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God, I am such a story whore atm.

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I never quite give up, do I?

So. It's a Saturday night, my rents are out, my sister is tied up in the next room as she begs and pleads for her life (haha) and my cat is sitting in my lap. My friends have either cancelled all our plans to meet up or they're abroad or they've been killed or something like that. I just had an idea to write this and I'm just in my Mafia bubble and here's my lil sparker of an idea.

Okay: prison Frerard.

Cliche, cliche, I know, but listen up: It's the fifties. Frank's father is the priest at Sing Sing. (For those not in the know, a big-ass maximum security prison in NYC.) He's grown up in like a sheltered Catholic home and his priest dad beats his mom and basically he isn't a happy bunny. He's about fifteen/sixteen in this. One day his dad finds him doing the deed with a dude and decides to throw him in prison to teach him a little lesson. Meanwhile...

...Sing Sing is a corrupt, wild prison. Wardens retreat to their offices and don't dare fuck around with Gerard Way who is (what else in my stories) a mobster who was caught by the cops and now resides as Don/boss of the prison gangs. He has a buncha boyfriends but then once our dear little Frankie pops into the picture he falls straight for the kid?

Basically ANOTHER fucking Mafia fic. Except this time in prison. And Gerard's not as smart. (Then again I don't think anyone is quite as intelligent as Don de la Via.) And shit like that.

Whatever ye guys say even if it's 'FUCK NO I FUCKING HATE THE MAFIA YOU TWAT GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME' I've written some of it already. It's called 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol.'

Yes. I am that big of a nerd.

Expect it after VH is finished, which is not too long, do not fear.

xo lornaigh
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