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Chapter 2: Oh these violent delights.

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Find me, bleeding, kiss the scars of my past.

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Chapter 2: Live and breathe and die for you.

Bursting droplets cascaded down and down to the ground, piercing the cold concrete with violent vigour. The heavens were tearing down, falling deeper and deeper through the misery of the Ozone, travelling miles and miles until the heavy tears exploded into thousands of watery shards. It was as if thousands of soldiers marched and marched and fired their guns in time with each clattering rain drop.

Frank was hunched, slouching through the rain and wind to get to the park; his and Violet's usual place to meet up.

Violet was his best friend - God knows why - and although she was a little aggressive and sarcastic, Frank loved her. He supposed, on the one hand, he was just as sarcastic and, well, moody and a little violent. He supposed, with her, he fit right in.

Frank kept his head down low, bruises hidden from the bleak and barren world, as every raindrop that fell felt like hammers slapping his pale skin. He glanced up occasionally, staring up and out at the veil of white and indigo pummeling tears falling from the blackening, frowning clouds, the concrete beneath his Converse like ice.

The next time he looked up, he found himself face-to-face with the small, creaking gate of the park and he carefully pushed it open, frosty fingers stiff under the barrier of his hoodie. The crisp air ripped at his skin and clawed at his clothes as Frank, shoving his hands in his pockets, let the door slam closed behind him and quickly skulked, shoulders hunched up, over to the large oak tree ahead of him.

It towered over him, leaves fighting against the bitter wind and acidic rain, thick trunk glossy and slick with water. The leaves rustled, shouted, rebelling against the strength of the tumbling weather as a torrent of thunderous slaps pelted themselves at Frank, who ran under the shelter of the canopy of large branches and collapsed to the ground, hood hiding his head.

No longer had he been sitting there alone than it took for Violet to show up, soaking, and sit next to him, smirking.

"Alright, Frankie boy? And how are we enjoying this beautiful ebony day?!" she asked, her British accent shining through the miserable weather and breaking the barrier of tumbling rain.

Frank looked to her, a small grin playing on his lips.

Her thick, dark purple hair fell just to her chin in choppy layers, a jagged side fringe covering one of her round, brown eyes, white skin clear, smile bright. Her eyes were outlined with black eyeliner and she wore nothing except the mischievous smirk that she always sported. Her Slipknot hoodie was a size too big on her, though it kept her dry as she adjusted the hood on her head.

Nevertheless, despite Violet's accent and analysis of the weather, Frank's reply was a grumbled, "Shit."

Violet frowned, pulling a Mars bar from her pocket and ripping it open. "Was it that bitch Demetrius again?" she asked. "You know, all you need to do is ask and I'll cut off his 'member'," she raised a hand and indicated speech marks, "with a pair of blunt scissors."

Frank grinned cheekily and watched her fiddle with the Mars bar's wrappings. "If you do, put ice on it and send it do his Mum," he laughed.

Violent feigned a cringe, picked off some of the chocolate from her Mars, and flicked it at Frank's face. "Okay, but you're man-handling it," she sniggered.

Frank made a face of disgust. "What?! Demetrius' penis?! Why would I man-handle it?!"

Violet shoved him playfully and watched as he fell to the ground with a small thump. "Because I'm not the one that likes men, remember?"

Frank sat back up, brushed himself off, and blushed.

True, Frank Iero was gay. And Violet was, too; a lesbian.

So, yes, he'd be the one man-handling the penis.

"Shut up," he mumbled, hiding under his hood. He glanced up at his best friend, who was lustfully chomping on her Mars Bar, and smiled coyly as she met his gaze.

"Make me," she smirked as she swallowed down her mouthful.

So, quick as lightning, Frank jerked up his hand and sent Violet's Mars Bar flying through the veil of rain and wind, which had somewhat calmed down, and landed with a splash in a puddle of murky, muddy water.

"How DARE you!" she exclaimed, eyes wide as she stared at the puddle, mouth opening and closing like a fish.

See, the thing about Violet was, she ate like she was 100 stone. And Mars Bars were her babies.

"Well, that's what you get!" Frank laughed.

But, Frank, coincidentally, suffered the same fate as Violet, once again, shoved him to the floor and he received a face full of mud and rain. He sat up quickly, spluttering and cringing, wiping away the pasty mud from his face.

Violet was in hysterics; her laughter was thick and wild and crazy, alive with her merriment.

"Thanks, Violent," Frank mumbled, wiping the mud away with the sleeve of his hoodie.

Violet's laughter died immediately as she jerked her head to Frank and scowled. "Did you just purposely call me 'Violent'?"

Frank went to reply, but before he could, a think, melodic voice got there first. "Well, I don't see why," the voice laughed. "You're very beautiful."

Frank looked down to his fingers, biting his lip. He never really knew what to say in new social situations, but this was.. well, this was awkward for him. A stranger was flirting with his best friend right here, right now, in the rain, whilst he had mud smeared all over the right side of his chin and right cheek.

Violet, though, looked up and smiled. "I'm a lesbian," she said, fake smile still plastered on, before she looked back to Frank and shoved him. "Frank, you know they call me that because-"

"A lesbian, eh?" The deep voice interrupted. "Well don't worry. I'm not a homophobe."

Violet sighed irritably. "No, but you're sure to be in pain if you don't get the fuck outta here right now and leave us the fuck alone."

"Us?" The boy raised his eyebrows and glanced at the hunched figure of Frank. "Oh right, the gay one."

Frank's head snapped up and he glared poisonous daggers to the male. Or, he intended to. Instead his eyes widened and his jaw dropped open slightly as he stared lustfully up at him.

The boy had charcoal hair which swept to his shoulders in locks, with bright, amused hazel eyes that were like the sun breaking through dark clouds. His skin was pale, like a vampire's, and his lips were soft and pink, pinned up into a small, seductive smirk. He was tall, wearing a Madonna teeshirt, black, tight skinny jeans which, in Frank's opinion, weren't tight enough, an old leather jacket, a black hoodie, the hood hooked over his head, and some battered Dr. Martens, worn with age.

"H-How long have you been here?!" Frank squeaked, his hazel eyes still alight and wide with lust.

The boy laughed slightly, his chuckles buttery and smooth. It was only a small laugh, like a manly giggle, but it was so captivating and alluring that Frank wanted to jump on the not-so-poor soul right then and there.

But his next few words stopped him.

"Frank, don't you remember me?" he laughed.

Frank's mouth went dry, body turning rigid as he glanced slightly and Violet who had been watching the exchange with a small, amused smile.

Of course she knew Frank liked him. Heck, Frank would've bet even he knew.

But, right then and there, Frank pleaded to all that was merciful that this beautiful, attractive male in front of him wasn't Gerard. He begged for it to be Noddy or someone that he used to watch when he was 2.

But he had no such luck.

"It's me, Gerard," the not-so-poor soul grinned.

Frank simply stared at him with horrified awe.

Gerard put a hand to his chest and feigned a look of hurt. "What?" he pouted. "No welcome hug?"

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