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Two: A Stitch Away From Making It

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Getting caught in the hallway alone never ends well.

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Frank turned ever so slightly, and caught off guard, I froze.

Our eyes locked.

I snapped back around and pushed my way through the throngs of students in the hallways to my locker. After concentrating just enough to open the lock, I let myself sink into my girlish worries.

Frank definitely saw me blatantly staring. He probably thinks I'm some kind of creep now, as if he didn't already think I was some fucked-up weirdo.

Then again, it's not like I was anywhere near attractive enough to attract his attention anyways, right? So maybe I was in the clear. Things would stay the way they were; Frank being gorgeous and amazing, a light through the dark haze of teenage life, and I would stay to my sick, introverted, little self. Two very different boys in two entirely separate worlds. Fucking perfect.

The ringing of the school bell pulled me out of my thoughts, and it suddenly clicked that I was now late for English. And alone in the hallway.


Classtimes were the worst times to get caught in the hallways, especially alone. It didn't help that I was also a geeky, glasses-wearing freakazoid that watched zombie movies every weekend with his brother because he didn't have any other friends.

What a loser.

I began my reluctant march to my English class, which was conveniently located on the other side of the school building. Halfway there I heard footsteps behind me. I turned my head to see the captain of the hockey team following me a few of his henchmen trailing him.

The brutish teenager smiled crookedly at me, very aware that he was twice my size and fifteen times as strong. His eyes flashed. Disturbingly, my mind equated his look with that of a vicious predator waiting to pounce on his squirming, helpless prey.

I heard the footsteps quicken, and made the executive decision to make a break for it.

I shot through the halls, bookbag slamming against my shoulder with each step. I could see the classroom just ahead. The ugly 107 crudely painted above the doorway never looked so inviting. Just a few more steps.

I heard pounding feet on tile floors, and knew they weren't far behind. My hand grasped the cold brass of the doorknob and I forcefully turned it, giving thanks to a merciful god up above.

I swung the door open and skidded to a halt, slamming the door behind me as my shoes squeaked from the unwanted friction.

What a fucking entrance, Mikey. Nice going, prick.

I'm sure I must have been a sight; hair raised at all angles, glasses askew, and flaming cheeks from serious lack of oxygen. Ms. Brown blinked at me.

"Micheal. Lovely of you to join us. We'll be working with partners today-"

Mikey. Couldn't anyone get it right?

"-and because both yours and Frank's appear to be missing, you two will be working together. Take a seat." She finished, motioning to the god of sexiness sitting four rows back. I was working with Frank?I groaned inwardly.

This could not end well.

I slowly picked my way through out stretched legs and scattered backpacks to the desk adjacent to Frank's, ignoring the whispers that bounced off the putrid grey walls. I threw my bookbag onto the desk, and say, burying my face in my sweatshirt. Fan-fucking-tastic.

"Rough Morning?" A soft voice next to me wearily inquired.

No way.

A/N: Cliffhanger! Bwahaha! I'll try not to keep whoever is reading this hanging for too long though. Hopefully by early next week I'll have chapter three up. Sorry it's such a short chapter, as well. It'll get better soon, I swear.

There are also a few potentially non-existent words in here, but if you didn't notice them, I guess that's a mission accomplished? Thanks for reading, R&R as always, criticism of all sorts is always appreciated!
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