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Life After Death

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The title says it all, really. Darren wants to create life. Implied Slash.

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Title: Life After Death
Disclaimer: This is FICTION. It never happened. It is all a figment of my deluded mind. NO Harm is intended.
Summary: The title says it all
Pairing: Darren/Daniel implied
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Chapters: Alternative Drabble
Life After Death
I hold the soil in my hand, relishing the feel of it. The coolness. The richness. I never considered myself a caretaker of the earth before, but since you left me, I find solace in gardening.
As I sit here working the rich earth, I remember how it was. How you looked that first time I saw you. How you smiled enigmatically at me as your fingers danced over the strings of your guitar.
As you dared me to show you all what I had inside of me.
Your artifice with music was amazing to see. Inspiring on so many levels.
As you well knew. Even your quiet presence inspired me. Encouraged me.
You tended me. Nourished me. Quietly watched me flourish, and then sent me out on my own, despite my fears.
You believed in me.
I can do this. Gardening. I need to do this.
Bring life after death.
I only wish I could bring you back to me.
I love you, Daniel.
artifice \AR-tuh-fis\, noun:
1. Cleverness or skill; ingenuity; inventiveness.
2. An ingenious or artful device or expedient.
3. An artful trick or stratagem.
4. Trickery; craftiness; insincere or deceptive behavior.
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