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Pillow Talk

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Just a cute little Frerardy Dialogue fic.

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"Hey Gee?"


"Can we get a puppy?"


"A kitty?"


"A goldfish? Gee! Don't just stick it in! It's my first time, atleast sweet talk me first."

"No and shut up."

"Cause you're enough of a handful now stop moving or I'll miss again. It's my first time too."

"Really? I'm your first? Aww- Ow! Fucktard! That hurt!"

"Stop being a baby and take it!"

"Fuck you! I don't wanna do this anymore! Take it out!"

"No dammit! I almost got it.. Just a little bit more.."

"Gee ..!"

"Stop whining Frank."

The sound of needle popping through skin filled the air, a smug Gerard beaming at his work.

"I'm never letting you re-pierce my ears or anything else again!"

"But It looks good!"

"Buy me a puppy and we'll talk."


And since our young singer seemed to like ripping open closed holes on his lover's body, Frank got his puppy.

"Can I do your lip now?"



"Hmm... okay!"


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