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Implied Frerard towards end. May turn into one. Two or threeshot. MCR Plays M.A.S.H!

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A/N: Hey there!! This is like, part one of maybe a twoshot or a threeshot that I wrote randomly, I don't want to continue it if like, no one likes this idea. I just want to say this, if you have already written a story called M.A.S.H with implied frerard (towards end) and slight humor, then it is merely a coinky dink. I own none of the characters, the M.A.S.H game, not even the glass involved in this. So nothing. At all. So uhm, let me know if you'd like the next part, which is the reveal, maybe 2 reviews and I'll post it? Or one. I'm not fussy x)Also, any random names featured in this such as Megan, Lily etc. are not real people whatsoever, and they are merely pretend ex-girlfriends of the band. Thanks :P So, enjoy!


“Pleeeeeeeeeease can we play it Gerard!” Frank screamed at the half asleep singer.

“For the five hundred and sixteenth time Frank, play what?!” The more then slightly annoyed red head replied. Frank had been going on about playing some kids game all morning. Already having successfully woken Mikey and Ray, he was now jumping on and off Gerard’s bunk.

“I already told you! M.A.S.H!” He said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“You want to mash potatoes?” Gerard said disbelievingly.“I’m pretty sure that’s something you can do-” he was cut off by Frank.

“No, not potatoes dipshit, the game! The one where you find out your future? No? Well, we’re playing it whether you like it or not, so are you going to choose the easy option, and join us, or the hard option and make me drag your skinny ass out of that bed?” he asked, putting his hands on his hips, lips set in a pout.

“Fine, I’ll play. But I need coffee first” Gerard gave up, hopping out of his bunk and trudging into the tour bus’ lounge.

“Already on it!” The small guitarist beamed, running towards a tray of already made coffees. He handed them out, Mikey and Gerard gulping theirs down, while Ray raised an eyebrow and
Frank rolled his eyes.

“Ready now?” Frank asked, grabbing some paper and pens from Gerard’s shelf. He gave each of the band members a biro and some plain paper, throwing the rest back up messily.

“Frank! Watch it, you nearly knocked that gla-” He was cut off by the sound of smashing glass. “ss over.” He finished. “Well done, midget, another glass broken this week! That’s what now? 5? No wait, 6. 7, including that one.” He huffed.

Frank looked down to his feet. “I’m sorry Gee …” he trailed off.

Taking pity on the younger man, he said “It’s fine Frank. Now let’s go play that potato game you were on about!” He skipped back into the lounge, coffee in hand and sat down on one of the plush brown sofas. They all resumed with writing the title ‘M.A.S.H’ onto the top of their paper.

“Now,” began Frank, practically bouncing in his seat with excitement, “Write, on the right hand side of your paper, five names of anyone at all. Can be your wife, friends, each other, whatever!” he said, writing his own names down. Jamia, Gerard, Random Coffee shop girl, Fan girl 07867, No one :(

Gerard’s list contained: Lyn-Z, Lily, Cheryl Cole, Frank, A fan girl.

Mikey wrote: Alicia, Ray, Lizzie, Samantha, Megan.

And Ray put down: Megan, Christa, Coffee Shop girl, Lily, Rose.

Then, Frank instructed them all to put down the names of 5 different colours, and they all did so. Then, they wrote down 5 numbers, 5 cars, 5 jobs and 5 locations. Then, Frank told them all to choose a number between 1-10, and to write it in the top left corner, along with their name. Once they had all done this, he gathered up the sheets of paper. He then shuffled them, and distributed them out again, so that no one received their own. They were told to count through the lists to the number, and when there was only one answer in each list, circle it and miss it out next time.

When they were all done, they wrote out all the answers onto smaller pieces of paper, and chucked the old ones into the bin. Then, they all gathered onto the sofas, where Frank had gathered them for what he had labelled ‘Le Grande Reveal.’
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