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More of A Dog Person

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One stroll in the night can change a life forever

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The night was cold, the moon was pretty bright tonight and Frank loved that. It really wasn't often that he got to see the moon, usually he was knocked out in his bed to even see it. So he was just strolling through the teeming, dark streets of New Jersey. Of course it's dangerous, and a little bit insane, but growing up in a state like this made his tough and unafraid...

A small dark figure shot out from behind a back alleyway trash can. It made Frank jump and his hand fly up to his chest.It was just a cat and was now scampering down the road. Frank let his heart calm down, muttering, "Fucking cats."

Well... he was unafraid for the most part anyway. He continued his way to his apartment, whistling and kicking a few pebbles along the way. It had been a long day at work and he wanted nothing more than just to kick of his shoes and land head first on his bed. His fucking boss was giving him hell today for no reason. Frank would have loved nothing more than to just flip the guy off, maybe flip his desk over, but he needed the job. Needed the money. And getting fired was not a way to get money.

Frank tugged at his black tie, loosening it around the neck and kept walking.

A few yards down the walk a dark figure emerged from the darkness. Frank stopped.

A moment passed and the dark figure was still standing there, long coat just flapping in the breeze and Frank was unnerved. Because he was pretty sure the guy was facing him and just staring at him. What the hell? Frank huffed as he stared back, and was more than sure the dark figure was staring at him. I mean, he wasn't moving and in his way.

Frank glanced to his left. He could walk in the street, but as soon as he would a fucking car would come out of nowhere and hit him, and knowing New Jersey, they would just keep going. Then maybe Mr. Tall and Dark over there would get what he had wanted. He heaved a sigh. He'll walk right past him, not say anything. Frank would be fine.

So Frank did, he let his left foot fall in front of his right and kept it up until he was strolling steadily again. A little faster than last time, but he was moving. He eventually passed the dark figure, which he figured was a guy(an extremely creepy one to be just standing there) and could feel him boring his eyes into him and the breath going down his neck.

Frank shuddered but had passed and that's all he wanted to do. But for some reason he slowed and chanced a quick glance over his shoulder.

The dark figure man was gone much to the short man's relief.

Frank blinked a couple of times and dug the heel of his palms into his eyes, hard enough until stars danced behind his eyelids. He shook his head. Probably wasn't getting enough sleep or something; the job he had was emotionally draining. He shook his head again turning around and only took a step forward until he ran into something, literally knocking the breath out of him.

He wheezed and stumbled backwards, "The fuck?" Then his forearms were seized in large hands and he gasped, "What the hell? Let me go!"

The moon's light shone down and it threw the two in to a faint light. Frank looked up but didn't see much except for a hat pulled down, covering the man's eyes, and glint of sharp teeth before the man ducked his head. And suddenly there was a sharp, unbearable pain in his neck and he felt his heart jump.

"What the..." Frank could feel his strength leaving his body, his knees were wobbling; they would have given in if it hadn't been for whoever the fuck this was tightening his grip forcing him to keep up right.

The edges of his eyes began to dot with black, he could feel the life slipping away from him and he was scared. He slowly brought his hands up to grip at the man's dark coat and whimpered.

Suddenly the man released Frank and he went toppling to the ground, his head striking the concrete rather hard. Frank let out a groan but a commotion raising somewhere off into the alleyway quieted down. He turned his head.

The man was further down the alleyway, crouching and hissing it seemed, at what Frank wasn't sure until he tilted his head, making the pain in his neck pulse. He ignored it to best of his ability and discovered that the man was hissing at a dog... if Frank could say that. The dog was fucking huge, snarling right back at the man and with the moonlight brighter he could see its large teeth. Fucking canine teeth that could snap a steel garter in half if wanted too. The man didn't stand a chance.

The dog's muscles coiled and he launched forward in a blur.

Frank watched in amazement as the dog fearlessly threw its self at the man. Now this was why Frank was more a dog person. Because how many cats would do that? None, that's how many. While watching the fight a figure dropped down opposite to where he was looking and reached down brushing the wound over his neck. Frank jumped, jerked his head in the direction of the touch. He screamed internally from the sudden hot pain shooting up his neck.

"Take it easy, take it easy. I won't hurt you." A deep voice assured and again something brushed against his neck. A hand by the feel of it, "Fuck, he got you good." Frank still shrunk away and shuddered. A blood curdling scream cut through the air and on instinct Frank jerked his head back towards the alleyway. He didn't scream internally this time but tears did spring up to his eyes. "Shit kid, do you want to die? Stop moving your goddamned neck. Hey Ray, you wanna hurry it up?"

...Ray? Frank was still looking in that direction and he felt cold all of a sudden. Was Ray that guy who took a huge bite out of his neck? Bastard. Frank watched quietly through the darkness as the large dog back away from the now slumped over man. Well, Ray was dead and Frank hoped that the guy next to him wouldn't be to pissed at the dog. The dog just saved his life.

The dog bounded over, blood covering his muzzle and it made Frank gag. The man beside him shook his head, "Come on Ray, this kid is pretty fucked up. We gotta get him back to the house." So... Ray was the man's dog? He would thank the man and his dog if he didn't feel so weak.

The large dog nodded with understanding, like he knew what his owner was saying. Frank felt large arms slip under him, hook under his legs and his back, and he was lifted into the air. Frank let out a small groan.

The man tightened his grip slightly, "Just hang in there man, we'll get you to help." And that was the last thing Frank heard until he fell unconscious.
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