally she caved slightly. "I- I'll go out with you tomorrow night but I- I don't know if... I don't think I could sleep with a guy for money." Hayley didn't want that for herself. Hayley didn't want that for anyone.

Star just smiled, nodding as if she already knew that Hayley would give in by tomorrow night. "I'll be here at nine. I'll show you a new world."

Hayley unlocked her motel room, worms stringing themselves together inside of her stomach until there was a tight ball that she couldn't get rid of. A prostitute? Sleeping with guys for money? She was a fucking college student! She... she didn't do that.

So, why did it sound like such an easy way out at the moment?
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