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Wishes Do Come True

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A cute little Frerard oneshot about Christmas.

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Hay guys. My first Frerard oneshot and yes, I know Christmas was a while ago, I just completely forgot to post this at the time. Anyway, kindly R&R and telepathic hugs and cookies for all you who do ^.^
BleedingValentine xx

I stared out the front room to the dreary black sky that hung over the houses like a blanket, desperately wishing for snow. Just a flutter, a glimpse, the tiniest miniature flake that would drift down, slowly becoming a flurry from the black sky to coat the grass in front of my home. Without snow, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas. Even though the immaculately decorated tree stood mere meters away from me, and lights glittered over the windows and on the outside of houses that sat past my frost-sprinkled lawn. But I wanted that frost, that so resembled icing sugar, to be replaced with perfect snow, cold and harsh and oddly comforting at the same time.

“You’re a bit distracted,” came the voice of my little brother, Mikey, jerking my away from my train of thoughts. I just nodded and sighed, continuing my stare out the window. “It looks like you’re waiting for Frank.” that got my attention.


“I said, it looks like you’re waiting for Frank,” replied Mikey. I turned my head and looked at him at the smirk that rested on his pale face underneath all that straight brown hair.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at my little brother.

“You’ve sat in this spot for ages. Staring out the window in the way you do when you wait for Frank to arrive. Like you did earlier, like you do every time he comes round,” replied Mikey, his eyes now glinting behind his glasses.

“That makes no sense, Mikes. Frank’s in the bathroom,” I said, feeling my cheeks flush as we brushed the edge of the very topic I wanted to avoid on Christmas eve.

“I know.”

“As in, he’s in that bathroom down our corridor in this house, so why would I be waiting for him to walk up that path?” I asked scornfully, frowning to hide the red flush that was creeping up on my normally pale cheeks. Mikey stayed quiet and let me retreat back to my thoughts, before he decided to open his mouth again.

“Why don’t you just tell him?” he asked, changing topics.

“Tell who what?”

“Tell Frank that you’re madly in love with him,” said Mikey, bluntly. I spluttered.

"Am not!” I spat at him.

“Deniiiiaaaaal!” he sang, his grin spreading across his entire face.

“The same way you deny being in love with your hair straighteners?” I retorted, anger building up inside me the way it always did when we got on the subject of Frank.

“Of cooooourse.”

“Shut up.”

“See? Do you see, Gerard, how fucking obvious you are?!” I snapped my eyes over to him.


“There you go, you admit it!”

“I haven’t admitted anything. And if you don't shut up, I may have to throw something at you,” I warned coldly. The blush on my cheeks spread across my whole face. I must’ve looked like a boiled lobster.

“Aww, am I embarrassing you? Are you getting upset over your Frankie?” asked Mikey, now practically dancing with joy. “Or are you feeling the LOVE?!”

“Mikey...” I glared at him. He grinned and opened his mouth as if he was going to start singing. I jumped at him.

“Oy!” he shouted and tried to run off, but I caught him in a headlock and held him up as if I was going to drop him, hard, on the floor.

“Keep your mouth shut,” I hissed.

“Guys?” Frank was out of the bathroom and he was standing in the doorway. I blushed, partially from the fact that I’d been caught trying to kill Mikey, and partially from the fact that Frank had reappeared. His smudgily red-lined green eyes widened in shock but filled with laughter as he walked into the room, running his tattooed hand through his short, scruffy hair. No matter what he did, the small boy that was my best friend of six years always looked fucking beautiful.

“What are you doing?” he asked, turning his now-grinning gaze towards my. My brain went blank, in the same way it always did when our eyes met. His beautiful, deep green eyes that smiled even when he cried.

“Well...” started Mikey, but I clapped my hand over his mouth, my brain returning to reality. He couldn’t speak through my hand so his accusations sounded something like ‘mmmmmmphhhhh mmmmnnnnpppphhhhh mmmmpppnhh mmm mmpphh’.

“Trying to murder each other?”

“Yes,” I agreed. Mikey nodded his head that I still had trapped under my arm. Frank chuckled, his adorable little chuckle that made my stomach leap.

I let Mikey go and shot him a death glare; he just poked his tongue out at me and pranced out of the room. I sighed and sat on the sofa - Frank, realizing that I didn’t want to talk, sat next to me. My heart skipped a beat as he did so, and it skipped again as he reached over me for the TV handset. He was going to give me heart failure if he kept doing this. I blushed as I grinned across at him. You know what, maybe that annoying twit that called himself my brother was right. Maybe I was just slightly, possibly, maybe, crazily in love with Frank.

“So, what were you and Mikes arguing about earlier?” asked Frank later, as we were changing to go to sleep. I shrugged and kept my eyes deliberately away from him, my cheeks flushing again. He must’ve thought I was permanently sunburnt. “How can you not know?” he sniggered. My face fell.

“Leave it out, Frank,” I muttered.

“What, no ‘Frankie bear’? Frankiekins? No signs of affection?” he asked, still joking. I kept my eyes down and stayed quiet. “Oh. Is it really that bad?” I looked up at him and my heart fluttered in my chest; Frank was shirtless. His slim, pale torso was broken up by any number of tattoos that I couldn't help but stare at. I knew Frank always slept without a shirt, but I would never cease to go dumb when I saw him like that. I sighed and tried to unscramble the mess that was my brain to form a legible answer to Frank’s question.

“No, it’s not bad as such. Just a bit stupid,” I said. Frank nodded, looking out the window. I tried to look away from his half naked body but failed, hoping that he didn’t catch my staring. God he was gorgeous, so tiny and adorable, and he looked even more so in his loose pyjama pants.

He looked round at me all too suddenly and locked eyes with me. He must’ve known he was staring; my gaze was probably burning holes in his sides. Scratch that, he knew I was staring as he waved his eyebrows cheekily at me. I didn’t know it was possibly to blush any redder, but apparently I could.

I left Frank standing in my room, smirking to himself and I stalked down the stairs to stare out the front window again. Nearly midnight and there was still no snow. I pressed my burning cheeks to the freezing glass to try and clear my mind.

I had spent every Christmas since I was twelve with Frank. We had met when both of us were twelve, in fact. And every Christmas that I spent with him I would wake up without that one gift that I’d wanted so desperately. The one gift that I’d wanted ever since I met him.

“You were staring, weren’t you?” came Frank’s voice from behind me. Oh damn. Did people have a thing for interrupting me when I was trying to think? I didn’t reply, just continued staring at the frosted grass with my face pressed up against the window. “Oh, come on, Gee,” he said, his breath tickling my collarbone. I didn’t realise he could turn up at my side so quickly. I turned to look at him, which sent my already fluttering heart into overdrive. He was so small for his age, so adorable and apart from his tattoos, so innocent. Stop staring, Gerard.

We stood, watching the clouds for a moment, before Frank, nudged me and pointed.

“Snow,” he murmured. My face broke into a grin as the white fluff began to drift from the sky. I turned, opened the front door and darted outside. The tiny cold icicles landed on my face and sat there, rapidly turning me into a snowman. I was already freezing but I didn’t care. Along with the night, snow was my favourite thing.

“Gerard!” complained Frank, standing in the door and shivering. I laughed and darted back towards him. The snow had turned me red with the cold, but I still stood in the doorway to watch and feel the snow flutter down. I turned to say something to Frank, but I found his him muttered something under his breath with his eyes closed.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“If you wish on a snowflake, it’s supposed to come true.” I just raised my eyebrows at him skeptically. “Go on, close your eyes!” I obliged and shut my eyes. The wish that ran through my head was the same thing that I had wished for every Christmas for six years. It sounded silly to me, but it was the only thing that I wanted. I opened my eyes to find Frank standing right close up to me, nearly on top of me as I leant against the doorframe. His deep green eyes bored into mine, completely erasing everything that had been in my brain. My heart thudded and sent butterflies fluttering into my stomach, and I was suddenly far too aware of how close I was too his bare chest.

“What did you wish for?” he murmured, voice barely more than a seductive whisper. I answered with something really intelligent along the lines of “Um ah gah.”

“Of course you did,” chuckled Frank. I couldn’t help but laugh, too. Still he just stood and stared at me with those mesmerizing sea green eyes. A tingle ran down my spine and my brain scrambled into warning mode. ‘Gerard? Earth to Gerard! This is your brain here! What are you doing?!’ The tiny amount of my mind that was still making sense shrieked at me, but this time I decided to ignore it. If my wish was going to come true, I might as was go for it.

One minute, I was staring down at him, his eyes staring up at mine, both of us mesmerized by the other. The next thing I knew, I had leant forward and cupped his jaw in my hand, pulling his face up to mine and fitting my lips into the perfect shape of his. It wasn’t fireworks, it wasn’t wild dancing or fluttering rose petals. It wasn't a movie kiss or anything a teenage girl daydreams about. It was beautiful, simple, cold, perfect snowflakes that drifted onto our shoulders as the clock struck twelve in the distance.

We pulled apart at the same same and just stared at each other. But I didn’t expect for Frank’s to grin, a grin that put sparkles in his beautiful green eyes and badly disguised happiness that washed over his entire face.

“Well... it looks like wishes do come true,” he said, taking my hand in his.

“Merry Christmas, Frankie,” I murmured, reaching up with our interlocked fingers and brushed his cheek with both of our hands.

“Merry Christmas, Gee,” he replied. I couldn’t help but smile as Frank stood on his toes, wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me. I could feel him smiling on my lips as all the centers in my brain gave up, and I slid my arms around his cold, bare torso and held his tiny figure to my much taller frame. Only one thought made itself coherently through my muddled head.

“Yes, wishes can come true.”

And right there and then, that was really all that mattered.

Thanks for reading guys! Please R&R, I appreciate it... :3 xx
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