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"I'll be waiting."

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In the morning I have to get up early to leave. Amber gets up with me and in silence we get dressed and then go downstairs for breakfast. Everyone is quiet, probably because it is so early in the morning. I really hope that none of my band mates bring up Amber and I having sex. After breakfast we travel outside to say goodbye. I wait patiently for Amber to say goodbye to the other guys. I then pull her into a hug and hold her tightly for a long time. Finally I kiss her and hold her face in my hands.

“I’ll see you soon,” I say.

“I’ll be waiting,” she replies.

I kiss her softly one more time before climbing into the van. As Amber waves Tim, our drummer, shuts the van door.

We haven’t gotten very far but I already feel myself change. I feel the emptiness that comes with not being around Amber. She sends me a text a few minutes into the ride telling me to stay strong and that she’d be waiting for me when I got home. That girl is too smart for her own good.

The ride is quiet. All we do is listen to music or flip through comic books. We stop for lunch at a fast food place and take our orders to go. I sit in the back of the van and realize something is up the second my veggie burger is flung across the van, nailing me in the face.

“What the fuck?” I ask John but he doesn’t respond. Then I notice some of the guys snickering towards the front of the van. I decide not to say more about it.

By the time we stop for gas I can’t take it anymore. We stop at the station and all of us clamor out of the van to stretch our legs. None of the guys talk to me; instead they keep their backs towards me. I finally just decide to say something.

“What the fuck is the problem?” I ask John. Tim starts to laugh.

“He’s mad because you porked Amber last night and he heard…everything.” he says.

I look over at John, “I didn’t ‘pork’ my fiancée. We had sex, it’s allowed. You’re just going to have to get used to it. Christ.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea, Frank?” John asks me, being more protective of Amber than he needs to be. “This is Amber we’re talking about. She’s been hurt, badly, and then you just stick your dick in her. What would Gerard do if he knew.”

“Jesus John, it’s been three years. You don’t seriously think I would have sex with her if she wasn’t ready, do you? I love her. I’m not going to force her to do anything she’s uncomfortable with. It’s not like this is an entirely new thing. We live together. You don’t believe that we’ve lived together for two years and don’t have sex, do you? When she’s my wife you know we’re going to have sex. So why are you so goddamn surprised? As for Gerard, all he wants is for Amber to be happy. So stop trying to be her older brother.”

“I’m not really surprised,” Tim steps in. “It was more that it was just kind of disturbing.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you guys to hear us.”

John, looking very much like Gerard, has his hands on his hips, “It’s just, she’s so fucking fragile. No one wants her to get hurt.”

Its times like these that I wish the guys in Pencey Prep where not as close to Amber as they are.

“I’m not going to hurt her, ever. You should know that about me.”

“Was she scared of you?” John asks getting a little too deep into this. I wish he’d just leave this alone. She’s not his sister, she’s not even related to him. Sure she’s close to the guys but not that close.

“In the beginning…” I answer being very vague. The guys really don’t need to know about Amber and my sex life.

“Just… would you mind making it a little less obvious next time?”

I laugh, “I’ll try to keep it quiet.”


With that the guys pile back into the van. The ride is much more normal after the gas station.

Note: I hate to say this but there's only going to be about ten to fifteen more chapters.
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