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Pikachu and the Vampire

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Frerard on Halloween. Oneshot.

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So, I've decided to start a new project.

It's obviously a oneshot.
It's going to be a lot different than Schizophrenia.

Hopefully it gets more reviews&ratings

It's supposed to be funny so I hope I can at least make you giggle.

And this contains spoilers for the movie BabySitter Wanted so if you are planning on seeing it, beware.


My name is Frank.

I'm just your average teenage misfit. I go to school. I play guitar. I have three best friends and I just so happen to be in love with one of them.

First there's Ray. The dude with the 'fro. He is like acuddly teddy bear and I swear he's gay. He just doesn't know it yet.

Next is Mikey. Ah, the younger of the famous Way brothers. He is tall and lanky, and just too damn adorable... A bit clumsy at times and has a habit of sticking forks in toasters and bringing heaters in the bath. Ihave to hide the forks when he comes over. I might be exaggerating just ateensy bit.

Last, but defiantly not least is Gerard. The oldest Way. The sex god! He is the most talented person I know. He can sing, and draw. He sucks at any instrument, but his sexgodness makes up for it. I am in love with this moron. I could say he doesn't even give me the time of day, but we're best friends so that wouldn't make sense now would it?

We tend to spend our time causing trouble and drinking coffee, and keeping Mikey away from toasters of course.

Incase you haven't noticed I walk the crooked line. In other ways I'm about as straight as a circle. Still don't get it? I'm gay. PENISFTW!

I'm also a nerd.

And catholic so my sexuality is a big no no.

The only people that know are... everyone in New Jersey but my parents. Although I think they are just stupid. I mean hello! I don't exactly hide it. I mean I made out with my ex boyfriend on the couch with them sitting next to me! Of course he looked like a girl but that's beside the point.

At this very moment I am getting everything ready. Today is Halloween, or more importantly, my birthday.

The guys are coming over and we're going to go trick-or-treating and come back to my place for a horror marathon.

Guess who's gunna end up on a sex god's lap? That's right. This bitch right here,

"Mom! Where is my costume!?!" That woman was always hiding my costumes. I swear she hates me.

"In your closet!" She yelled up to me. She was making cookies. I love my mommy. I made her put skittles in them once. Skittles are good, but not in a cookie.

I ran to my closet and with in seconds, all its contents were thrown across the room. I ended up finding it at the bottom of a pile of clothes. She hides it so well.

I was going to be fucking Pikachu for Halloween! Because Pikachu is cool. I have no clue what the guys are going to be, but I think it's time to list my past costumes. Well, the ones I can remember at least.

Age 6: The Pink Power Ranger. I was a little fruity back then too!

Age 7: A cat. Not one of my best ideas. I kept tripping over the tail.

Age 8: A ghost. We didn't have much money that year so Iwore a white sheet and carried a pillow case. I got a lot of candy that year.

Age 9: A firefighter. Mom made me.

Age 10: Batman. Sexy huh?

Age 11: A rock. I pained myself gray. I'm so creative,

Age 12: A ninja. The best ninja on the block.

Age 13: A rainbow fairy... I was pissed at my mom that year,

Age 14: Harry Potter. I was a nerd okay!

Age 15: Spiderman. I shot my first web that year if you know what I mean. Incase you don't, I got laid betch!

And now at 16 years of age I am Pikachu

I grab my make up and spray paint and head to the bathroom.

It takes an hour to get my face painted yellow, with red cheeks, my hair spray painted yellow and the ears put on perfectly.

The costume looked pretty damn hot if I do say so myself.

"Frank! Your friends are here!" That woman yells too much.

I ran down the stairs, lunging at the sex god.

"Pika chuuuuuu!"

Damn. My powers haven't kicked in yet.

He held me up, laughing that adorable laugh of his.

"Happy birthday Pikachu."

"Yea happy birthday." That was Mikey and Ray.

"You boys have fun." My mom told us, handing us each acookie and shooing us out the door.

I look over at the guys after Gerard puts me down.

Gerard is a vampire, of course.

Mikey is a zombie doctor, predictable.

And Ray is a cowboy. Now that was unexpected.

We took off down the street, little kids running around and squealing about their candy.

"Mom got a new movie, it's called Babysitter Wanted, and it looks scary." I announced to the guys, smiling when I got their, or rather Gerard's attention.

"We can watch it first." Mikey smiled.

Gerard slipped his arm around my waist, leaning close to whisper something in my ear.

"I brought The Nightmare Before Christmas for us to watch when they pass out."

Great, now I was blushing. That was our movie.

"Thanks Gee"

He knew I couldn't get to sleep unless I watch a non-scary movie before bed.

We spent the next three hours playing in the dark and stealing little kids candy, well, at least Ray did.

Did I mention that I was holding Gerard's hand the entire time? Well, I was.

We all piled up in my basement, candy dumped on the floor and pillows surrounding us. There was a pile of blankets on the couch, just waiting to be used.

I grabbed the remote, yelling at Mikey to shut off the lights so we could start the movie.

I told you I would end up in Gerard's lap.

That movie was ridiculously scary.

We were all screaming bloody murder every time that creepy guy showed up. He ended up being a priest and the good guy, but it sure didn't seem like it.

Just as Gerard predicted, Mikey and Ray were asleep not even ten minutes after it was over, and we started our movie.

I still sat in his lap, his arms around my waist. I really do love him.

"Hey Frankie?"

I turn my head to look at him, humming slightly.

He doesn't say anything, but I feel his fingers under my chin, pulling my face towards his and holyfuckhekissedme!

Gerard-SexGod-Way kissed me.

Am I dead?

"I love you." I hear myself whisper, my heart seeming to stop when he replies.

"I love you too."

"So are we dating now?" Please say yes.

He nodded, kissing me again.

"It's about damn time!" I thought they were asleep!

"Fuck you Mikey!" Gerard yelled at the same time I told Ray to sick a dick.

A chorus of 'Ews' were heard as our lips connected again.

About three things I am absolutely positive.

I am dating a sex god. If I ever see a little boy in a cowboy hat I will assume he is the spawn of Satan and I won't question it when a creepy undead priest starts stalking me. I am starting to sound like that bitch from Twilight.


So, what do you think?

I think I did pretty good with this.

This is dedicated to Gee-Gee (TheSharpesL) read her jizz and review it cause I luffles her
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