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*drum role

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remind me to NEVER hold auditions again, i actually had to get my sister to help me decide and we sat for around an hour trying to decide who got the part, she eventually gave up but she chose the friend because she is playing Frank's little sister because i have a huge idea for that little girl and her friend soo here you go :D

Guys Friend :

Jasmine Price (Gerardwayiscute)

Franks Sisters Friend :

Hozzie Bareham (Cookie_monster)

Frank's Ex :

Amy Johnston (bloodbunny15)

2 Bitchy Girls :

Rosie Baker (Lenorebear)
Hannah Cunnigham (SweetDreamsHoney)

And for everyone else i am planning to still use you !!

and now i have to get started on the next chapter

thanks for auditioning
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