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Not as it Appears

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Amber Riley is the pretty face, the cheerleader, the popular girl. Frank see's more and soon he will figure out things are not always as they appear.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2012-01-13 - Updated: 2012-01-13 - 578 words

“Come on, come one, come on,” I grumble as I sit at a red light. The clock on my dash lets me know I’ve only got two minutes to get to school. I can’t be late on my first day back.

Pressing my foot down on the gas pedal, I force my car to go forward. I can see the school. Quickly I drive into the parking lot, park sloppily, and begin to dash towards the brick building. My teacher is going to be pissed if I’m late.

Rushing through the halls I hear the final bell sound, the principal’s voice sounding over the intercom system. I don’t pay attention to a thing he says; it doesn’t matter. As the pledge of allegiance comes to an end I yank the classroom door open.

Suddenly a class full of eyeballs are set on me. A few people whisper, others lose interest after a few seconds. The teacher scowls, shaking her head. I guess she didn’t fix her bitch problem while I was away.

“So nice of you to grace us with your presence Amber,” she says.

I roll my eyes, “I got stuck at that damn red light.”

“Right, don’t make this a habit.”

Nodding I trudge to the back of the class, sliding into a desk next to a blonde boy who looks like he’s going to be sick.

The class has moved away from satire and is now on Shakespeare. The entire concept of Romeo and Juliet makes me want to gag. What those characters had was not love. They just have serious problems. If they lived now the counselor would give them a therapist referral. Instead of paying attention I draw pictures in the margin of my notebook.

A bell sounds, releasing me form the hell that is English class. I trail out last after the teacher has given me a quick talk about how I need to arrive on time.

Two jocks have the blonde boy from class pinned up against a locker. Why they chose the wimpy, awkward kids I’ll never know. I’d think they’d want a challenge.

“Boys,” I say causing the two dark haired jocks to turn around. They smile before disappearing down the hallway.

“Fucking cowards,” I mumble as I grab the blonde’s glasses off the floor, handing them back. “These are yours.”


I nod as the boy clamors to his feet. Together we walk down the hall, making light conversation. His name is Mikey Way and he’s a sophomore like me. We’ve got pretty much the same schedule. Mikey and his brother, Gerard, moved to New Jersey with their mom after their parents split.

“Well,” I say as we enter math class. “Welcome to hell, Mikey Way.”

The blonde smiles, taking the desk next to me, “Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.”

Note: New story :) hope you enjoy.
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