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I See, I Remember

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PG-13 Language mainley

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Members Of Green Day

Era- American Idiot

Name: Analeigh Blackburn

Personality: She is outgoing, expressive, goofy, can be a little slow, hyper, caring, thoughtful and opinionated. She doesn't like to be bossed around and isn't afraid to tell you when your wrong. She is queit inteligent, and stays mostly calm. She isn't good at fighting, so she likes to keep the peace. Thinks of herself as slightly hippie-ish (but in a good way)

Looks: She has long, pin straight ebony hair with a fringe that parts to the side. It is mostly
worn in a side braid.
She is 5'6, has a slender frame.
Honey Colored eyes
Has her cartlidge peirced
Earth tones for her make-up and dons a hot pink lip stick
She is Australian

Favorite Quote- I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.- Confucius

Love Intrest/Problem/Solving it- Read on, 'cause this chapter isn't going to tell you

I am finding the personalized stories really awsome. They are flippin creative
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