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The Hangover doesn't seem to end

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Gerard wakes up in Franks living room :)

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Hey cool kids! My second update of the day kinda! It's past midnight! Oops! :) I've decided that i will be updating my stories every Monday, Friday and Sunday from now on! Just to balance out revision and homework a little better! Sorry if this is inconvenient for anyone! :)

Gerards POV
Ouch. My head is pounding. Where am i? We don't have patterned walls at home. Where's Mikey and Mom gone? Am i dead?

Suddenly i am shaken and met by a panicked and panting face inches away from mine. Frankie. I recognise him now my vision is clearer and less blurred. " You were drunk last night, i let you stay here. Mom and Dad aren't best pleasd but they've gone to work and left us both here for the day." He's very matter of fact and stern this morning. He's acting as though he's my father and i've shamed the family in a dreadful way such as murdering a nun or robbing a zoo monkey or.... eating Kangaroo penis! Doing something unforgivable anyway.

"Why did you get drunk? Why did you go after someone else?" His voice suddenly is soft again and is shaking like a rickety bridge in the amazonian forest. He looks at me, those dark pools of beauty entrancing me again, yet seeing them so full of pain makes my chest pang with shards of pure shame and guilt. How could I hurt him like that? The way those kids at school did just a few days before. I didn't need to ask what i'd screwed up this time. I remembered that part vividly. Bob warning me, that cheap girl i kept comparing to the beauty before me. The riot squad, the stumbling running to this place. The loving hands that lay my throbbing head on these cushions.

"Frankie, you don't want me. That's why i did it. I needed to drown my sorrows, i needed cheap easy sex and i saw the oppourtunity to get both and i took it without thinking. I'm sorry for showing up here in that state and i hope we can still be friends." I say, looking at the ground because i know i would never be friends with someone who'd done this to me.
" No Gerard." He said softly and i stood up, planning to leave before the tears could leave my eyes. A small hand grabs my wrist and pulls me down with force. His calloused fingers lift my chin and we're nose to nose. " Me and my Parents were talking. I need to be happy now Gee. And you can make me feel that way. My parents are shocked that it's this way because we've gone to church ever since i was born. The way it is, is that it's you i like. It's you i want." He says and i can't move a muscle.

After what feels like a century of staring contently at one another he begins to grow flustered. " Oh, i'm sorry. You don't feel the same. It's fine Gee. Honest, I shouldn't have-"
And i cut him off by taking his face in my hands and kissing him softly to begin with. He's taken by surprise but before long is deepening our kiss and is embracing me. His hands in my hair and my arms wrapped around his waist, never wanting to let go of this wonderful person i've grown to love more and more each day.

Eventually, we have to break apart for air and he softly pecks my lips and we rest our foreheads against eachothers.
" That was all i've wanted for so long." He breathed.
" That was all i wanted. And so much more." I replied hugging him tighter and kissing his soft, matted hair.
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