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Awake and unafraid

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My beautiful Gerard.
Oh how I long to hear his angelic voice.

"Frank, please.. wake up?

He's here?!?
But.. why can't I see him?!
This is not what I wanted!


"The gunshot damaged his liver, we had to put him in a medically induced coma so his body could repair itself. It only nicked the side, but it's precautionary."

Gerard nodded as he listeded to the doctor, hand gripping Franks as if he was afraid to let go.

He didn't deserve this.
Frank, his precious Frankie...
He was too innocent, too cute and loveable.

Why would someone do this.

"Lindsay? Can I have some time alone with Frank?"
He asked his wife, smiling sadly as she nodded and left.

He turned to his best friend, a tear rolling down his cheek.
"I don't know if you can hear this but I love you."
He whispered, leaning over and touching his lips to Frank's cold cheek.

He let out a choked sob, laying head on his chest.
"Why you? Why would anyone want to hurt you? It isn't fair!"
He whimpered, sniffling back tears.
He gulped slightly, lifting his head and brushing a stray hair from the sleeping boy's face.
"You're gunna be okay babe. We're in this to the end remember? It's not the end yet."
He whispered, his heart breaking with every passing moment.


I love you too!
Why can't I wake up?
I want to see him!
This isn't fair.

Don't cry for me..
It makes me sad..

I had to do this.
The voices made me.
Stop crying!

'You're pathetic! You made him cry!'
No! I didn't!
You made me do this!
[/'You listened.']

Week after week passed, Gerard rarely leaving that cramped hospital room.
They had stopped the drugs to keep him asleep long ago, now it was up to him to wake up.

"Hey Frankie."
He smiled, pecking the sleeping boys lips and setting down the vase of roses he bought.
"Everyone misses you.. Mikey proposed to Alicia. They're getting married next spring. I can't wait to see you awake again. I miss you."
He heard talking could help, so you couldn't gst him to shut up now.
"Bandit said her first word. It was Dada cause I'm just that awes-"
Well that shut him up.


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