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Wow, that's SOME big news

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Frank woke up, again. Feeling dizzy and disorientated for a moment or two, until he saw men shifting around parallel to the bed. He recognized the curly head man, Ray, and the silent brooding blond, Bob, but now there was a new man in the mix. Standing between Bob and Ray was a lean, skinny man. He had his glasses on the edge of his nose, a black beanie on his head, and what looked like brown straightened hair sticking out from under the beanie. The man had a calm collective face as Bob was talking to him. The blond was waving his arms about and the expressions on his face were really animated; kind of made Frank laugh.

Ray nodded his head, agreeing with that Bob was saying and his lips were moving. Ray turned his head towards the bed for a quick glance. Frank was sitting up now, rubbing his head, watching. Ray prodded the skinny man between them with a quick finger and pointed to the bed. The man stopped listening to Bob and promptly turned around the look at Frank, studying him like Ray and Bob did when he first woke up.

Oh god... Frank remembered. It was only a few hours ago so of course he remembered the tall curly-head sinking down on to all fours and turning into a wolf. He remembered that quite vividly as the three man came forward, stopping with in a few inches of the bed. Frank stared into the new man's hazel brown eyes.

After a moment of silence that made Frank squirm Ray spoke, “Uh, Frank this is Mikey. Mikey, uh, Frank.” His brown eyes were nervous and he nervously bit his lip without meeting Frank's eyes.

The man smiled and nodded politely, “It's nice to see you're awake.”

Frank tried to smile back but it came out more a grimace, “Thanks.” He hoped he wouldn't have to go through the whole mishap that happened earlier. Hoping they didn't “sugar coat” things, show him something mind blowing and fucking crazy, and he pass out again.

Mikey studied Frank again. He gestured to the nightstand, “Have a drink Frank, you must be thirsty.” Frank turned his head around and discovered the glass he had earlier had been replenished. New ice cubes swirled around as Frank grabbed the glass, because when the man mentioned it he was thirsty... again.

Frank brought the glass to his lips and took large gulps. The water wet his lips, his tongue, and his throat and it felt nice. But... Frank frowned around the glass and tried not to make it so noticeable. He drank half the glass down before he let the glass rest in his lap. He scowled at the ice cubes floating around in the water. It didn't taste funny, it tasted like water should be. The water wasn't satisfying—he was grateful for it, yeah, but it just wasn't quenching his thirst; the same thing like before.

“Something wrong with the water?” Frank snapped his head up to look at a very observant Mikey.

“Uh... no, it's fine.”

Mikey nodded. He had this knowing looking in his eyes—they all did—and it made Frank want to ask.

A small thought bubbled up from the back of Frank's mind What if... His eyes widened suddenly. Holy shit, they slipped something in my drink, didn't they? Frank tried to wipe his shocked expression off his face, but they already noticed.

The expression on Mikey's face changed from neutral to unimpressed with a quirked eyebrow, “We didn't slip anything in to your drink, Frank.”

Frank gaped, “How did you--”

“Why else would you look like that?” Mikey shrugged, a small smirk playing on his lips. Frank narrowed his eyes, dropping them down to the water. Well, it didn't taste funny he observed, but he's never been drugged before. So it's not like he would even know if someone spiked his drink or not. “Plus, if we were planning on doing anything to you, don't you think we would have tied you to bed while you were unconscious, twice”

“Well, for all I know, you could be sick freaks.” As soon he spoke those words, Ray lowered his head biting his lip and Bob narrowed his blue eyes dangerously. Mikey's light eyes flickered dark and it made a shiver run through his spine.

“Watch your words, Frank.” Mikey growled.

Frank opened and closed his mouth like a fish. Well, shit. He offended Ray most definitely, he didn't know what this guy has been through—what all of them have been through, and they had been nothing but nice to him. Frank never was good a filtering things, he really wasn't. He opened his mouth again to apologize, but Mikey raised a hand.

He could see the man's jaw flexing, and he took deep, calming breaths. “No matter.” Frank snapped his jaw shut, “Look Frank, I'm just going to cut to the chase,” his voice went husky and his expression went serious, “It's why I'm here. Now, you know that Ray is a werewolf.”

Frank nodded then threw the tall brunette an apologetic look. Ray smiled slightly, like he was saying 'all water under the bridge'. He looked like he generally had forgotten Frank's rude comment.

“And you are the least bit aware of what happened the other night, right?”

“Other night?” Frank's voice cracked. He sounded like he was implying that he wasn't just unconscious for one night.

Mikey nodded, “You lost a lot of blood. Luckily Ray and Bob got you when they did. You were knocked out for quite a while,” Frank frowned, “Anyway, are you aware who attacked you that night?”

Frank idly eased a free tattooed hand up to his neck, feeling over the spot where his wound was. Or where it was suppose to be. Frank felt around his neck, trailing his fingers over the back, front, and even on the other side of his neck when he was sure it was on the left side. There should be a scar, scabbing, something there. What the fuck? “Uh...”

“Frank, are you listening?”

“Uh...” Snapping out of his trance, “A fucking crazy cannibal?”

Bob bit back a laugh and Ray tried to hide his smile. Mikey scrunched up his nose, “Eh, in a way, you're kind of close though.”

“Wait, so there's something other than a cannibal?”

Mikey nodded, his neutral expression taking over his features, “Yes, a vampire.”

The room went silent, Bob and Ray stopped their silent cracking up to focus on Frank. All three of them gagging his reaction.

Frank squirmed sucking in a breath his hand flying back up to his neck, “A... a vampire?”

“Yes. You know what those are, don't you?” Mikey asked. Those hazel brown eyes were watching Frank search his neck for something that obviously wasn't there.

“Of course I know what they are,” Frank snapped. Who didn't know what a vampire was? They were always coming out with new ways to exploit the creatures of the night in a thrilling, sexual way on television or in movies.

“Alright then.”

“But wait! That dude ripped a fucking huge chunk out of my neck! I should still have an open wound or a scar, I had one before I passed out.” He locked eyes with each of them desperately. He remembered Bob and Ray talking about it and saying that it was healing nicely. He felt the wound too, got the blood on his fingers.

Bob cocked his head to the side, “You want a scar?”

“Well, I mean... that's not important! It should be there or like a bite mark at least...”

Mikey sighed, like Frank should already know this. “Frank, when a vampire bites you, you are automatically injected with their venom. You know that right?” Frank nodded, but then stilled.

Wait a minute...

“And when a person is bitten they are infected and will automatically turn into a vampire, unless a person could remove the venom out of the blood stream before it takes effect.”

“A-Are you saying t-that...” Frank gulped, throat suddenly dry.

“The person who attacked you the other night, Frank, was a vampire. Therefore you are a vampire now.” Mikey explained,. Watching silently as Frank ran his fingers along his neck, who seemed deep in thought. He added, “We would have removed the venom, but we didn't have the right tools and the only other way we would have removed the venom was sucking it out.”

Bob mused, “But we aren't vampires.”

Ray nodded, “And even though we gave you several blood transfusions it still wouldn't have been enough to save you. So in a way, you needed the venom, because it strengthened you and gave you a fighting chance. You would have died without it”

Mikey folded his arms across his chest, “We're sorry.”

He couldn't believe the sudden bomb dropped on his lap, but at the same time he could. He wasn't mad, so he didn't know what they were apologizing for. They saved his life, if anything he should be throwing himself at their feet and saying how fucking grateful to be alive. He sighed.

But then he couldn't help thinking was that the reason the water they offered him earlier tasted more bland than usual? Is that why it didn't quench his thirst like the thought water should have? Is THAT the reason he found the blood from his wound so tantalizing? Frank shuddered and gagged inwardly.

He took in a calm breath. After all, he witnessed a man turn into a wolf right in front of his eyes for fucks sake. He found himself accepting his fate now, ruing when he will have to drink blood, but okay. I mean, what could he do? Once you were bitten and turned there is nothing a person could do. One could kill themselves to escape a curse like this, but why do that? That would be stupid.

“Frank?” Mikey's smooth voice broke through his thoughts.


Mikey raised an eyebrow, Ray and Bob shifted from foot to foot anxiously. “You seem oddly calm for news this major.”

Frank dropped his hand from his neck. He shrugged, “Well, I just saw someone change to a wolf right in front of my eyes, the least I could do is have a more open mind to uh, mystical beings.” He smiled for the first time in quite a while.

Ray, Bob, and Mikey all smiled back; the anxiousness gone and the atmosphere light. Mikey grinned. “Glad you see it our way, Frank. You'll get use to it. It'll be weird at first, but you'll get use to it, I promise.” He assured.
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