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Dance with Me

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There's a dance coming up and Tea is anxious for Yami to ask her to go with him, but it doesn't seem like he will, ever... Oh, what's a girl to do? But Ryou has something to say about this too.

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Dance with Me
By: Starian Princess
Chapter 1

~There's a dance coming up and Tea is anxious for Yami to ask her to go with him, but it doesn't seem like he will, ever... Oh, what's a girl to do? But Ryou has something to say about this too.~
The students passed along in the busy corridor, going about the usual school day. But for some, this day proved to be more than simply normal...
Tea stared at the banner hanging on the wall, and paled in utter horror. 'A dance!? Oh great...' She sighed. It wasn't like she hated dancing, since it was practically her life. Oh no, there was a deeper, more serious reason.
"Good morning, Tea." And right as if on cue, she turned around as a soft voice called her from behind.
"Good morning Yugi!" She smiled and greeted back. But the smile soon faded as her inner musings had started to come out again.
'Yugi looks so much like... /him/...' She sighed, as she no longer stared at the shorter boy, but at his other darker self, Yami. Was it so bad to like him so much? She had known about Yugi having a crush on her when they were little but she could never return those feelings.
True, she once thought that she might be developing some feelings for her best friend. But later, she realized that she had been attracted to him because of the other who lived within him. She had always known that he was different, that he was special with something hidden inside of him. And later it had been proven, quite literally in fact, as the spirit had emerged from the golden pyramid hanging around his neck.
He had swept her off her feet that time he had saved her from the perverted man in the storage room. She had wanted to forget that memory, but found that she couldn't. No, she didn't actually want to, ever. Because that had been the first time she had met the mysterious ancient pharaoh. That was the first time she had laid eyes on the one she had grown to love so deeply...
"Tea? Tea?! What's wrong?!" She was brought out of her daydream as a louder yet gentle voice was calling her.
Her dazed blue eyes blinked a few times as she tried to focus. She noticed a pair of worried amber eyes examining her, trying to see what was causing her sudden silence. She shook her head casually as she fully regained her senses.
She gasped. She was staring right into the eyes of the person who had captured her heart. Funny, how at first she couldn't tell it was he who she was looking at. He and Yugi just looked so alike it was scary. But she had no time to think these things as she struggled to greet the pharaoh.
"G-Good Morning, Yami!" She stuttered uncontrollably. Her cheeks turned pink as she placed her gaze on the floor, on her shoes, on the bag she was holding, anything to keep her from looking at him.
"Good morning. Are you not feeling well, Tea?"
"Oh, no! Of course not! I was just um... trying to remember something I had to do!" She waved her hands in front of her as she began to feel very nervous. She was beginning to melt under his piercing gaze and she couldn't stand anymore of it.
"I'll just meet you in the classroom then!" And with that she made a dash towards wherever her feet would take her, leaving two very confused boys staring at her retreating back.
"I wonder what is bothering her so much..." Yugi sighed, watching his usual cheery brunette friend run away from them. "She has been spacing out more than usual lately. What do you think is wrong, Yami?"
"I don't know hikari, but we have to count on her telling us when she can finally do so. It wouldn't be right to force her to answer us." Came the ever knowledgable reply of the pharaoh.
Tea sighed in defeat as she slumped against the wall. She placed a calming hand on her forehead and tried to catch her breath.
'I can't believe I acted like some ditzy schoolgirl with a crush!' She sighed as she looked down at her shoes.
"Well, I am a ditzy schoolgirl with a crush..."
"Tea?" She turned around in surprise to look into the eyes of none other than Ryou Bakura.
"Ryou? Oh, hi!" She smiled kindly as she always did towards him.
Ryou bowed in return and smiled as well. Then he looked down, a small blush creeping up his cheeks though Tea did not notice.
"I... Have you heard about the dance?" He quickly replaced, trying to act as calm as ever.
Tea nodded, an image of Yami appeared inside her head as her thoughts began to drift yet again.
She pictured him smiling that knowing mysterious smile of his as he asked her to go with him to the dance. She of course was saying "yes" and he taking her hand in his as they walked to class together... Yes, that's what should have happened a while ago. But it didn't!
She frowned, her hands tightening their grip on the handle of her bag. Ryou seemed to notice this as he stopped what he was trying to say to her.
"Tea? What's wrong? Do you have a problem or something?"
Tea blinked, hearing Ryou's worried voice. She blushed as she remembered what she had been thinking about.
"Oh, Ryou... I'm sorry for spacing out... I just have a lot on my mind. Now, what were you saying?" She smiled apologetically.
Ryou's worried frown did not leave his face though. He stared at Tea, his white bangs now covering his eyes as he recalled what she had earlier said. She had not noticed him when he waved at her a while ago. And he saw that she was tired so he approached her quietly. Then he heard her...
"Well, I am a ditzy schoolgirl with a crush..." She must have been talking about him. It wasn't like he hated Yami or Yugi, for that matter since they were almost one and the same to him. They were indeed one of his closest friends but he just couldn't see why Tea would like someone like Yami at all. For one thing, he was a spirit from ancient Egypt and she could have a picked a more "modern" guy... like him maybe!
'Yeah right... Like she would ever like me... I look like a girl and can't even stick up for myself against my yami.' He inwardly scowled.
"Ryou?" He looked up at the pretty brunette staring at him curiously. Then he placed on his usual "mask" and smiled at her.
"Tea, if you don't mind my asking but just what is on your mind? It might help to share what's troubling you with another so that your burden is lessened." Though he said this, he didn't think he really wanted to hear what he knew she would say. But she was his friend, and a very important one at that.
She seemed to ponder the thought for a moment.
"Well..." She began, a bit hesitant. 'Ryou is a very close and not to mention trustworthy friend so...'
"It's just that I've liked Yami for a while now..." Ryou inwardly cringed at the mention of Yami, but kept his cool for Tea's sake. 'Here it comes...'
"And since I heard about the dance, I thought that maybe he'd ask me to it. And he hasn't... I don't think he will Ryou!"
He was surprised that she had so easilly let her guard down in front of him as she was now crying on his chest. Even though he knew he shouldn't since he'd regret later he slowly wrapped his arms around her, and then started whispering soothing words in her ear.
For some reason, Tea felt that she could just let herself go when she was with Ryou. Maybe because he was really the type of friend who'd listened willingly and made her feel that she could tell him anything. She sighed as her frustrated tears began to stop pouring.
And then, they were just in each other's embrace.
"Sorry about that." Tea muttered, pulling away. She smiled sadly, a few hair strands stuck to her cheek.
A hand reached out and brushed her cheek, tucking the hair behind her ear.
"Do you feel any better?" To this, she nodded meekly as she felt too embarrassed to look up.
The same hand reached down to cup her chin and pull her face up to look at him.
"That's good then." He smiled as he lost himself in her deep cerulean eyes.
But just then the bell rang and the moment was over.
"Thanks, Ryou. I'll see you in class then." Tea waved as she ran to her assigned classroom for the first period.
"Yeah, I'll see you in class." Was the muttered reply, before he sauntered down the hallway in search of a certain pharaoh.
Yugi had long left saying that he needed to look for Joey, so Yami was left to wander around the campus alone. He had heard the bell ring so he intended to get to class as quickly as possible. But apparantly fate had a different path for him that day.
Upon reaching the end of the hallway leading to the classroom, he was firmly yanked by the collar into an empty room.
He got into a fighting stance ready to battle whoever was responsible for it, but to his surprise there was only one person in the room besides him. And that was Ryou Bakura.
Upon closer inspection, Yami noticed that his hair was a lot rougher looking on its ends. And his eyes looked a lot more slanted into a nasty glare.
He gasped softly and then hissed, "Bakura..."
"Why, hello there pharaoh Yami!" Bakura smirked coyly.
"What do you want?"
"Oh, nothing really... Just that my aibou tells me that you haven't asked that mortal to some party yet..." He yawned.
"That girl who always follows you and your aibou around, Tea was it? So, are you planning on asking her to the dance?"
Yami didn't know what to think. First, Bakura was talking to him quite civilly and now he was talking about asking Tea to the dance?
"What are you getting at, tomb robber? How will you get anything out of it if I ask her to the dance?"
"Absolutely nothing really..."
"Then why are you so concerned about me asking her?"
"My aibou is the one concerned, you fool." Yami glared daggers when he was called a fool. But just then, something had struck him.
"Why is Ryou concerned about me asking Tea to the dance?"
"Now, that is none of your business pharaoh. I suggest you go to class now and ask her already before someone else does."
"That was exactly where I was headed before you so rudely pulled me in here." And with that, Yami had dashed out the door to get to class.
"Is that what you wanted aibou?" Bakura questioned as Ryou stepped out from the darkest corner of the room, a sad smile grazed his serene face.
"Yes. Thank you for doing this for me."
"Don't think that I did this for you, weakling. I did this for Tea."
"So we do have the same feelings then, as I had guessed."
"Maybe. But I really am just simply interested in that mortal..."
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Starian Princess
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