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Figuring It Out

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"I know you do."

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Amber is too stubborn for the doctors at our regular hospital. They refer her to another doctor at a hospital in the city. The doctors there deal with hearts and lungs and stuff. I think Amber and I just want someone to give us good news. People seem to think the doctors at this city hospital will be able to do that.

Dr. Henderson, Amber’s doctor at our new hospital, runs tests almost immediately. I wait quietly in the lobby flipping through old magazines. For the most part I’m just trying to keep myself busy. There is no sense in worrying right now.

In the end the doctor gives us a set of strict rule to help both Amber and our baby. Amber has to stay on bed rest, no sex, no leaving for anything but doctor’s appointments, and she can’t do anything to raise her breathing rate. I am given a list of foods she can and can’t eat and also taught simple exercises to help keep Amber and the baby strong. We have to keep Amber breathing and our baby’s heart going for as long as possible.

The doctor gives us a bunch of monitors to take home. Although Amber wants to help I insist she sleeps while I carry everything up the stairs. There is a monitor to track the baby’s heart rate. This has to be worn all the time. There is a little alarm that goes off if it gets too fast or too slow. Amber has a heart monitor on her wrist to check her heart. There is also breathing machines that have to be worn at night to assist Amber with breathing.

I get everything unloaded and set up within an hour. After that I sit on the edge of the bed and listen to the dull ‘whoosh, whoosh’ that is the baby’s heart beat. I turn up the volume. Amber is lying on the bed, with her eyes practically closed. We are both quiet as we listen to our baby’s heart. The monitor says it is at a normal level right now. It speeds up a bit and nears too quick and then slows back down the normal.

Without a word I reach out to take Amber’s hand. She wraps mine in both of hers. I turn to look at her and give her a reassuring smile.

“I love you, Amber.”

She smiles back, “I love you too.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s ours.”

I smile and reach out to stroke her cheek with our hands, “We’re a family now.”

“Thank you.”

“For what,” I ask.

“Supporting me,” Amber answers.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, “We’re going to do everything we can. I want this family as badly as you do.”

Amber just nods, “I know you do.”

Note: Sorry it's so short.
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