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Forget John, I want Gerard

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Dear Frank,


Why did you have to do that?

She was the mother of my child..

You knew I loved you, so why did you kill her?

I would of picked you.


Dear Gerard,

The voice "Manson"

I named him that.

He told me to.

He said I had to get rid of her so you would love me.

I met a girl in here, Her name is Nichole.

She did't recognize me at first but when she found out who Iwas, the first thing she did was slap me for what I did to you.

We ended up being friends.

I miss you.


Dear Frank,

Why did you listen?

You could of said no, right?

Manson... heh.. that is the perfect name.

You always were good at naming things.



She slapped you/

I wish I cold of seen that!

Well, I'm glad you found a friend.

I miss you too...

As horrible as that sounds..

I miss the guy that murdered my wife,

I'm a sick fuck, yea?


Dear Gerard,

I tried to ignore it..

He just wouldn't leaveme alone.

The last thing he told me was to kill myself.

The medication they put me on made him shut up.

It's nice to have my thoughts to myself.

You would say that!

Yea, she's cool.

She's in here cause she tried to off herself last spring.

Think you can find it in your heart to love him?

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