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I've already posted this on another account but I deleted it and I'm going to use this one from now on.

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2:30 a.m. Saturday night. 10th December.
I was in agony, my head was pounding. I was tiered. So tiered; but I couldn’t get him out of my head. It was stupid, I was being stupid. I couldn’t like him, there was no way, I wasn’t that type of girl. I didn’t ‘crush’ on people. I was the one that sat on my own most of the time, listening to music or reading. Stayed in at the weekend instead of going out with friends. I was what you would consider to be a ‘loser’. Losers don’t crush on people. It doesn’t happen.

I rolled over, trying to distract myself with the drawings my little sister had done on my wall the day before. She drew a castle, with two people outside it; our mom and dad. They’d been divorced since she’d been three and haven’t spoken to each other in over 8 months. Of course she didn’t understand any of it, she just missed seeing her mommy and daddy at the same time. I was there for all of their arguments, old enough to understand what they were shouting at each other.

I got out of bed to get a wet towel for my head, stepping out of my room and creeping down the hall; trying not to wake my mom or little sister. I flicked on the bathroom light, flooding the cramped area with light, too much light. I put my hand up to my eyes to shield them from the sudden brightness and felt my way to the sink.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror while I filled up the sink. I studied my appearance; I was very small for my age and chubby but it didn’t bother me, I liked food too much. Short black and blue hair was sticking up at random angles while my fringe was straight, plastered to my face almost. It needed washed. My eyes were brown with specks of a darker brown in them, my skin wasn’t ridiculously pale neither was it ridiculously orange, it was just normal. I had smudged make up around my eyes and my expression was blank and dull. It was too early to be feeling anything, or at least it should’ve been.

I scooped my hands into the cold water and splashed some on my face, looking at myself in the mirror again, I suited my name I thought. Aydan, it was Gaelic and could be used for a boy or a girl, that’s why my parents picked it. My mum was from Ireland and my dad from England, he let my mum pick the name. I liked it; it was different from the usual Aoife’s or Chaoime’s.

Dipping a facecloth into the water I pulled the plug out and went back to my room closing the bathroom door quietly behind me. I walked quickly back to my room, my head was spinning again, pounding. I left my bedroom door open and crawled into my bed, placed the wet facecloth on my head, closed my eyes and trying to get some sleep. I couldn’t though, every time I closed my eyes, my brain drifted back to him. Every time I was semi-asleep all I could see was him.

Finally, after what felt like hours, I drifted off into an uneasy sleep. He was still there though, in my dreams, I dreamt him hugging me, laughing with me, holding my hand.
I dreamt him telling me he loved me.
That was the problem.
Girls like me didn’t have crushes, especially on boys like Gerard Way.

Hey guys, I thought I'd post this to see what yous think. I don't have a location for the story yet, it's either gonna' be in America or where I come from. I probably lack good writing skills (in story telling) but hey, it can't be as bad as My Immortal, right? This chapter is so you get a feel for this character, that's why it's short.
If you like it and think I should continue, please tell me.
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