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1-Cissa's Had Enough

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AB/HP Crossover. Post KD & Post OOTP. Draco has been given his task by Voldemort and is left little choice until Narcissa pulls in a family favor.

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Chapter 1: Cissa's Had Enough

It was something out of a beautiful portrait. A woman who happens to be the epitome of beauty sits in her parlor watching the garden from out the window. It was the garden that never needed tending, the garden that never dies, a garden that is eternally beautiful. A woman and her garden, looking as tranquil as possible regardless of the fact that her thoughts were anything but. Any other woman would be pacing the floors and biting her nails. Or down on their knees praying to some higher entity to bring him back safe and sound. But she is not any woman. She is Narcissa Malfoy, but first was Narcissa Black and neither of those families tolerated that type of behavior and it earned them the callous cold status that goes along with pureblood families. However, her performances were not solely for the benefit of her family; it was for herself. Despite what the public thought and despite what her husband thought, she loved her son more than anything in the world and the fact that he was with that snake faced bastard because of something her piece of a husband did didn't sit well with her at all.

How dare they drag him into this? He's only sixteen years old. He should be worried about girls, brooms, and what he wants to do with his life. It shouldn't be chosen for him, just like it shouldn't have been chosen for me or Luc-

Narcissa was jarred from her thoughts when she heard the last piece of light in her life walk through the door. Not knowing what to expect when she turned around, she braced herself mentally by putting on a mask to keep herself from breaking emotionally while making sure it would be clear that she is here for him. When she faced him, she was relieved to see that he was okay for the most part until she got to his eyes. The eyes that were Lucius's, but not. The eyes she remembers being a kaleidoscope of blue and gray before finally settling on gray being filled with happiness and mirth. Now they were flickering between blank and broken. He was trying to mask from her and that in itself told her that it must be really bad. So she decided to break the silence first. "What happened Draco?"

He took one long look at her; it was almost as if he was trying to memorize every single detail of her image. Taking a breath, he finally spoke. "Everything and nothing. He went on for 15 minutes about how much a disappointment father had been to get himself locked up and how I should rid my family name of this shame. He gave me some choices and spoke of them like they were as something simple as a Scougify spell."

She noticed towards the end of his statement his voice took on a slightly distressed tone. She knew these "choices" weren't really choices. "What does he want you to do?" She asked as she walked towards him.

Again he looked at her as if she'd disappear any minute and it broke her heart. "Draco. What is it?" Said again trying to get his attention.

After fighting with his expression for what seemed like eons, he yielded to a look of brokenness and distress. "He wants me to kill Dumbledore and if I don't, he will kill you and father."

Without any thought, she wrapped her arms around her baby. With him being almost a foot taller, he towered over her as he wrapped his arms around her cradling her head into his chest and taking in her smell. They held each other in the silence giving Narcissa time to think there is no place she would rather be. She knew there was no way Draco would be able to kill Dumbledore and even if he could, both still would have reservations. Draco is not much of a killer and neither is she despite pressuring from Lucius and Bella.

Maybe he should of married her instead of me. Crazy Bitch! God damn you Lucius! Abraxas won. You weak bas-.

"Mum-" She was cut out of her thoughts when she saw a pair of grays looking at her uncertainly. That was when she noticed she was slightly shaking. She smiled at him remembering that she hadn't seen that type of look on Lucius's face since their wedding day. That was reassurance for the future. But it also gave her hope. Draco could and would be a different man from his father and grandfather if he escaped now.

However, being that different man also heightened his chances of being killed. She knew Draco was an excellent dueler, but it was useless if he is possibly going up against the men who taught him everything he knew. But his life would be gone the minute he yields to Voldemort anyway. She finally understood the meaning of the muggle phrase, 'Stuck between a rock and a hard place.' She remembered her pseudo-philosophical debates with Alex.

Alex! How could I forget about him. It's almost time for me to write him anyway. The machinations that were a Slytherin mind started working. She was so deep into her planning that she didn't know that Draco was almost screaming at her to get her attention. "Mum! Mother! Are you okay?"

"Better than I've been in awhile." She replied with a smirk. Of course she noticed her son was taken aback by the smirk donning her face. Cupping his cheek in her hand, she gave Draco a full smile that caused Draco to smile back uncertainly, "Everything's going to be okay. Just trust me. We have a lot of talking to do." She gestured for him to follow her into the study.

Almost twenty years of complacency Cissa and this is what it takes. Better late than never. Damn you Voldemort! You might have took my family. You might have took my husband, but you will not take my son!
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