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My Innocent Romance

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My Chemical Romance Frerard fanfic.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012-01-05 - Updated: 2012-01-05 - 526 words

Franks POV

I groand as I slammed my fist down on my alarm clock, instantly stopping the dreadful beeping sound that woke me up. Rubbing my eyes I sat up in bed and looked around the dark room before turning on the lamp which was next to my bed. I hissed slightly as the light flickered on, hurting my eyes because it was so bright.

Tonight I'm working the night shift at the bar I work at. It's the middle of winter, which also means that it will be freezing cold. I slowly got out of bed and walked towards my closet, grabbing a pair of boxers, black skinny jeans and an Iron Maiden shirt. Grabbing a towel on the way, I went into the bathroom, took a quick shower and got dressed.

Looking at the clock I realised it was already 5.30pm and my shift started at 6.
"Shit." I said and I took my warmest jacket out of the closet along with a pair of black converse. I hopped on one foot as I put my shoes on, picking my keys up from the table in the kitchen and headed towards the door. Checking I had everything I quickly rushed out, locking the door behind me and headed towards my cheap crappy car.

Before I started driving, I felt my phone go of. I quickly took my phone out of my pocket to see a text from my long-term girlfriend, Jamia.

'Hey Frankie. What time are you gunna be home tonight? -Jxxx' It said.

'At about 2am. -Fxxx' I replied, putting my phone back in my pocket and starting the car.

I looked through all my CDs, smiling when I found my favourite Misfits CD and put it on. After a twenty minute drive, I finally arrived at the bar. But I was running late.

"FRANK. Care to explain why your late?" My boss, Bob, said glaring at me. I thought of an excuse before saying, "Girlfriend kept me behind." I said, hoping it worked.

Luckily it did, and a smile was now on Bob's face.

"Did wittle Fwankie get laid?" He said in an annoying voice most parents use when talking to their child.

I smirked, "Hell yeah I did." Thank god for my amazing skills at lying!

"Good for you. Now get to work." Bob said, his smile long gone.

I nodded and speed walked over to the bar and started working immediatly. As I made someones drink I couldn't help but look around the bar. While looking my eyes landed on a pair of beautiful hazel ones that were staring right at me. I blushed and quickly looked down at the drink before handing it over to a skinny guy with glasses. "Thanks." he mumbled, giving me the money and walking away.

On a few occasions I caught myself looking at the hazel eyed guy. He was different to other guys I've seen. I looked at him the way a guy would look at a hot girl in a bikini. But the one thing that was going through my head the entire night was:

Why am I feeling this towards another guy?
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