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AB/HP Crossover. Post KD & Post OOTP. Draco has been given his task by Voldemort and is left little choice until Narcissa pulls in a family favor.

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Chapter 3: What?!

Immediately after my plane touched down, I went into the second phase of the plan set up by cousin. Merlin, he was so cautious that I wondered had he ever had contact with that crazy ex-auror Moody. I shuddered at the thought. Alex had insisted that I change clothes before I even think about leaving the airport just incase someone was trailing me and he thought it would be best that I try to look the part of a young American as much as possible. So after at least 15 minutes of searching, I found the mens' laboratory and attempted to change clothes without touching anything in the filthy stink hole. After spending most of my life in black dress pants, I must admit that there was something extremely liberating and relaxing about the pair of faded looking navy jeans that I had just slid into. Father never let me wore jeans; he believed it was unbefitting of someone our stature/. Pompous Ass. /Tell me what is befitting of someone of our stature. Is it the wondrous amenities of Hotel a la Azkaban or it on our knees in front of some sick bastard who barely looks human anymore? What happened to Malfoys bow to no one father? Sorry... Anyways, I digress. After adding a plain white shirt, black sneakers, and a black sport jacket, I looked very good. No surprise there.

By the time I got out of the airport, it almost dusk. I knew Alex would be waiting at the restaurant soon so I caught a taxi, thanking Merlin it was similar to catching the Knight Bus. While sitting there taking in the sites that were St. Louis, I pictured the written version of Alex 's instructions.

Chancey's Place-The Riverfront
Back Table
Try to get here before dark.
If not, don't speak to anyone.
Don't agree to follow anyone.

O...kay. Again, can you say "Moody"? To avoid having to follow the other instructions, I just hope we made it before dark. What on Earth could be so terrible that you didn't want to be outside in the city at night? It wasn't like there was a Forbidden Forest lying around somewhere. Feeling the automobile slow down, took in the area that was known as the Riverfront. It looked like a refurbished place of old meaning that most of the buildings were at least 100 years old and had apparently been remodeled. We finally came to a complete stop in front of the restaurant Chancey's. As I paid the driver with the American muggle money my mother gave me, I heard the driver mumble something to me about being careful and that all of them don't take the new rules to heart or some rubbish like that. But the overall message was be careful. What was it about this place? Deciding to save my questions for Alex, I exited the cab with my bag and entered Chancey's.

It clearly wasn't a high end type of place that I was used to going to, but it was clearly higher up than the Three Broomsticks. The place was self seating and at the same time had well dressed waiters and waitresses in traditional black and white. Deciding that I had plenty of time left for sightseeing, I scanned around searching for a man in all black. Once I spotted him, I noticed already looking at me and he nodded in response. Making my way over, I thought about what I could possibly say to him. I mean I hadn't seen him since I was a kid and he wasn't a full fledged adult when I knew him, so I knew he'd obviously had to change by now. Then it doesn't help that I thought he was dead for most of this time neither does it?

Placing my bag out of the way, I took the seat facing him and the wait game begun. I remembered this game; it was a family game of sorts. I remembered playing this with Alex and strangely enough, I remember playing it with father a few times before he went bloody mad. Mostly, it consisted of trying to look indifferent and seeing who can hold out the longest without saying something. It was most entertaining when you had an unknowing opponent who wanted information of some sort and it gave you power over the conversation, but I obviously wasn't thinking of this when I was a kid. Deciding to do something productive with the time, I glanced around the room while for the most part taking him in. He seemed shorter in comparison to the last time I had seen him, but that's not saying much since I was much shorter at the time also. He looked like himself, but then he didn't if that made any sense. I couldn't tell what was glamour charms and what wasn't maybe with the exception of his hair. But one thing was the same and those were his eyes, the only Malfoy male in 200 years not to have gray eyes proven by the portraits at the Manor. They were a pale blue to be exact, so pale that they were almost gray. Almost. My silent inspection was interrupted when the waitress came to our table with a beaming smile looking between the two of us. A little too long I might add. "Hello, my name is Candice. Are you ready to order sirs?"

A smirk found its way to Alex's face as he looked her in the eyes. "Sure. I'll have the grilled chicken and vegetables. Matt?"

Oh. That was my name wasn't it. I was so busy watching the red blush creep of the waitress face that I didn't even have time to look at the menu. "Um...I'll try the chicken too. Thank you Candice." I gave her one of my rarely seen disarming smiles to keep the embarrassment off me. Yes, I can be charming when I want to. And to think that the girl couldn't blush anymore. She nodded in response and left with a speed I wouldn't have thought she possessed.

That left Alex and I facing each other. With the waitress interrupting and him the oldest, he declared our game over. "Some things never change do they?" He stated leaning back with his arms across his chest.

I just almost snorted in response and disbelief. "Even with this atrocious shade of red?" I asked pointing at where my normally almost platinum blonde locks would be.

He just shrugged. "I always knew you were going to be a looker. Oh." He pulled out a black hat. "Put this on. If I'm correct, your mother's charm should be wearing off soon."

Accepting the hat, I recognized it as a type muggleborns wore when out of school. I believe they called them caps. "She wasn't just looking at me you know."

He again shrugged before taking a good look at my hair before I placed the cap on. "Eh. She did a really good job with that. It looks so natural."

"Yours are good too. All of them." I responded taking a drink of water.

Alex responded with a smirk firmly planted on his face. "What if I told you I'm only wearing two?"

I snatched my head up. "You're bloody kidding me!" I immediately regretted it afterwards. I started feeling hot and fuzzy. Not in those ways mind you. Shit. Veritaserum! "Veritaserum?!"

Alex nodded. Sodding bastard. Maybe he did meet up Moody. Anyways, he looked at me with a smirk that I was already beginning to find annoying. "What is your full name?"

"Draco Aidan Malfoy" No. It's Harry Potter, really. You couldn't pay me enough. Nodding, he took a drink of his water.

"What school do you attend and what year?"

"Hogwarts. Six year." I responded.

"Lovely, what are your views on Voldemort?" He asked. Whoa. He said his name. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet.

"Snake faced bastard with sadistic tendencies making promises of power that he will never keep with us supposedly superior pureblooded wizards as his bitches intent on harming people who do not have the means to protect themselves." Okay, I must admit that was a little liberating to say that out loud.

Alex raised an eyebrow. "Whoa, Mr. Malfoy. Concise yet comprehensive. Do you have any intentions of joining Voldemort?"

After all I just said. "No, you git. Didn't you gather that from the last question?" I manage to grit out. I could feel the potion starting to wear off.

He sat up and looked me straight in the eyes. "Last question. What is my full name?"

With the potion wearing off and me being slightly, only slightly, livid at my dear cousin for administering truth serum, I decided to give him the truth with an even extended version. I was going to tell him this later, but no time better than the present right. "Alexander Ignacio Malfoy..." I waited for him to relax. He picked up his glass again before I decided to continue. "...Lord of the Noble House of Malfoy."

I had to smirk at the immediate response I got from him. He sat the glass down looking at me like I was a Dementor before he recovered immediately. "What?! No. But...Lucius."

Before he could get a full sentence out and before I could provide an explanation, our easily flushed waitress returned with our food. After she left, he immediately put up a hand halting the explanation I was about to give. "Let's save that conversation for a later time."

"Let's." I responded with a sneer still slightly peeved about the Veritaserum. "You could have just asked me to open my mind you know." I stated digging into the food.

"No. I couldn't." He replied looking up with a quick smile. "And besides, this way was just more fun." Prat!

"Why couldn't you?" If I let him in, all he had to do was say Legilimens and it would have been done.

"Another conversation for another time, Draco." And with that we fell into eating in silence with the exception of interruptions from the waitress.

On our way out of the restaurant, I looked towards the windows and saw that it was clearly dark. That brought back all the questions that plagued me from Alex and even the taxi driver. "Alex. What's so terrible about night time here that I got a random warning from a taxi driver in addition to you?"

Turning to face me as he walked. "What's your knowledge level on vampires and lycanthropes? I'm not sure what the ministry has and hasn't changed since I left." Lycanwhat? Vampires? What?! Here's to three years of inept DADA professors.

I was about to respond when Alex stopped abruptly in front of me catching a bag that fell from the woman's hand due to him bumping into her I guess. Silently wondering while Alex was still standing there, I took a closer look at the young woman as she faced him. She was short and curvy with long dark hair, but had skin that was almost as pale as mine and that was saying something. She had a no nonsense air about her, not as much as McGonagall mind you, but it was there. There was also something else that I just couldn't put my finger on, but I just felt it. Something was off with her. However, before I could think anymore on the topic, her voice interrupted my thoughts when she addressed Alex. "What brings you to town Edward?" Edward?
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