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The horrible news

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this is my first story and i know it not that good but i hope you like it :)

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The band had been on holidays and Frankie couldn't wait to see Gerard again , just the thought of being able to see gerard's pale face and being able to kiss him sent a tingling feeling down his body. just then he heard his phone rang "its gerard " frankie said in a happy voice "hello" frankie said trying to hold back his excitement , "hey frankie" gerard said "how are you? " , "im fine and you" said frankie , there was a pause " i-im fine , how was your holiday ? " gerard asked "its been good ,but is everything okay? " asked frankie . "oh yeah everything's fine babe , anyway i have to go now bye love you " gerard said " oh ok bye love you too" frankie said wondering why gerard sounded so worried when he asked if everything was okay. today was the day that frankie would be able to see gerard again , frankie was waiting at the airport for his friends and gerard , then he sore bob,ray,mikey and gerard walking down the hall talking and laughing , then frankie ran up and hugged gerard "i missed you so much " said gerard " i missed you too" frankie said still hugging gerard . gerard managed to pull away from Frankie's hug and kissed him , while bob pretend to gag and ray and mikey were making funny faces behind them , when they were back at the hotel gerard handed everyone there room key , ray , bob and mikey took the stairs to there room , frankie and gerard went to there room and frankie run up and jumped on the bed , gerard just smiled and layed next to him they looked at each other then gerard smiled and kissed frankie , frankie smiled and looked at gerard but it was something in gerard's eyes that made him worried frankie was about to ask gerard what was wrong but then gerard burst into tears and frankie hugged gerard and asked "whats wrong gerard" gerard sighed " well i went to the docs and he said that i had cancer and i only had 2 weeks to live" frankie was shocked the person he loved so much only had to weeks to live how could he live on without him , gerard just hugged frankie as they both began to cry , then there was a knock on the door so gerard got up and open the door , "yes mikey? , "oh i was wondering if i could read your comics " yeah sure go for it" the gerard and went back to frankie which was still crying his eyes out "it will be ok i promise " said gerard ,"it will not be on but i want you to have the best two weeks of your life" then frankie and gerard just hugged and went down stairs to the rest of the band member "hey have you guys been crying " asked ray " no we haven't been crying " said gerard , "well do you guys want to go to the shop" Asked mickey. "No thanks" said frankie. Leaving Gerard and Frankie behind the others left for the shop. When the others left Frankie felt bad about Gerard's cancer, so he decided to take gerard to the beach. "Hey Gerard I have some place I want to take you" said Frankie, Gerard looked at him with a curious look on his face, and nodded, telling Frankie he'd love too. Both of them headed to the beach, Meanwhile the guys returned home wondering where the hell Gerard and Frankie were. The rest were panicking but Mikey figured they would be off having a good time, But to calm the others down he decides to call Gerard's cell. "holla!!" sad Gerard, as he answered the phone. "where are you" Asked Mikey. "I'm at the beach with Frankie!" yelled Gerard happily. "Oh okay see you guys when you get back" said Mikey calmly. Later that night when everyone had come home and they had finished their food they went to bed. A few days had gone by, and no one had really heard from Gerard besides Frankie. Frankie had went up to their room to surprise his with a breakfast in bed. He opened the door to find Gerard half hidden under the covers, he pulled them down to fine Gerard very pale. He decided to take him to the hospital. Hours had gone by and The band was waiting, suddenly the doctor appeared and said "Gerard would like to see Frankie". Frankie stood up and walked in the room, having the door locked behind him. He looked down at Gerard and sat down. "Frankie, I'm so happy you could be here with me" Said Gerard weakly speaking. "I wouldn't miss this time for all the money in the world" said Frankie quietly. Gerard reached for Frankie's hand and held it as tight as he could. and with Gerard's last breath said told Frankie " I love you, and you are someone I planned cough cough to keep in my heart forever, without you I don't know if i would of made it through all those tough times.. Never let go of me". " I wont Gerard I cant let go and I never will" said Frankie starting to cry as Gerard slowly passed away, with a smile on his face. Then it was all over Gerard had gone, Frankie Held Gerard closely and crying, and he whispered "Rest In Peace my wonderful angel". He stood up and left the room, he ran outside past his band members and Threw himself on his knees and screamed to the heavens "Why him what the hell did he ever do to deserve this!!".. A few days later Frankie was siting in his room crying, Mikey walked in and said "don't worry you'll see him every day in your heart" Frankie nodded and stood up "I need to go for a walk" He smiled. He left the house and went to the cemetery where Gerard was burred and he said "I am coming".. His stood, Pulled a gun out of his Pocket and killed himself. Ending the career of My Chemical Romance Forever.. but Bringing love together again..
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