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Two families. Seven Sins. Seven Virtues. A tragic love story with a twist. With this group of kids, there is no happy ending.

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Seven Heavenly Virtues

Castitas (Cassy) Chastity / Female`17

Temperantia (Temmy) Temperance / Male`15

Caritas (Carrie) Charity / Famale`15

Industria (Indy) Diligence / Male`16

Patientia (Pati) Patience / Female`16

Humanitas (Manny) Kindness / Male`16

Humilitas (Hannah) Humility / Female`14

Seven Deadly Sins

Ira (Ira) Wrath / Female`14

Luxuria (Lux) Lust / Female`17

Superbia (Supa) Pride / Male`16

Avaritia (Ava) Greed / Female`16

Acedia (Ace) Sloth / Male`15

Gula (Ju) Gluttony / Male`16

Invidia (N.V) Envy / Female`15

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