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This is disgusting

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This has nothing to do with MCR, nor is it a work of fiction. However, I feel that people should Know about this horrific crime

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Hey there guys. I am well aware that this has nothing to do with MCR and is not a work of fiction, even though I wish that it were. I am unsure why I am telling you this, but I was just so disgusted by this news story that I felt I should share it with those of you who may actually give a damn.
So I was watching sky news yesterday (English new station) like the sad little teenager I am, not really paying much attention when they mentioned a murder trial taking place at the old Bailey. (Criminal court in London) As I am interested in becoming a lawyer when I am older, I turned to face the screen to listen and was utterly shocked and appalled at the headline.
Witchcraft murder.
A fifteen year old boy who was staying with relatives over the festive Period in 2010 was tortured and eventfully died of his horrific injuries after being accused by these relatives of practicing witchcraft. The torture that they inflicted upon him was apparently to “Exorcise him”
I was so disgusted with this, and after hearing about some of the injuries this poor boy sustained I felt as though I was going to be sick. This is so horrible I cannot even describe it. Witchcraft? In this day and age?! And to torture him so badly that he actually begged for death?
I am well aware that this is a fairly pointless piece of writing, but I felt that others should know of this horrific crime seeing as I don`t believe that it is being spoken of much in the media.
To read more about this there is a link at underneath, not that I suggest reading it as it is very sickening.
Thank you for reading this. May the poor boy rest in peace
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