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Lonely Angel

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Another Killjoy Story.

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Lonely Angel:
I kicked an old Skull. “So Dead and Dusty, And I'm Alone.” White Angel Barked Next to me “I meant No Humans.” She Ran Ahead Chasing a tumble weed. Parker Nudged my Legs. “Hey Buddy” I patted the bloodhounds head. Mew? I Picked up Nixty. “All alone. Except about seven-hundred pets.” That was a lie. I only had about Five. Ten died in three months. Starvation. Heat. BL/Ind. I missed all of them. Nixty, The Black, Thinks He is Tougher then he is, Cat. White Angel, The use to be white Wolf. Parker the old ready to die Bloodhound, I Give Him a day. Rax The Doberman. Rose the Lab. I Love dogs. I Ran Up to white Angle and Picked her up. She wiggled and Bite me. “Hey Now!” I dropped her and she ran off barking. I Looked around. Empty. All of the desert. No one Fought BL/Ind, In the fear of Killing the Famous Four, Kobra Kid, Jet Star, Fun ghoul and Party Poison. I was the one who Told about them. Dead. Or Pretty Damn close to it. I Use to Work with them. The Four. I'm the one who get them Killed. It wasn’t My Fault! I broke down crying. I Ran as fast as I could into my house. The one I lived in with my 'family.' I Was a run away. I ran away when I was four. I found a group of Kids just like me. Run away. Delinquent. Trouble. The were Good, Smart, Kind, Funny Kids. Just didn't Like the man, the Power, Legal things. I laughed. The tears Faded. All of us, The Lost Angels, Were wanted, By Everyone, Cops, Fbi, Army, Even Schools. We were Smarter then most kids, Our Age. Our age group was seven to twenty one. We let anyone in. No older then twenty five. We really only wanted younger then eighteen but the 'adults' got us out of trouble.

Toxic Skull:
I rode my Motorcycle. Never knowing where I was going. Just riding. I Had one person with me. Static Sharpie. He wasn’t all that bad. Little Crazy from the Toxic in his blood from writing on himself. Other then that. Normal. He Had a Little White four wheeler, Drawn on with Sharpie. “Sharpie. Why Sharpie?” He looked at me “I knew a girl. She Loved Sharpies. I think shes dead now.” He look around “I Hope Not. I loved her. She was a Trouble Maker. But Cute.” I Weakly Smiled. “ I Know what you mean. I knew a guy. Bad but cute.” He Smiled, “ I wait and wait, Hoping to See her again. We were Lost Angels together.” “Lost angels?” Hes never mentioned them. Are the like drug dealers? Sharpie dealers? Wait. She was trouble. A- I thought- A-A-A A Delinquent Group! I bet that what the Lost Angels are. “A group. Best Kids I’ve ever met.” He Sounded Proud of the group. “What were they like?” He smiled “ Bad-ass. This girl. He name was Alex. She was so smart. She was the brain of the group. Then Adam he Brother was the clown. There was one girl, Ashlee. She was a Mute. She was planer. Me and My Brother were the Test dummies. And then another girl. Punk Rocker type. She was loud, out spoken, But Kind. Her Name was-” He stopped. “She went By- Uh- Ryan? Dylan? Wyatt! Yeah Wyatt!” I Nodded. Sharpie wasn’t all that Sharp. We stopped to fight off a bunk Of BL/Ind Guys. There was Rumor that the famous Four was 'them' now. I wont believe it. Some girl In Dark Blue going into Bright Blue Skinnys, A 'Doctor Who' Shirt, Red Converse High tops, Blue Fingerless Gloves and a Bright Blue beanie. She had Red eyeliner on. Black Lipstick. None of that was weird. The Hair was weird. Its Was Almost all shaved on the sides, Dyed Blue and the Top was like a Mohawk. But flat and Pure black. She had gauged ears, Lip Piercing, Nose and her Ear Cartilage. He writs said “ Lonely Angel”

Memory with Toxic Skull and the girl:
There was a knock on the door. I Got up and Grabbed my ran gun and slowly opened it “Woah! Im A friend! Not a fo!” She put her arms up. Looks at her and Whispered 'Freak' “Thanks!” She smiled “anyway. I have bad news. I bring the new from zone one.” one? But we are out in six. Must be important. “Yes?” “The Four. Kobra, Jet, Poison, and Ghoul. Have Died. Brutal battle. I know for a fact. I was there.” I slowly nodded. “Dead?” She nodded. No emotion. Nothing. Was she on the Meds? “thank you for your time I must move on. For its almost dark and I have to travel to five” “Bye. Freak” I laughed. “you think I look funny?” I nodded “good” She punched e in the mouth and left.
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